Thursday, January 31, 2013

13 in 2013 January Giveaway

13 in 2013 January Link Up and Giveaway

Welcome to the first 13 in 2013 link-up and giveaway!
13 in 2013 Active Accessories On-the-Go Hairbands
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running hydration pack
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13 in 2013
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13 in 2013 healthy snacks
Mediterranean Snacks – on-the-go size variety pack
How To Enter:
Don't forget Tackle The Miles our first race in The 13 in 2013 Virtual Race Series
Race Bib

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Food & Running: Stir Fry & A Hill Workout

I want to apologize for the complete randomness of this post, but it all seems to fit in my mind. Food and running, what more do you need?!

Last week we were once again stuck inside due to sub 0 weather so I made the most of it and put my runners through a killer hill workout on the treadmill. I did a similar workout while training for Boston and it is actually a little fun and great work, believe me your legs will feel it. It is so adaptable to what you need, shorten the intervals and decrease if needed. Hill training is a great tool from runners to provide strength and endurance, check out all the benefits of hill training.

Now my next piece of randomness, check out this story on a 101 year old marathon runner! He started running marathons at 89, wow! and after his marathon next month will retire 5 weeks before he turns 102. Can you even imagine this? I can only hope to still be running (or alive) at that age, but what a great example of how age can't stop you.

And finally the recipe I mentioned earlier this week...

Easy Peanut Stir Fry
1 block extra firm tofu
1 bag (or 2 cups) shredded vegetables (I used broccoli slaw)
2 cloves garlic
Salt to taste
1 tsp onion powder
4 tbsp tamari
4 tbsp lime juice
1/4 cup peanut butter (I don’t measure)
½-1 tbsp chili paste

Heat pan and sauté tofu and garlic chopping as you cook, when browned add onion and 2 tbsp tamari, cook 1-2 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and cook until vegetables desired consistency and heated through. Serve over brown rice. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Good Bye Terrible 2s Hello Terrific 3s!

Happy Birthday to my little princess who turns 3 today. The terrible 2s are behind us and we enter the Terrific 3s now (a mom can dream, right?!). I can’t believe 3 years have passed already and how much you have grown and we have all learned. You started pre-school last week and move to the “big girl” class at gymnastics now. 3 is such a transitional time and I can’t wait to see what is ahead for you and how much you will continue to grow.

You are such a big girl, always trying to learn everything, so inquisitive and loving. Although the drama could be a little less on days. I should have known that you would only make life more interesting and I hope I am succeeding as the mom you want and love. I know at times I get frustrated and could be a better mom, I am sorry for the times I have needed to work and plopped you in front of the TV or the battles we have over stupid things like wearing a princess dress to the park. I am learning as I go and aiming to make you happy. We are all learning as we go and working through the trying times and frustrations attempting to give you the best opportunities and make you the strong woman I know you will become.

From the beginning we knew you were going to be a strong-willed stubborn child, first look at your mom! But the way you began your progress to life we should have known. Being told that we had nearly 0 chance of getting pregnant without intervention we were surprised shocked to hear the words “not negative” especially even when the doctor expected the opposite! I need to go back and thank him for the label he placed on you at 6 1/2 weeks, I still remember hearing that lovely heartbeat on ultrasound and him telling me you were “stubborn” and “a little fighter” but the best words heard “I have a good feeling, everything will be okay.” And sure enough you have done what you could to fulfill that trait beginning with your entering the world on your own time. 3 years ago today I was waking up in the hospital to finally hear the words “you’re dilated” and less than 12 hours later you were finally here.

In the past 3 years I am amazed at all you have achieved and your strong, loving personality and some of the things that you say have me laughing and pondering…
  •  You love gymnastics and dance and amaze me with your ability and strength. You want to be a gymnast when you grow up (hope your other plan of being a doctor stays as a back up plan)
  • You are so encouraging to others always telling the other kids (or me) “You can do it”
  • You love to sing and your voice is wonderful. I love listening to the songs you make up as you are falling asleep.
  • You have the appetite of a grown adult despite only weighing 28 lbs! I love how you ask for spinach and fruit and will try (and eat) nearly anything.
  • Your vocabulary is amazing as you tell me stories and use such large words.
  • Your ambitions are amazing and I hope you continue to strive to achieve whatever you want. You have told me you are ready for kindergarten and are intrigued with learning.

