Monday, September 29, 2014

Marathon Weekly: Bring on the Taper

I made through the biggest week in marathon training and my last long training run of my unconventional training! I think I peaked at 45 mpw when I used to run 65+ mpw, wow! But my focus has been on more strength and cross training instead and I feel much better and heck even think I look better!

So how did my goals end up?

  • 6 Days P90X3 including X3 yoga which is wonderful Yes! Have I said how much I love this workout?!
  • 4 Days running:  1 speed, 1 long run (22 miles!), 1 hills and 1 easy Yes: Tues 7 miles on hilly course, Thurs: 7 miles with some intervals, Sat: 22.1 miles, Sun: 5 miles easy
  •  3 additional core focus days Yes: 21 DF 10 Minute Abs, Pilates and Piyo Core

Non Fitness Goals:
  • Clean 1 more room  Barely
  • Start Part 2 of my project plan Yes, but not much
  • No wine on weeknights No, work dinner Wednesday with a couple glasses of wine
  • Finish unpacking from vacation 2 ½ weeks ago! Finally!

Now I am less than 3 weeks until my 26th marathon and first after spending nearly 2 years injured and denying it. I’m still not feeling that I am back 100% since I first focused on gaining the mileage back and have put speed work on the side. This week I am taking on another crazy challenge that sounded like a great idea when I signed up (while on vacation running Dopey Challenge). We are running Looney Challenge with TCM: Saturday 5K/10K and Sunday 10 Mile. This week I also start mommy/daughter dance class with O.

  • 6 Days P90X3
  • 4 Days running:  Tues: Hills, Thurs: Easy, Sat: 5K/10K, Sun: 10 Mile
  • Foam Roll Daily
  • 3 additional core focus days

Non Fitness Goals:
  • Empty my To Do List!
  • Finish Part 2 of my project plan
  • No more dairy in October
  • Finish painting basement

What are your goals this week? 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall fun!

I love fall for about 2 days, and realistically that is about how long it lasts here before winter hits! I'm all about apples and pumpkin and cooler running weather but it's the aftermath of fall that I hate! So we make the most of it while it's here and luckily after a few cold days which included frost on my car we are back to 80s this weekend!

Last weekend also sent great weather and a chance to get back to the corn maze which has become a family tradition since O was born (okay we missed last year thanks to rain every weekend!). What better way to wear out a 4 year old than running through a maze of 8 feet tall corn stalks, jumping in a corn pit and climbing the bouncy house? Even better we ran  into some friends so O and C played in the corn forever.

How fun to see how she's grown through the years!

This weekend more great weather and the apple orchard for the family and 22 miles for me before hand. I love starting my day in a sweater and ending in shorts and a tank, Why can't fall hang around in place of winter? What are your favorite parts of fall? 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Marathon Monday: Ready to Peak!

I'm in the full swing of school, about the peak in this marathon training cycle and enter the few weeks of racing combined with all the other aspects of life. Seemed life the perfect time to get back in the habit of weekly goal posting...

This will be week 2 of P90X3 and I am loving it! As an endurance athlete I shy away from the quick, fast workouts and wow these a kicking my butt in such a great way! I’m gaining balance, flexibility, strength and core. What more does a runner need? I love my early morning dates with Tony Horton! So excited for the new P90 to come out later this week, let me know if you want in on the first test group.

·         6 Days P90X3 including X3 yoga which is wonderful
·         4 Days running:  1 speed, 1 long run (22 miles!), 1 hills and 1 easy
·         3 additional core focus days

Non Fitness Goals:
·         Clean 1 more room
·         Start Part 2 of my project plan
·         No wine on weeknights
·         Finish unpacking from vacation 2 ½ weeks ago!

What are your goals this week? 

Friday, September 19, 2014

10Ks in the evening...

Last night I ran a local 10K after a crazy late work day I rushed home, jammed some food quickly in my mouth, changed and drove back. As I ran in a at the final second to grab my race packet and meet up for my group's picture I was rethinking running. I was stressed and not feeling the racing thing right now! So much so the watch was left at home.

With 10 minutes to race start I guess my warm up was running back to my car to drop off my race packet, grab my hat and hit the start line. I met up with a friend who also wasn't feeling the racing and then found a third. We took off chatting the entire time with a little complaining and debating about quitting after lap 1. Mile 1: (the only mile split I have from a friend) 7:27 Oops I guess I'm feeling better than I thought.

