Thanksgiving and Matt's Big Announcement

Matt and I decided to start Thanksgiving morning out in downtown Minneapolis along with 10,000 other people in the cold and run a 5K. We stood outside getting cold waiting for the run to started, but it really was the perfect morning for a run. Just as we started the snow began to fall and at about the halfway point as we were running along the river the flakes got bigger and it was gorgeous. I finished 23:xx, not too bad for having to dodge walkers and strollers and dogs for the first mile. No matter how many times the announcement was made to start in the back if you were walking, people just didn't listen I guess they assumed the other 8,000 people behind them must have been walking too. Matt finished 33:xx, not bad for not running since September.
When we got home he he told me he wanted to run a marathon, was he serious? He said he'd watched me run enough and it was time for him to get out there. He wanted a Spring race, so we discussed and I think the decision is Grandma's in Duluth on June 21st. I am so excited for him! This works out well because he can start really training when we get home from Jamaica in early February and he won't be needing to run during a lot of fishing season. Now the big question is: Will I be running? That will be answered in just over 2 weeks...


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