You make me so proud and I love you more than you know or as you often tell me “To the moon and back”. Despite our two strong personalities competing sometimes we have fun and I need to remember you are a little version of me. Stay strong monkey girl, keep your outgoing, adventurous, nurturing personality. Keep active and do what you love (a college scholarship wouldn’t hurt either!). Mommy and daddy love you and will do as much as we can to nurture and encourage you in everything you do.
i love you to the moon and back.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Marathon Training Week 2 & Menu Planning

Linking up with Jill and Laura for menu planning despite my lack of ambition and ability to plan ahead. I think we have hit a food rut and realized we are rotating the same meals constantly so I decided to think outside our typical. What is your go to meal? My goal is to add in 1 new meal a week.
Sunday: Black Bean burgers & sweet potato fries on the grill
Monday: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
Tuesday: Squash Mac N Cheese (leftovers from birthday lunch)
Wednesday: Tortilla Soup
Thursday: Pancakes
Friday: Spinach Chickpea Curry
Saturday: ??

I did make a few recipe discoveries this week: Apple Egg Nog Granola and Peanut Stir Fry, recipes coming.
 By far my favorite sports quote.
How did this past week go? As I mentioned earlier my motivation was gone and things weren’t exactly as I hoped. Thursday and Friday got me back on track, but Saturday I cut my run short due to calf pain- a little stretching and rolling and I think we are good.
Sunday: 9mile easy morning run & weights
Monday: 4.6 mile Run & Yoga Class
Tuesday: Morning Spin, weights with trainer & Easy 8 mile Run with a friend
Wednesday: 8 mile Afternoon Run & Evening Yoga 
Thursday: 9.1 mile Morning Run (speed work) & Yoga
Friday: Morning Spin & Afternoon weights
Saturday: 8.5 mile Morning Run, Yoga 

My motivation seems to have returned along with above 0 temperatures! I can’t wait for tomorrow when it will be in the 30s. After almost 2 weeks of consistent yoga I think I am hooked. I went to my first class last week and actually enjoyed it, some of it was tough!

What’s my plan for this week?
Sunday: Long morning run 14 miles & afternoon weights
Monday: 3-4 miles Easy Run & Yoga Class
Tuesday: Morning Spin, weights with trainer & Easy evening Run
Wednesday: Morning Run (Speed Intervals) & Evening Yoga 
Thursday: Morning Spin & Afternoon weights
Friday: Morning Spin & Yoga Class
Saturday: Morning 8-10 mile Run & Afternoon weights

I love marathon training, can’t wait to get longer runs and more speed work. Is there anything better then pushing further and going beyond your limits? Marathon training is all about doing what I love and becoming stronger mentally and physically.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Speed Work and the best motivation


What a difference a day (and a a change of scenery) makes! Knowing I had a busy Thursday ahead of  me I set out for an early run but failed and turned my alarm off thinking my run was gone due to an afternoon commitment, but I did it. I spent the morning at a high school talking about my career education and past experience, it was interesting to hear from another woman who I have known for 20+ years that she had done something similar at the peak of her career and survived. Since I was out enjoying the bitter cold sub 0 weather I decided to hit the gym for the elliptical. Instead I changed and decided to hit the treadmill, I actually wanted to run!

I convinced myself that I could always run easy and then move to elliptical for the rest of my workout. My music started and I optimistically set the treadmill for 1 hour, put in an easy 7.0 mph and started. This felt good and the gym's constant activity was a good distraction, heck even CNN seemed interesting! After a mile warm up the music was pushing me and I started increasing speed and later incline. Mixing up the two and before I knew it I was nearing the end of my workout and closing in on 9 miles, of course I needed to add a little more! Am I the only one who hates ending runs at non-whole numbers? 

