Thursday, September 30, 2010

Women Run the Cities 10 Mile

At the last minute I decided to register for a women’s only 10 mile race last weekend since it fit into my training schedule and I haven’t raced a 10 mile in a few years. I went to packet pick after an easy run with my team on Saturday morning to find out that once again women’s shirts means v-necks. Seriously, am I the only woman who hates these?!

Race morning to avoid the parking crowds we took the train to the race, this worked great, no hassle with parking and with the stroller I was able to bundle up before hand and leave Matt with my extra clothes. I wasn’t sure how this day would go since I was fighting a cold that was making it hard to breath.

In all the race information it said they would have pacers, so I headed to the start and pushed my way up towards the front to find the 1:15 pacer, but no such luck the fastest pacer I saw was 1:25 so I was on my own.

The race started and I had the lead runner in my sight, probably meaning I was going a little too fast. This was confirmed when I hit Mile 1 and the clock said 6:40, okay time to slow down. I settled into a comfortable pace and just ran for myself. I soon realized the mile markers were off, I hit the 5 mile mark and my Garmin said 4.6. This discrepancy kept up a few more miles until the markers got a little closer. I was keeping up a good pace around 7:00/mile and feeling good. Around Mile 7 I slowed and walked through the water stop in an attempt to clear all the junk out that had been settling in my throat and lungs and was passed by the girl who then became my target. She got a good distance ahead of me, but I just keep aiming for her and the gap was closing. This race also had a 5K which started 30 min after the 10 mile and was open to runners/walkers/strollers/kids. The 5K followed the same course and was an out and back so around Mile 8.5 I caught up with some of the 5K walkers, this continued for the remainder of the course making it tougher to keep my eye on my target. I have no problem with people walking in races but there needed to be a better course set up to avoid getting caught up with them or just more common sense on the parts of some people to not crowd the course with their strollers and children while talking on the phone. I cross the finish line right behind my target and not realizing it I think she was my direct competition because I was 1 second behind the woman who placed in front of me in my age group.

I finished in 1:10:36 (7:04 pace) and a 9 minute PR. I think the course was short by maybe ¼ mile so a true 10 mile finish of closer to 1:13. 3rd place AG finish (behind two other women with the same first name) and 18th overall. Now I’m just hoping this great running and PR streak keeps un for Sunday at TCM.

Watching the runners and waiting for mommy to finish.

8 months

I cannot believe my baby is 8 months old already. This past month she went on her second trip, spending a week in Alabama, started talking much more and waving good bye. She is turning into quite the climber and is always looking for new things/places/people to explore. She also discover peek-a-boo and will play and giggle for the longest time. After this last trip she got her first real illness, just a cold, but still along with teething was tough on her, Matt and I. This cold was then passed on to me and I am just hoping it is gone before TCM.

At the age of 8 months, she is now the owner of her own US passport, wow I didn’t get my fist one until I was 25. After an entire Winter in the cold weather I will be back to my routine of leaving the country for a warm weather break. Her measurements (inaccurate) 16 lbs and 28”. It seems odd to not be going back to the pediatrician this month, no more every two month appointments.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elm Creek Trail Race, Playing in the Mud

I can now officially say I am a trail runner, I completed my first trail race on Thursday and had a blast. The race was held in the evening and it had been raining since the previous night, but had decreased to only a mist by afternoon. This race was 5.75 miles, mostly on trails with a short portion on paved paths. I went into the race with three goal 1) Don’t get injured 2) Don’t get lost 3) Finish under 50 minutes.

The race started at 6:30 and the rain promptly returned making the grass extra slick especially the steep hills. I stayed with the group and spent a lot of time looking down to avoid injury. At about the halfway point I started running and chatting with a guy who had done all the previous races of this series. The conversation started as we navigated our way around and through a series of mud puddles. I’m not typically one to talk during a race, but since I was just doing this for fun and taking it easy, why not. Soon we caught up to his running buddy and the three of us talked and ran. They encouraged me as we ran up the final steep hill to the finish. 46:30 (8:06 pace) I was the 4th woman. Looks like I accomplished all three of my goals and had fun doing it.

