Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 6: Continuing to build

My running buddy!
Week 5: I’m slowly building but nothing speedy! I’m focusing more on what else I can do and running secondary (yes I just said that!). We are in the process of finishing our basement and a nice home gym meaning Matt is planning P90X with me soon! Looking forward to this set up and being able to try out all the workouts and share my reviews! What is your favorite Beachbody workout? Or the one you’ve always wondered about?

21 Day Fix Upper/Pilates
Tuesday: Piyo Buns. Evening run 6 miles
Wednesday: P90X3 Upper/Lower
Thursday: Run 8 miles with baby speedwork! Sluggish 6 mile run/walk L And Piyo Core
Friday: Thanks to UPS not arriving I stayed home Piyo Drench, 21 Day Fix Upper & 10 Min Abs
Saturday: Run 16 miles
Sunday: Bike ride cut short at 10 miles thanks to downpours! 21 Day Fix Yoga (loving this)

Week 6: Seriously is it almost August? Where is the summer going? I mean as I shopped for home stuff I see the stores flooded with Back to School! I’m continuing to run pain free but keeping things low and easy and listening to my body!

4.5 mile run (35:24) & 21Day Fix 10 Min Abs in morning & Strength in afternoon
Tuesday: Piyo Buns. Evening run 6 miles
Wednesday: P90X3 Upper/Lower
Thursday: Run 8 miles and Piyo Core
Friday: Spin or swim and weights. Piyo lower
Saturday: Run half marathon and 21 Day Fix Yoga
Sunday: Bike and Piyo Drench

Tell me about your best workout last week, goals for this week?

Clean Eating 7 Day Challenge starts next Monday, be sure to sign up today!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Resetting my eating: Want to join?

Look I'm back again for What I Ate Wednesday! I love that it makes me look at what I am putting in my body. I need this after traveling last week! I was good but I can tell I snacked too much on junck and need a reset.

Last night I made a big batch of hummus for my veggie snacking (and a few quinoa chips) and am packing salads, fruit, oatmeal, shakes, quinoa based meals etc. Share you best healthy food craving.

Garlic Hummus
3 cups cooked chickpeas
4-6 cloves garlic
Juice of 1 lemon
4 Tbsp tahini
4 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp cumin
Salt/pepper to taste
Water or oil to thin

Put ingredients in food processor and puree until desired consistency. See super easy! You'll never buy store hummus again! 

Along with my need to reset my eating I am hosting a 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge group with Fit4Fun13 I know everyone needs this at some point. Are you looking to gain energy, reset bad eating habits, shed a couple pounds, cut of carb indulging? This will focus on real food, portion size and learning our food triggers like why do I crave carbs all afternoon?! You'll have our support and resources for recipes and healthy eating. 

Who's in? Either email me for info or fill out this form: Clean Eating Group Group begins Aug 4th!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Marathon Monday Week 4: Accepting a new direction

Week 4 was busy with work travel and sitting all day in conferences plus submitting my final thesis proposal. I managed to find time for my workouts (even more so some days than being home with family responsibilities). I am accepting that this training cycle is just one to enjoy that I am running, take it easy and accept whatever comes my way for race results.

Monday: Piyo Core, P90X3 Upper/Lower
Tuesday: Piyo Buns. Evening run 6 miles and PT exercises
Wednesday: Piyo Drench
Thursday: T25 Cardio and strength, Run 4 miles on beach!
Friday: Run 8 miles at sunrise, it was beautiful! Piyo upper/lower
Saturday: Piyo core & 21DF Cardio to start the day then 21DF Yoga and 2 mile walk before my flight
Sunday: Run 14.5 slow (2:14:01) and easy miles & 21 DF abs

Happy to be home but realized my running was so much better in San Diego! I don’t think allergy season has ended here this year but I don’t want to wish a freeze on us to stop allergies. Maybe I need to take up the great offer I was given when I was there and move to California.

Monday: 21 Day Fix Upper/Pilates
Tuesday: Piyo Buns. Evening run 6 miles
Wednesday: P90X3 Upper/Lower and PT
Thursday: Run 8 miles with baby speedwork! And Piyo Core
Friday: Bike or swim and weights
Saturday: Run 14 miles and 21 Day Fix Yoga
Sunday: Work, yuck! Hopefully a bike ride. But for sure Piyo Lower.

Tell me about your best workout last week, goals for this week?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Healthy Eating Can be Good!