 Similar to my workout. Start at a comfortable pace for you and add speed or incline. Play with these numbers as you feel good. Your quads may love hate you the next day! I was having fun watching the young guy next try to keep up as he stared at my treadmill, this was motivation enough to push even faster! He was walking after 15 minutes and after a few more failed attempts to keep up was done, looked at me and said "you're fast" and walked away. Nice! Thanks for making my day!
I needed this run! I ended with 9 miles in 1:06:10 (7:21 average pace), it has been awhile since I managed this. Finally the run I needed, now I can feel like I am back to marathon training. I can't wait for the warmer weather (30s this weekend) and a nice long run outside, I might even be tempted to break out the shorts! It truly is amazing how changing I thing can increase motivation and one good workout is the best motivating factor. 

Linking up with Jill for Fitness Friday 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lost my motivation

I seem to have lost my motivation and it has hidden very well this time! Time to send out the search party and safely return it to me quickly!
I thought vacation was the solution to fixing the winter blahs but it has only worsened it this year. I am returning from 90 degrees and sunny runs outside all week to discover bitter cold at home. We are now on day 6 of sub 0 weather with wind chills in the -30s! This is not fun running weather and there is no way I am outside. I think I have already run on the treadmill more in the past month than I have in the past year. I've had enough, I can't deal with another run staring at a wall or mindless TV. This winter has been tough especially when comparing to the lack of snow and higher temps last year that resulted in only 1 day of bad running that I can remember.

This motivational loss is not great timing considering this is Marathon training week 1, I actually got so frustrated to the point of getting off the treadmill yesterday and doing yoga instead. Who is this girl and what happened to the runner?!

Somehow lack of work has made my schedule even crazier not making running the easiest either, is this how the life of a stay at home mom is? I am learning that I need better planning and scheduling to make this all work.

Now to find that motivation for yet another treadmill run since it is -7F outside not counting the wind. I need to work on my playlist to help too, Any good song ideas?

What are your keys to motivation in tough times?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

13 in 2013 Virtual Race Series

Announcing the first race of the 13 in 2013 Virtual Race Series, Tackle the Miles.

Jill and I will be hosting 6 13 in 2013 virtual races throughout the year to help you reach your running goal! The series is open to everyone, not just 13 in 2013 participants! You can see the race calendar here

 13 in 2013
The first race of the series is Tackle the Miles Virtual Race. Whether you’re a Patriots fan or a diehard 49er join us in celebrating Super Bowl Sunday. (No you don’t have to run the race on Sunday. You have a week to complete the miles!)

WHAT:  A virtual race is running a specified distance (You choose the distance.), timing yourself, without actually being present in the race location.

WHEN:  Anytime during the week of February 1st-8th

WHERE:  Pick your favorite local route or jump on the treadmill.

WHY:  For the love of running and….PRIZES (multiple winners)!

HOW:  Register by completing the form below and indicate what distance you will be running (5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon). You can register for individual races of the series or the entire series of 6 races. Email addresses will only be used to communicate information about the races and to contact the winners.
Register Button
Official race bibs will be available January 30th

After you run, enter your race time HERE no later than February 12th. Your race time will get you +1 entry into the random prize drawing.

Optional Bonus Entries:
+1 linking up your race day post on February 13th either at Fitness, Health & Happiness or Marathon Mom 
+1 for submitting a race day photo by posting on your blog, on the 13 in 2013 FB page (if you’re a 13 in 2013 participant), submitting on Instagram or emailing your photo to
+1 if the photo contains a football or your favorite team jersey (Specific to Tackle the Miles Virtual Race only.)

Now grab the Tackle the Miles Virtual Race button above, share on your blog, Facebook and/or Twitter hashtag #tacklethemiles and #13in2013 and help spread the word!

