Monday, June 29, 2015

Marathon Weekly...what's ahead?

The chaos of summer is in full swing, O started soccer last week and I am in the midst of peak trauma season at work. I’m exhausted! Twice this past week I have been in bed at 8pm! I’m remembering why marathon training in the summer is such a tough thing but we are doing it or at least some mild attempt! Last week actually wasn’t bad considering. I’m increasing my running but still doubtful of being able to train as hard as I’d like. I’m keeping up with PT exercises almost daily.

Monday: 4 mile run/walk with Cooper and Beast Chest
Tuesday: Run 6 mile run 7 min and walk 3 min and Beast Back
Wednesday: 12 unexpected hours at work!
Thursday: Run 6.5 miles 7and 3
Friday:  Spin class and Beast Arms
Saturday: 12 miles!! 8 and 2 run/walk in 1:53 then 1 mile walk with O
Sunday: Another long work day, but did Beast Shoulders

This marks Week 3 in this thing called marathon training, I also have a half marathon this weekend. The only one I’m registered for this year! What a change from the past.  My goals this week are: Roll daily, PT exercises daily, go to bed by 9pm nightly.  Wish me luck, PT and sports dr follow up on Wednesday and likely a gait analysis, ugh!

Monday: Bike and Beast Chest
Tuesday: Run 7 miles run at 8 and 2 and Beast Back
Wednesday: T25 and Beast Arms
Thursday: Run 6 miles 9 and 1
Friday:  Spin class and Beast Shoulders
Saturday: Half marathon! My plan is run 1 mile walk 1-2 min.
Sunday: Yoga

Have a great week. What are your goals? Any fun plans? Here's a cute picture just because!

Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm not a walker!

I’m not a walker, at least not today! There is nothing wrong with walking, I mean I love it! Taking O or Cooper out on a nice day or walking to grab a few things from the store. I love it when that is my intention. But as a rehabbing runner being called a walker sucks!
I’m sure some of bitterness is from the fact that the past couple weeks have been crazy and mixed in with that is that marathon training started and I’m limited. Don’t get me wrong I am happy that I have progressed like I have. 17 days ago I was cleared to run 5 mins and increase, well I’m up to 7 mins of running and it is pain free! Don’t get me wrong this is huge but I’m ready for more. I head back on Wednesday for a re-evaluation and further clearance.

Tuesday I was out for a run/walk after a long, crazy work day when I needed to clear my mind and find clarity for a few things. Any runner knows this clarity only comes through a great run. Here I am out running, feeling good but watching my watch for those required walk breaks and here comes a group of “pole people” (seriously what do you call them? Those who roller ski with poles). I’m now walking and hear from ahead of me “walker up” uh no I’m a runner! I think I’m still bitter over the previous week when I was once again walking and the group came towards me who was far to the right and I was informed to “watch out there are a group of skiers coming” What? Where would they like me to go, into the trees?! You stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine and life is good.

Sorry for the rant, Anything bothering you lately? Now back to preparing my grad presentation and disappearing into my hole until spin class. 17 days until presentation and 4 weeks until graduation! Please understand I may be sporadic in posting the next few weeks.

And on a less bitter note, O and I won a Mommy and Me picture session so I had to share a picture

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Here we go, ready or not! Marathon training is back!

Last week I received clearance to run and started with the intervals after 4 weeks off, so happy for no more elliptical since it was causing new issues. We had a fun but busy weekend, the joy of summer! Parade, birthday parties, bonfire, fireworks and bike rides compete with late nights and not enough sleep for O.
Even Cooper enjoyed the parade!
Monday: BB Legs and 3 mile walk with Cooper
Tuesday: BB Back and run/walk (5 miles 54:00)
Wednesday: BB Arms/Core and P90X Kenpo
Thursday: Run/walk 3.2 miles (35:00) and BB Shoulders
Friday:  Yoga and walk
Saturday: BB Chest and T25 Cardio
Sunday: BB Legs and run/walk 6.5 (1:02) O finished the last ½ mile with me the 7 mile bike with family
One step closer to her own bike without training wheels!

Today officially marks the start to marathon training and another internal debate. Will I be ready or do I not run it? Find another marathon to give me more time? I’m tired of running marathons I’ve only partially trained for, I know if things keep going like they are now I should be able to train well about ½ the training cycle but is 8 weeks enough to build my speed back? I’m going to start training and see how it goes, treat it like I plan to run a marathon…

Monday: BB Legs/Back and 3 mile walk with Cooper
Tuesday: Run 5 mile run 6-7 min and walk 3-4 min
Wednesday: BB Arms/Core and T25 Cardio
Thursday: P90X+ Kenpo and BB Shoulders
Friday:  Run/walk 5 miles and BB Chest
Saturday: Yoga if time, otherwise rest
Sunday: BB Back and run/walk/elliptical 90 min

What are your goals this week? Is anyone else starting marathon training?