I get a lot of questions on my eating since many think all I do it eat! Yes that may be true but I eat lots of small meals frequently to keep myself going. Plus I am nasty crabby if I don't! I know there has been research and stuff to back up that this is  the best way to eat but my best reason: I get to eat lots of different things so when I can't decide one just waits a few hours!

Here I am pretty boring during the week:
Oatmeal with banana or apples and nut butter and of course coffee
I will throw in a piece of whole grain GF toast with PB at times but honestly I need quick breakfast!

This is where I have the most fun! I could honestly live on snacks, but healthy ones.
Fruit: Berries, apples, melon
Veggies and hummus
Homemade granola
Lara Bar if I need something quick (I try to avoid processed stuff)
Nuts, right now I'm on a pistachio kick
Small salad
Shakeology: my favorites are Tropical strawberry with coconut water and pineapple and vegan chocolate with almond milk, PB and banana

I frequently do leftovers for lunch so often the same. Here are some examples of the past week.
Quinoa pasta with squash "cheese" and black beans
Black bean and roasted veggie quesadilla on brown rice tortilla
Salad and roasted sweet potato
Quinoa with spinach basil pesto
Quinoa with roasted veggies, kale and black beans

So there you go, it is possible to eat healthy and have good tasting food. Be creative and meal prep ahead. I roasted the veggies, made a big batch of quinoa and cut veggies over the weekend.

What are your favorite healthy meals and snacks?

Now on to packing for my trip to San Diego, planning ahead with lots of easy to grab foods. Share your favorite travel foods.

Joining up with Peas and Crayons for WIAW

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 3 and cupcakes don't fuel a run

Week 3 meant new challenges as always but within this I also participated in a 7 day clean eating challenge which helped my workouts greatly! I'm still keeping lower run miles but adding in lots of cross training, strength and flexibility and see a huge difference. I think I'm becoming a new kind of runner!

Monday: Piyo Sweat, strength with trainer
Tuesday: Piyo Core/Buns. Hill run 6 miles and PT exercises
Wednesday: Piyo Upper/Lower, Strength
Thursday: Run 8.5 miles. Piyo HardCore
Friday: Piyo Core, PT exercises
Saturday: Run 6.5 miles, 21 Day Fix 10 min Abs and P90X3 Upper (Wow! I think Tony Horton is trying to kill me!)
Sunday: Run 14 miles 10 miles of rough, tired running that I cut short! Lesson learned don’t expect a dinner of wine and cupcake and little sleep to get you through a run. Best to cut it short then push through and suffer later, yes I’m really learning to be a smart runner! 21 Day Fix Yoga, love it!

Yes it is! (Source)
Week 4 is going to be tough but I can do it! I will be out of town for work hopefully finding time to explore the area as I run.

Monday: Piyo Core/Buns, strength
Tuesday: Piyo Upper. Evening run 6 miles and PT exercises
Wednesday: Piyo Drench, Bike
Thursday: Piyo Core/Buns and Run 6 miles
Friday: Run 7-8 miles and Piyo upper/lower
Saturday: Piyo Sweat/core
Sunday: Run 14 miles (trying again) 21 DF abs

I’m in the midst of researching places to run and good places to eat healthy and gluten free in San Diego, Suggestions? My main goal for the travel days are to stick with my healthy eating and workout. Yes, I plan to pack lots of food, my blender and DVDs.

What are your goals this week?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taking on a new fitness adventure...

Check this out…3 days in a row posting to my blog! Are you overwhelmed? My goal is to get better, okay not daily but more than once a week and  I guess I just have lots to say this week!

Last week I decided to take a huge leap and do something that I thought was very much out of character for me but I soon realized was a perfect fit. I became a Beachbody Coach!!  Check it out…Marathon Mom also be sure to follow me on Facebook where I will share the upcoming challenge groups. Who’s up for a 7 Day Healthy Eating challenge or Month long fitness challenge?

I mean why not?! I love fitness, I love running, I love working to achieve a higher level of health and wellness for myself and family and I love sharing this passion with others. As an injured runner I’ve been looking for something else to compliment my workouts as I slowly increase and build back my running. I am loving Piyo and can’t wait to try the next. What runner doesn’t need a low impact workout that is focused on flexibility, strength and a lot of core stability?!  And even better the workouts are short enough that I can fit them in my super busy schedule and still feel like they are making a difference. Many mornings I even get a partner in my Piyo…
My other issue has been the afternoon carb attacks! I know I’ve mentioned my boredom eating on multiple posts well I think after many attempts I’ve found my solution! I’ve never been one to believe hype and jump on a product but the Shakeology  blended with fruit and almond milk or coconut water has fixed this. I’m having fun experimenting with ingredients but so far all are great and no more overcarbing from 2-6pm!