A Special Thank You to the wonderful sponsors of 13 in 2013 || Tackle the Miles Virtual Race

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Active Accessories – On-the-Go Pouch

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PRO Compression
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to reality: Costa Rica Vacation

My view every morning from our balcony
Sorry for the week of sporadic posting and blog reading but I was enjoying my time relaxing in the sun and warmth of Costa Rica. I was not thrilled to return home from a week in 90F weather to -17F when I stepped off the plane and now today it is the coldest day in 4 years, yikes! My first experience with Costa Rica was in 2006 when Matt and I spent a week near Liberia, we were immediately hooked and knew we'd be back. Things were a little different this time around and included an almost 3 year old and my parents and we stayed further south in Tamarindo at the Barcelo Langosta Beach Resort but we're reminded why we had wanted so much to return (and will be going back again). Can you complain about a place where the weather is always sunny and warm, the people are friendly, the land is beautiful and the wildlife is plentiful?
Mountain view from our room
I could write forever but I will keep it short and say most of it in pictures. The week was meant as a time to relax, re-energize and have fun. Most days began with an early run with views of the ocean, monkeys, mountains and palm trees. After wonderful coffee and breakfast it was time to spend hours splashing in the pool or playing on the beach until lunch.

Discovering the tide pools.

The afternoon meant time for a family walk and playing at the playground before nap (and hitting the gym to lift weights and spin). Back for more swimming before a late dinner, my only complaint...who eats dinner at 7pm?! My outgoing child made friends of the entertainers: joining the band on stage multiple times, helping to lead aerobics at the pool and making friends everywhere she went. Now to foster this personality as she grows and her life will lead her many wonderful ways.
Afternoon swim with daddy
Thursday we had an opportunity to explore further inland and see more of this beautiful country. It all began with a tour and coffee tasting.
Coffee Plantation
It was actually very interesting learning about the entire process of growing, selecting and roasting organic coffee. They even taught us how to taste coffee and showed us the difference between where coffee is stored: the result is to store in a glass container at room temperature. We of course had to bring some home, nothing better than good coffee.
We ended with a river boat ride in Palo Verde National Park with many wildlife sightings: crocodiles, monkeys, birds, iguanas, lizards. Last time Matt and I went even further and spent a day in the rain forest but decided a 14 hour day would be too much for a toddler and stuck with this and had a great time,
"Daddy" Iguana

One of many crocodiles along the river

White faced Monkeys

I highly recommend Costa Rica to everyone, it was perfect for us now as a family and a few years ago as a childless couple. I know we will return again, we would have stayed longer if O had her way! Overall it was a great vacation minus a few toddler meltdowns, my foot injury and GI issues: the joys of traveling gluten free, but we can discuss that later. Now back to the past-vacation reality of cold weather, laundry, massive emails to respond to and daily life. And today begins another round of marathon training and birthday preparations for a little girl who turns 3 in 7 days!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Menu Planning & Marathon Training Week 1

Back to post-vacation reality and menu planning and my normal eating habits. As much as I love vacation, it is great to be back to my own food, cooking and workout schedule! Linking up with Jill and Laura. We added gluten back in this past week with no change for O so looks like that experiment is over and she is officially off gluten free.
Sunday: Veggie Pizza
Tuesday: Run Night- Sandwich and fruit
Wednesday: Pad Thai
Friday: Grilled Sandwiches with Sweet Potato “fries”
Saturday: Lentil Tacos

This past week in workouts was much different and without any plans, it was wonderful to be back outside running in warmth and sun! Matt and I managed almost daily morning runs and I got in 3 days of weights in the afternoon with some time on the spin bike during naps. I am happy to say I am on Day 6 of my 30 day Yoga Challenge! Week 1 of marathon training starts tomorrow, guess I better write myself a training plan.
My running scenary last week

Sunday: Yoga, Run & Afternoon Weights
Monday: Morning Long Run & Yoga
Tuesday: Morning Spin, weights with trainer & Evening Run
Wednesday: Morning Run & Evening Yoga 
Thursday: Morning Spin & Afternoon Weights, Yoga
Friday: Morning Spin & Yoga
Saturday: Morning Run, Yoga 
Most “Pin-able” Motivational Images of 2012!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yoga and Runners

Today is Day 1 of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge and hopefully as you are reading I am done with my first of many yoga workouts!

