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13in2013 Recap and prizes!!

I feel like it was just yesterday that Jill and I were fuss using 13 in 2013 but here coming to an end! Although my year didn't go as well as planned I was thrilled to complete this challenge with over 700 others. While 2013 was tough for me, I did accomplish many races just made the decision to back out of a few due to injury. I finally learned to listen again and not push through injury.

SO how was 2013 for you? Did you accomplish your goals?

Menu Planning and Healthy Almond Crescents (GF/low sugar)

Almost 2014, can you believe it?! After a week (okay more) of eating cookies, drinking wine and snacking on junk all day I need to get back to my eating plan. I am happy to be joining Laura’s January reset just in time to start training for Boston Marathon. I decided this time around I will improve on my diet even more, eliminate the foods I know negatively impact my training: dairy, sugars, processed junk and increase those that help me: veggies, fruit, protein, whole foods. Who else is ready to get back to healthy eating after the holidays?
So what’s for dinners this week… Sunday: Veggie pizza with GF crust Monday: Pre run protein shake Tuesday: New Year’s take out: Thai probably Wednesday: Chipotle butternut squash Thursday: Crock pot chickpea wild rice soup Friday: Spaghetti squash with marinara and veg “meat”balls Saturday: Chili
What is on your menu this week?
Now with this being week 1 of Boston training and final week of Dopey training my plan looks a little crazy!! Sunday: 10-12 mil…

Winter Racing...Why?

Yes, that is the big question...why? I am sitting here looking at the forecast for next week and wondering why I thought a 14 mile New Year's Day race sounded like a good idea. I mean it does sound fun until you see this...

This is the better of the forecast and doesn't even mention the "feels like" temperatures of -40s, yep that right! Ok, that is Sunday but Wednesday -20s "feels like". Anyone living in warm weather have room for me to stay for a few months?!

Looks fun, right?! After last winter I said no more of this but once again Mother Nature is attempting to show us how tough we are. So far we've had more below zero days than I remember and now they say it gets even worse. Not to mention the snow cover and lack of great running paths. So skip the race? or run? or drop back to the 10K? Have I mentioned how cold I get!

I did have to laugh when I saw this today. The saying is perfect but really who's winter is this? I want this winter!!

Enough of…

2013 in running!

I have seen this on many blogs lately and decided to join in the fun. So here is short recap of y 2013 in running. What a year it was: continued injury and the start of a come back (I hope) all while running toward 13 in 2013! What was your:

Best race experience? Definitely the Mankato Marathon in October. After a tough running year I finally felt like I could run again, plus it was the best I have felt during a marathon ever!! Love the new fuel: UCAN. Plus I once again have a BQ just in case.
Best run? Despite a year of many bad runs I had a lot of great ones. 2013 was the year I focused again on the fun of running. I met some great new running friends through MRTT and had some fun social runs. Also suffered through brutal winter with running friends and made the most of nasty runs!
Best new piece of gear?  My new Salomon goretex shoes! No more cold feet in winter, I love these. Seriously how did it takes me so long to discove…

Healthy Holiday Eating: Pumpkin Almond Cookies

What a strange feeling to be peaking for one marathon cycle while looking at the start of the next training cycle. Although I can honestly say this training was not much running but more focus on healthy nutrition and cross training while healing this leg. So today I am off to run my 2nd long run in 2 days and then work on baking healthy Christmas cookies and shopping for the holiday meals.
I will admit I am a pretty healthy eater overall but could be better and wonder what making those last few changes would do to my running and overall health? Gluten free, that part is easy it is the other stuff I forget about since the consequences aren’t as obvious. I know my body isn’t happy about dairy but I continue to gravitate towards meals with cheese, I am a carb lover and afternoon snacker who needs to cut down on the mindless eating. My sweet tooth is improving but still needs help. So as 2013 draws to an end I am working on these changes in anticipation for January reset and healthier …

Meal Planning (Guest Post)

Hi All! I am super excited to be guest posting on Marathon Mom's blog today.  I am a new reader to her blog and am so inspired!  Running is not my cup of tea, but her encouraging posts gave me a little push in the tush & I plan to incorporate running back into my workouts.  Jen & I are participating in a wellness challenge called Elf For Health.  Each day we are presented with a different task, whether it is a physical, mental, a good deed etc...  Today's challenge is to "Share Your Expertise" so that brings me here! I blog over on Not So Doughie.  Growing up my family called me Doughie and I had a tendency to eat what I wanted.  Today, I definitely cannot eat whatever I wanted and still remain healthy & in shape.  Therefore, I try my best to make all my recipes not so doughie.  It is an understatement to say that I enjoy cooking.  I love it.  I do not have any professional culinary background, but my area of expertise is in the kitchen. …

14 in 2014, Are you ready? Sponsors and motivation.

As 13 in 2013 draws to an end we began looking forward to the goals for 2014... Once again the response to a year long running challenge has been amazing! My goal is to stay strong and injury free in 2014. What is your goal? 305 participants so far! If you’re new to 14 in 2014, check out the original post for all the details at Are You Ready To Run 14 in 2014? What people are saying… "I'm so excited and won't miss out this year!" "13 in 2013 was the best motivation and can't wait for 2014!" "What a great way to keep up the motivation of running all year." "I'm so in for 14 in 2014!!" Join Now! The private 14 in 2014 Facebook group is open! Part of the fun of 13 in 2013 was meeting new people, sharing our accomplishments and motivating each other in the private group! After your request has been accepted introduce yourself and check out the file tab for information and badges. Request to join here…

Making Changes

Is it just me or is the combination of holiday celebrations, nasty weather and decrease in running miles meaning slacking on healthy eating? Seriously it is just so much easier to stay inside, nice and warm baking cookies and relaxing than going through the process of getting dressed to run or drive to the gym. While I will say I'm not terrible and I enjoy my indulgences it seems that this time of year always means that second helping of dessert, extra glass of wine, etc.