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Marathon Training After Injury

Marathon training after an injury can be both scary and exciting at the same time, the what ifs are awful. Will things go great? Will the injury come back? How much can I push myself? I’ve been on this injury/training roller coaster for the past two years and I want to be done, I want a smooth road ahead!

Here are my tips to get through a success come back marathon training

  • Accept that I probably won’t PR! I had originally this fall would be my big goal marathon but now rethinking my plans and may just aim for a BQ instead. But first we see what the next 16 weeks brings.
  • Listen to my body! This is huge and something I (and most runners/athletes forget). We think we just need to push through, running hurts right?! Pain in the hamstring = stop!
  • Start slow and build slow. Don’t expect to be where I left off preinjury. I need to learn my new comfort zone and work with this for now until I can progress.
  • Fix the underlying problem. Now that the injury is gone the goal is for it to stay that way. Did it come from overtraining, bad shoes, muscle imbalances, poor gait? Mine is muscle imbalance and gait.
  • Don’t revert to old habits! Fix my gait and stick with it, don’t get lazy and go back to how I used to run. I need to understand that 5-6 running days and 60-70 miles per week don’t work for me.
  • Don’t forget the other stuff! Now that running is back in my life I can’t slack on strength training, PT exercises and cross training.
  • Have fun!

3 days from now I will start training for marathon 28! I have rewritten my plan hundreds of times over the past week trying to decide what’s best and I’m sure will change it even more as I start.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. What are your plans?

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Injury Update...

4 weeks ago I got the news I already knew…no running! Over the past year I have been forced to take off 4 months of running, not good for me! I’m done with forced time off, I want to be smart and run well.

Yesterday I met with the doctor again and he’s happy with my progress! I’ve gone from barely being able to move to using weight for exercises. I couldn’t walk pain free now I’m pain free 99% of the time! He cleared me to start more aggressive PT and they had a cancellation for yesterday so I grabbed it. My strength has gone from 2/5 to 4/5!

With all this I have been cleared to run! Well only 5 minutes at a time but it is something. So I can do run/walk (elliptical) intervals to mimic the same running I’d normally do. I can slowly increase run time as long as I have no pain. They both think I should be fully running and strong in 2-3 weeks! The nitroglycerin worked!

I will continue the nitro and have about 1 hour PT exercises daily. I have to roll twice on days I do cardio and once other days. Looks like marathon training (in a modified form) will start Monday!

So guess what I did? Of course I ran! 52:00 and 5 miles 5 minutes running/5 minutes walking intervals. It was 92 degrees and felt wonderful! I think I was smiling the entire time!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Almost there...Injury and back to running

Well I survived another week of not running, almost there but this weekend hasn’t been nice to my body! Saturday the elliptical irritated my peroneal tendon, didn’t have an issue until after or I would have quit and then Sunday While carrying laundry I managed to kick a 25 lb weight with my bare toe and pretty sure it is broken. At least it is only my little toe. It was great to get in 2 tough spin sessions and more strength work.

Monday: P90X+ Intervals and BB Chest/Core
Tuesday: BB Legs and 1 hour elliptical
Wednesday: BB Back/Core and T25 Alpha Cardio
Thursday: BB Arms
Friday:  BB Shoulders/Core and Spin
Saturday: 2 hours Elliptical
Sunday: BB Chest/Core and 75 min spin class

This is it my final week of no running, I’m being optimistic! I can not handle any more elliptical, not just mentally but my foot doesn’t like it. Everyone send my good thoughts tomorrow around noon! I’m hoping to start marathon training in 1 week so there is a lot riding on this appointment! This week is always bringing heat! 90 degrees, yay! This is my perfect morning run weather when it is warm but still not hot at 5am.

Monday: BB Legs and 3 mile walk with Cooper
Tuesday: BB Back and run or bike
Wednesday: BB Arms/Core and P90X Kenpo
Thursday: Run or T25 Cardio and BB Shoulders
Friday:  Yoga and walk
Saturday: BB Chest
Sunday: BB Legs and run

I’m excited to say I had to go out a buy new weights last weekend since I was outgrowing what I had, yay strength gains! Crossing my fingers I can run again…

What was your best workout last week? Goals this week?

Friday, June 5, 2015

5 for Friday

I know I try to stick with a fitness theme on Fridays but today I'm venturing of to talk about the 5 big things happening in my life right now...