Lap 1 done and 5K in 23:50 (avg 7:40)

We continued on completing the first lap and deciding to finish the 10K, my friends back off so I was on my own to navigate the annoying second lap, passing walls of 5K walkers of 5-6+ across. I'm not saying there shouldn't be walkers just some race etiquette or better course. There is no way to fit 2,000 runners on a single sidewalk for 3 miles! There was frustration all around as people passed saying "on your left" or "passing" or excuse me". Rude comments were made by those getting passed to not only me. I was once told run on the grass if I thought I needed to pass! I went into the race knowing these frustrations from last year and knew what to expect but hoping things had changed.

I came around the final corner and up the hill before the finish, another sharp corner and then done. 47:08 (avg 7:34) negative split for lap 2 23:18 7:30 pace lap 2!

Race is done, now the fun and time to hang out and relax with friends.

Are you a night time racer? What are the tricks? Give me a 5am race any day!

Friday, September 12, 2014

This is what you get...

Are you like me and you as you run you write? Too bad Siri can’t read my thoughts and write for me! This morning after a rough few weeks and allergies kicking my butt I headed out for a much needed mind clearing run, grabbed my Boston 2011 jacket and went. The race that unexpectedly became my PR and still stands 2 ½ years later, not my most important race but one I will never forget. The jacket always reminds me of where I was and that I will get back there and be even stronger. I’m sure my full thoughts won’t make it out in this post but this is the basis of my run and where I am right now…

As I’m sure you all have seen my blogging has lacked lately, I kind of lost hold on why I wrote. I tried turning this into something it wasn’t so I am going back to where I started. A place to write about my life as a mom and runner living healthy (or trying my best to).

Over the next 10 months I will be over my head in diabetes research for my doctoral project, yikes but that also means in 10 months I will be done with grad school forever! The next year will also bring the usual running, healthy living and parenting as we prepare a spirited child for kindergarten. 
We are in the midst of dealing with behavioral and sleep issues and a possible ADHD diagnosis so that only adds more to the stress of life. But through it all I use running to deal with stress. My goal this time around is to rely on healthy eating to get me through (with some red wine of course!). I’m no longer hiding my stress behind what looks like a life completely put together, that isn’t me.

Over the next year you’ll get me, take it or leave it. The real me filled with the stress of parenting, school and working full time and how I am surviving it all with fitness and nutrition. You will see a change in my running this fall as I am deciding to focus on enjoying my runs, not pushing myself as I continue to recover from my hip issues. My running is less, but I am loving other forms of fitness. My times will likely be slower but that’s okay. These posts may include my new founded love of Beachbody products but it will not turn into a sales blog (but you are always welcome to check out my site and join me!). There will still be product reviews and giveaways that fit with what I believe. I’ll continue to share recipes and my workouts, talk about my life and being a busy mom. It will all be me…

Hang on and join me for the crazy year ahead.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Marathon Prep Race Week

Last week I got back on track with goals and looking forward. I think it is the sudden realization that summer is ending and I once again have a to do list that is a mile long! Time to get moving, right? My goals changed but I was on track…
·                     3 Days strength training & 2 additional core focus days Yes
·                     4 Days running: long run, hills, speed & easy Yes
·                     5 Days Piyo/Yoga 4 days
·                     1 Day other cardio 90 min spin class that was killer!

Non Fitness Goals:
·                     Clean 1 room With O’s help we got 3 rooms done!
·                     Finish assignment 2 for fall semester Not yet
·                     Fun family time this weekend Matt and I hit a few local wineries Saturday, Sunday family time at the park and a race on Monday

This is the week I have been looking towards for the past month! Just 2 work days and then a weekend away with friends to relax and run! Honestly what could be better. So with yet another busy week ahead what are my goals…

·                     3 Days strength training & 3 additional core focus days
·                     4 Days running: 2 races (one for speedwork-5K/10K double and half for long run), 1 hills and 1 easy
·                     5 Days Piyo/Yoga, I need this!
·                     Swim!

Non Fitness Goals:
·                     Clean 1 more room
·                     Organize so I can work on lit reviews on plane
·                     Pack and have a great girls weekend!
·                     Eat healthy 90% of the time while traveling

Happy Labor Day and happy long weekend! How are you enjoying this extra day at home?