I was a muddy mess and my shoes were soaked, good thing I opted for the old pair. The best part of this race was the Summit beer and pizza along with all the typical post-race foods. All this for $10. I had a blast trail running and plan to run more of the series races next year and start looking for longer trail races for next year.
The muddy legs, the picture doesn't quite show the entent of the mess.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We survived

A week in 90+ weather and sitting through disorganization all day, I survived without too much complaining and only a few glassess of wine. Too much of my time was spend sitting and consuming coffee to stay awake, but I have to say I did benefit from at least one of the days. Suturing of pigs feet, I&D of chicken thighs, and gross anatomy lab. It's been years since spending any time in an anatomy lab and the smell brought me right back to my undergrad days almost 15 years ago. On the positive side, you actually get spice to your food when you order it that way, none of this midwestern idea of spice.

Ophelia on the other hand had a blast, playing in the pool, at the park, and at story time. Everyone at the hotel had to go out of their way to say hi to my little girl, she loved all the attention. And she chose this week to start really talking, I heard my first "mama". It must be a Southern thing, maybe someone can explain it, but she was called a "dandelion girl", I had never heard this before.

Monday, September 13, 2010

So close

Any runner knows the truth behind taper madness, putting yourself in situations of stress and annoying people during this time is not the best idea. In the past 24 hours I have been on the verge of screaming multiple times and this is only likely to get worse until I am home on Friday. My grad program requires a once a year on campus week, so here I am sitting in an auditorium full of fellow grad students who like to hear themselves talk.
In attempts to make the week a little easier my mom and Ophelia are traveling with me to decrease the pumping and transporting of a gallon of milk on the flights home. Luckily for me Ophelia flies well until you experience delays leading to a late bedtime. Yesterday’s layover that should have been 1 hour, plenty of time to grab a quick meal and continue on turned into a much longer time and a crabby mom and baby. We arrived late, had car seat issues and Ophelia was up until 11pm, the only good from this was she slept through the night for the first time on weeks. Look at the positive, right?!

What else is about to push me over the edge, I could go on and on:
-Lack of vegetarian options at the airport, just because I don’t eat meat doesn’t mean I want a bowl of ice berg lettuce!
-People who don’t know how to travel and think everyone needs to cater to them.
-Very uncomfortable hotel beds and lack of sleep and then mini cups for coffee and lack of caffeine. I think I have solved this by purchasing a refillable mug from the campus coffee shop.
-People who continue to ask stupid questions that have already been answered.
-Being told there really isn’t time for a break or a place for me to pump. Okay, I have no problem pulling things out in the middle of the auditorium, but I thought it was a law to provide this to nursing mothers.
-Sitting through a lecture on how to use online searches, I am in my 2nd year of my 2nd grad program and heard this lecture last year. How do people survive undergrad and professional life without knowing how to search?
-Being stuck sitting all day and in a room where I have been told no food is allowed.
-This weather, I just left 60s and comfortable running conditions and here I am back in 90s and humidity.

I’ll stop now, but who knows how long this list will get by the end of the week, I need to go for a run and have a drink! Here's to hoping for a week from of screaming.

Monday, September 6, 2010

7 months (and a week)

I’m a little late on this update so it will be short. Ophelia is now 7 months old and is quite the little mover. She is developing such a fun personality and is quite inquisitive with no fears. In the past month she mastered crawling and has moved on to standing while holding things and has even started taking some steps. She has also discovered climbing: the stairs, people, her bouncy seat, the fireplace. Nothing is off limits to this kid which has resulted in a couple falls and bruises; I’m only the first of many. Baby proofing is in full swing around here. She now has two teeth and shows them off while she smiles. My measurements put her at 15lbs and 27” this month.