1) Preschool Graduation for O...
With her friend
She was thrilled to get her diploma and keep her tassel! So cute for all the littles in their caps/gowns. I think it has given her a little better idea of what my graduation will be like next month. They all had to say what they want to be when they grow up, the kids gave answers like race car driver, mom, author, astronaut and then O..."I want to be a doctor, but not do surgery maybe I'll just give medicines to fix them."

2) Despite not running I'm still pushing through!
Lots of cross training and strength workout and not to mention about 1 hour of PT exercises spread throughout the day! This guy means business when he said I'll be strong by the time marathon training starts he wasn't joking! Spin class today in between writing sessions and laundry.

3) My focus this month is nutrition...
I love summer and all the fresh veggies and fruits. I could live on big salads all summer! My garden is mostly planted: sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, pea pods, lettuce, zucchini, strawberries, rhubarb and basil. Do you grow a garden? What's your favorite summer food?  
I've also cut out all dairy since March and feel so much better! This was reinforced last week when I ate pizza and felt awful the next 2 days. But I will say they only serve the specialty: jerk tofu, pineapple, pepper pizza for about a month so I had to grab one!
Smashed chickpea and avocado salad with sweet potatoes!

4) I finish grad school in 6 weeks! 
Today I have a meeting with my adviser to discuss my manuscript and then I revise! Fun times. Next up my grad presentation. Has anyone used Prezi? It looks great but I'm far from techy and can't deal with hours of frustration!
Only about half my pile of research!
This is the fun pile waiting for me when I'm done! 6 years of grad school means no time  for  fun reading!

5) Happy birthday to my mom!
Wow we look so young! 13 years ago at my wedding, time sure flies. Can you believe my mom is almost 30 years older than me?!

Happy Friday! Any fun weekend plans? Don't forget to enter my Runner's Choice Giveaway!

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

National Run Day Survey

Since I'm still a runner at hear I had to participate even though I'm not celebrating National Running Day like a runner should. 5 more days...
NRD graphic

Why do you run?  Now because I love it! I started to prove to myself that I could run a marathon and for some stress relief. It is my time to not worry about being a mom, my thesis, work, etc.
How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day?  I wish running but I'm still out :(
How many miles have you run so far this year?  725.4
What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year?  Not much unlike usual! TCM in fall and a half but nothing else. Oh and Ragnar!!
Before you leave for a run you must have:  my phone, a hat and the rest depends of how far I'm running. My UCAN for long distances.
Do you have one favorite app to track your runs?  Not really, I do have Runtastic on my phone but rarely use it.
Who is your favorite running partner?  I actually don't mind running solo, but I do have a couple running buddies who I trained for Boston with and would love to get back out there with! Otherwise MRTT.
What races have you run so far this year?  Just 1, Eau Clair Marathon.
If you had to give someone one piece of advice about running what would it be?  Just run, forget the fancy stuff, pace, distance and just run. Enjoy it and don't make it too complicated! Everything else in life can be that!
Describe your relationship with running in one word:  Confusing

Share your answers to any of these questions...

Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly updates and surviving when things don't go as planned

I debated even doing a weekly post this week, I lost it…my motivation has disappeared, my acceptance of not running is gone instead these are replaced by frustration and lack of motivation for another minute of indoor workout! But would I be honest if I only shared my good weeks…I did manage to do PT exercises daily so that’s a bonus. The week ended with a glass of wine and wanting to run.

A fried sent me this and I think I need it!

Monday: BB Shoulders/core and T25 Speed
Tuesday: Yoga and 1 hour elliptical
Wednesday: BB Back/Bicep and T25 Alpha Cardio
Thursday: BB Back/Biceps
Friday:  BB Chest/Tris and Yoga T25 Core Cardio
Saturday: 2 hour Elliptical and 15 min Rowing and core
Sunday: Work BB Back/Biceps and P90X+ Kenpo (Love it!) 1 hour walk with Cooper

Today is a new week and a new month so I am focused I can do this. 8 days until I see the doctor!

Monday: P90X+ Intervals and BB Chest/Core
Tuesday: BB Legs and 1 hour elliptical or considering a new dance class
Wednesday: BB Back/Core and T25 Alpha Cardio
Thursday: BB Arms
Friday:  BB Shoulders/Core and Spin or Yoga
Saturday: 90 min Elliptical and 30 min Rowing
Sunday: BB Chest/Core and Bike

I just keep reminding myself the focus is running strong, I can survive another 8 days! This past weekend O had her annual gymnastics show and got to show us her new skills. Such a little gymnast and she loves it. How was your last week? Goals for this week?

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