Why yoga? I have been saying for months I need to do this again, the benefits are endless! Increased strength and flexibility, injury prevention and decreased stress. I was talking to someone the other day who said she has taught her young daughter yoga to calm herself when she gets upset or frustrated. What a great idea, I decided to start trying this (kind of) too since O tends to be a little dramatic and easily gets herself worked up. The other day in the midst of a near fit I told her to show me some stretches from dance, she sat down started stretching and breathing and her mood immediately changed. AMAZING!

Since I am not taking a class on this first day I turned to Pinterest for the answer, I love Pinterest!

Here are a few workouts I found:

Good Morning Yoga
Pretty simple to follow and easy moves, great workout outside to start the day off 
try this yoga routine in the morning to open up & get ready for the day.

Bikini Body Yoga
This one looks a little more advanced but maybe I can get there one day!
Yoga Sequence Bikini Workout

Post-Run Yoga
This one also looks pretty easy and one I can handle
Postrun #Yoga Poses Your Legs Will Love
It was great timing that many other bloggers have posted on the importance of yoga from runners:

5 Benefits of Yoga for Runners from Laura at Mommy Run Fast

Yoga Home Practice for Runners 101  from Clea at Pancake is Cute

Who is joining me for the 30 Day Yoga Challenge? I hope this will get me back in the habit and make it a part of my daily routine. Thanks for all the suggestion before and I am excited to check out yoga podcasts on iTunes and videos on YouTube.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Living Healthy and Saving Money

if you don't...
My Daily Reminder
I want to thank everyone for your support and encouragement on my big decision to quit working and pursue my coaching/training career further. I know this was right for me and others are seeing it too, so far this week I’ve had 3 people comment how I seem happier and my esthetician said the energy was so positive (okay not sure I get into that but sounds great!). I am excited for all the doors to open but in the meantime we are working on saving a little money to make up for my lost income. Is it possible to live a healthy lifestyle without spending a lot?

Buy running shoes/clothes online: I love Running Warehouse where I can typically get my $130 shoes for <$100, combine with free 2 day shipping and free returns and I love the site. They frequently offer discount codes too for another 10-15% off!

Check out frequent workout programs at the gym: Many insurance companies and employers offer gym discounts for working out 12 times a month, this is really pretty easy to get especially when you have kids who want to take advantage of the pool and activities too. It doesn’t hurt to work part-time at the gym either meaning a free membership.

Run or bike to the store: I often run with O in BOB the 2 miles to/from the grocery store or bike to return a Red Box. Get in a workout, save money on gas and decrease how much you buy.

Buy in bulk: I love Costco for everything from oats and bananas to toilet paper and running gear. Freeze excess fruit and vegetables to make them last longer.

Make your own: I am hooked on making my own granola and want to attempt making my own sandwich bread soon. I also avoid flavored yogurts and buy plain instead adding my own fruit. Along these lines, I grow my own vegetables and herbs in the summer.

Limit eating out: This will be our tough one since we are in the habit of weekly dinners out. My goal is to cut down to once a month and use Groupon or LivingSocial deals.

Plan meals and stick with it: Plan according to what you have and what’s on sale, make a list and don’t deviate from this at the store. I am such an impulse buyer!

Start a DVD swap with friends: Doesn't it always happen that you buy a workout DVD do it for a couple months and then get bored. Why not trade with friends for a couple months, try something new to you and then when you get your DVD back you're ready to be back to that workout.

Plan free activities and workouts: I spend 2 days each week over the summer doing boot camp and yoga outside at the park with friends. With kids hit the park, library, even gym childcare is fun for them!

Budget! This is my goal, I honestly have no idea how much we spent, this is scary.

What are your money saving tips to live healthy? 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Running Multiple Races

One of the most frequent questions coming up with 13 in 2013 (and by many other runners) is How do I train and plan for multiple races? Since I began racing in 2003 my yearly (typically March through November) has grown from 2 a year to 20+ a year. How do you find that balance between over racing and racing enough? Through my own learning experiences I can share some advice, I once ran (attempting to BQ) at 6 marathons in under 18 months…

Pick a goal race (or a few spread out) and fill in with others later to supplement the schedule and help with training for the goal races. Schedule some shorter races at pertinent times in the training to do some speed work at a short race or run a half marathon at marathon pace as training.