The other thing I have noticed is for the first time in forever (Is it just me or does that line have you singing the Frozen song? Sorry!) I can run in the evening without wanting to drop from exhaustion in the first 10 minutes! I’ve had great evening runs the last couple weeks and last night so did my husband after his introduction to Shakeology.

I promise with this new adventure I will not turn my blog into a big advertisement so please don’t run away! I just want to share my experience and encourage anyone to ask questions, contact me for more info or share their experiences. I’d love to hear your favorite Shakeology recipes too.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Half

Sorry I know I left a little teaser post yesterday about the 4th of July Half Marathon so here is the full report from a nonrace. Thursday night after a fun picnic with friends and kids I got home telling Matt I was not excited about the race, I had no idea what running I could do, how much and if it would result in more stupidity and injury. I knew there wasn’t a PR in sight but I just wasn’t exited to get up at 4am to run. So we were off to sleep, alarms set early and ready to take what the race threw at me!

As always the morning was rushed, we got there with limited time and found the long port-a-potty line. I drank my UCAN and waited. Just as we were done I heard “30 seconds to race start!” We headed to the back and waited, I didn’t want to get caught up in the emotion of racing and knew my best approach was a late start without focus on pacers and others around me. This was a strange start, no watch but I had music. My only goal was to run comfortable and walk if it hurt, okay and I was hoping a sub 2.

I ran whatever pace felt good, the hills felt great! I soaked in every minute remembering exactly how this part of the course felt the past 4 years: how I suffered on the nasty hills at Mile 6 last year, how the downpours started at Mile 7 the first year, how it was so hot/humid 2 years ago the race was cut at Mile 5. I was thrilled as I passed the halfway point and still felt great, I skipped through my iPod to the good songs (time to update my playlist!). Mile 9 and I saw a friend who was running the relay, chatted for a little then pulled ahead. Mile 10 passed a friend volunteering and had to stop myself from pushing the last few miles. Soon I was at Mile 12 and high 5ing O! Just a little to go…and I cross the bridge and then the finish line! 1:52:xx on the clock, so maybe 1:50??

I checked time final results and I was shocked! 1:48:16 and even better a negative split for the first time ever!! First half avg 8:17 pace, second half 8:14 pace! Oh my gosh I ran a negative split, a comfortable race and enjoyed it! I then looked and realized that 1 year ago when I was still pretending like I wasn’t injured I race 1:53 on this course. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Marathon Week 3 and the Rough Bike Weekend!

What a week! Wednesday I got great news from PT: my gait analysis is much improved meaning my hard work is paying off! My glutes are finally working and my core and hips are much more stable. I was much less horrified watching the video this time. I’ve also been cleared to push he speed a little, have been graduated to tougher PT exercises and cleared for some “baby” plyo work!

Monday: Easy 3.5 mile run and Piyo core, strength with trainer
Tuesday: Piyo Upper body. Evening run 6 miles hills and PT exercises
Wednesday: Piyo Core and Buns and the great PT appointment!
Thursday: Piyo Hard Core
Friday: Half Marathon (more later) PT exercises
Saturday: Bike 15 miles (cut short due to being stung by something, I’m allergic to bees so this freaked me out not knowing what might happen, luckily I was fine other than a swollen and sore ear). Strength and Piyo Core
Sunday: 5 mile run in the rain, Piyo Upper and Lower body. 20 mile bike with a family picnic (complete with the crash I managed to avoid during the sting on Saturday! Just scrapes and bruises but it was not a fun bike weekend!)

The crash result!
On to week 3 of marathon training, still not at the spot I hoped to be for this training cycle but happy I am improving. I beginning to accept that this Fall marathon will not be the goal race I hoped instead I can just enjoy it and throughout the training learn ways to improve my running and overall fitness (one of the reasons I made a big decision last week, more later!)

Monday: Piyo Sweat, strength with trainer
Tuesday: Piyo Core/Buns. Evening run 6 miles and PT exercises
Wednesday: Piyo Upper/Lower, Strength
Thursday: Run 7 miles. Piyo Core
Friday: Strength and 30 min elliptical
Saturday: Run 14 miles, Piyo Sweat
Sunday: Bike, Piyo Core

Our bike and picnic
What are your workout plans? Anyone else doing Piyo?