Schedule in low times to recover. Without recovery you won’t be fully prepared for the next race. If you schedule a second race too soon make sure to run it for fun. Don’t overdo it or you’ll risk injury, over training and burnout. Make sure every 3-4 weeks you are planning (and following) a week of lower intensity and decreased mileage.

Find some fun races to add in as non-goal races with so many newer fun races: Color runs, obstacle, night runs, etc there are many options out there. These are great opportunities to get new runners involved and run with them.

Learn what your body likes and LISTEN! If you can handle back to back marathons, great but many can’t and only you will know this. The longer you run the easier the recovery will be but it will still be tough to give it all as back to back races. Remember my 10K attempt 6 days after a near PR marathon? Yikes!

If you are new to running don’t expect back to back long races to be easy. It has taken me years to get to the point of comfortably running multiple races, yet I still get frustrated when I can’t fully race them all. The worst part is the let down after a race where you couldn't achieve your goals. Make the race goal realistic based on everything else you are doing.

Get friends and family for support. Ask others to join you in a race to either push you to a goal or hold you back in a non-goal race. Join a group to train to get support and advice.

Budget for multiple races. Decide how much to spend and pick goal races first. There are many options to save a little money: small local races are often cheaper (I just registered for a $40 marathon!), watch for discount codes and specials offers, many virtual races are free.

We want 13 in 2013 to be a fun challenge to keep people active and healthy. Stay injury free and enjoy the year. Remember I’m always available for more advice and coaching.
Want more running advice? Check out my post today on From Florida to North Dakota

And some fun news, I am excited to be a Ragnar Ambassador. I’ve run 2 Ragnars: Great River in 2008 and Northwest Passage in 2012 and loved both. I’m excited to be back and likely aiming for an ultra team in 2013! Other fun Ragnar news: Watch NBC Today Show today for talk about the Fat to the Finish Line documentary


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Runners Respond: Why 13 in 2013? & More Prizes!

I am just amazed that a little idea I had last fall has turned into such a huge thing and has inspired over 700 others to complete 13 races this year. Thanks to Jill for helping me make this happen. But this is about more than just us, all of the others running too have their reasons and motivation.

Here's why some of you are taking on 13 in 2013...

Melanie @ Marathon Mel
I am excited to take on this challenge. I know I can run 13 races of varying distance next year (I am pretty sure I did more than that in 2012), but I love taking on new challenges...13 half-marathons in a year is a challenge that I am totally looking forward to accomplishing! Thanks for creating this challenge!

I have taken on the 13in2013 challenge to maintain my fitness throughout this, my first, pregnancy, and to encourage healthy habits in my new family! :)

I have taken on the 13in2013 challenge to help keep me motivated throughout the year with my fitness goals. Plus, I'm always up for a good challenge :)

“I am so excited for this challenge!! I'm turning 40 in August and wanted it to be a BIG year. No one else in my family runs, so I'm looking at the 13in2013 as my year round birthday buddies!

I have taken on the challenge to keep myself motivated and running. This is something new to me (this liking running thing) and the races will help me keep going even when I want to give up!

“I am excited to push myself farther than I have ever done before. Thanks for the inspiration

Katie @ The Mighty KC (Full story coming!)
“I run because they told me I wouldn’t be able to.  I want health to be a priority for my child as they grow up!  and the way I can do that is to keep running myself to show that even when life gets tough or challenges happen (good or bad), running is a way to help keep us grounded and calm.”

For a complete list of sponsors check out 13 in 2013 Sponsors.
13 in 2013
Never Settle is more than just a tagline. It’s our calling. Our way of seeing the world. And the rallying cry for out entire company.  Mizuno
13 in 2013
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13 in 2013

13 in 2013
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13 in 2013
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Race Day Books is offering 13 in 2013 participants 10% off orders through 1/17! Enter the promo code “13in2013″.

13 in 2013
Why are you running 13 in 2013? What makes you commit to a challenge of any type?
Remember Shirts are now available to order 13in2013 Shirts Only a couple styles are included but please email me if you would like other items available.