One of my goals to end 2013 is to snack healthy: fruits, veggies and hummus, nuts, yogurt, homemade granola, rice cakes and nut butter. What's on your healthy snack list? I'm also joining Laura for the 21 Day Reset Challenge beginning January 6th. Why not join others and gain the extra support to kick of 2014 on a healthy note?

Laura is offering three different options: Free, group and private coaching. Also register this week and receive $10 off using code 'earlybird'
Looking for another way to k…

1 Month to go!!

Another Monday in the midst of what is already shaping up to be a brutal winter, last week we got dumped on twice by snow and now another day with wind chills of -20s! December has not proven to be nice to me: my first migraine in months and it lasted 3 days, then a stomach bug hit us, now O is going on week 2 of a nasty cough this is truly nothing more than annoying! With the nasty weather my motivation is truly lacking and honestly running outside sucks! Yesterday I managed 10 miles on semi-cleared paths with less than great footing, I’m just not ready to give in to the treadmill yet! Although I will admit the treadmill has been my friend for early morning speed intervals.
My weeks have also been filled with less running and more cross training to let this leg fully heal. Today hitting the pool for some laps and then off to yoga. My bike has once again become my friend and Netflix is getting me through hour + elliptical workouts. This afternoon will be another appointment with my s…

December Goals and Ending 2013 Strong!

Seriously where did November and 2013 go?!Here we are December 2nd and already thinking ahead to 2014, fall marathons are on my radar already! I strongly considerer NYCM but think that will have to wait (although what are my chances anyways?). But before I can get that far in my thoughts I need to take a few minutes to check in with my 2013 goals…
171 miles to go to meet my yearly goal of 2500!
Fitness I took November easy with running and focused more on strength and cross training, even got in the pool!Ran 10 Mile race in nasty wind!Found the best cold weather shoes, so nice to run with warm feet for the first winter ever!

Life Finally getting into a routine of full-time workEating has been great with the occasional splurge of course! Egg Nog GF cupcakes last weekend!!Office and bedrooms are fully organized!Getting back to weekend meal prep but still needs work!

Family/Friends Great runs with friendsAfternoon of Santa, cupcakes and fun with the family!Date day to the 10 Mile race with M…

Dealing with injury: Ouch Wraps giveaway

This only seems fitting after yesterday's post on my latest injury that came out of no where! Over the past year I have dealt with a right hamstring injury that finally resolved but now my right glute/hip is mad! I'm hoping because it came on quick and big that is goes away just the same! In the mean time I'm spending lots of quality time with my pals: foam roller, therapy ball and ice pack!

In the midst of dealing with the left leg junk I was contacted by Ashley to try Ouch Wraps they are premade, reusable hot or cold packs that you either throw in the freezer or microwave and done. They are great size and easy to use everywhere and even better easy to wrap on and stay put! I've used mine as ice for the legs and heat for my shoulder and back.

I loved my Ouch Wrap and so did O thanks to the cute design, many others available online. Now you can try one too with the discount code: MARATHON! Or better yet, enter to win your own Ouch Wrap- Wrecked Wrap!

a Rafflecopter giv…

Day 2...A New Injury

Last Monday I thought I had irritated my SI joint which happens too frequently, but I soon found out I was wrong. I quit part way through my Sunday run as my low back and hip were so tight and achy and decided that was it...1 week off running.

Monday I headed to the sports chiro and it looks like the whole things stems from a super tight glute medius and low back. So here I was undergoing 1 hour of Graston, the pain of someone pushing their body weight into my butt followed by acupuncture. Sounds like a fun Monday, right?! The good news, the hamstring is nothing and is all radiating from the glute, yay! but the bad news is my self imposed 1 week running break in hopes it is all I need to run a strong 2014.

Wish me luck! I never thought I'd be running towards nontraditional therapies with all my issues. Instead of racking up the miles this week, I will hit the pool (yes it is out to the world, so hold me to it!), bike and elliptical. Also in the plans is 3 strength sessions, daily…

Cookies! and Menu Planning

I should first mention I began this post Friday morning, so if it makes little sense that I am heading to conference on a Sunday that is why! Life got in the way of finishing so here it is, better late, right?
Just a quick post before I run off to sit all day at a conference on infectious disease, I may come back thinking I have some strange disease and full of nasty bugs so watch out! (Actually I got to listen to all the outbreaks traced to reptiles, perfect considering O was having reptile day at school complete with animals!).
But first a couple better things...
Nut Butter Monster Cookies- Gluten Free/Vegan
1 cup Peanut Butter (sub any nut or Sun Butter)
1/4 cup Applesauce
1 tsp Vanilla
1/2 cup Unrefined or Coconut Sugar (could do less)
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 cup Oats
1/4 cup Shredded Unsweetened Coconut
1/2 cup Salted Nuts (the sweet and salty mix is great)
1/2 cup Raisins (can sub choc chips or other dried fruit)

Mix nut butter, applesauce and vanilla. Add in sugar, oats and bak…

Changing my focus & BAMR Band giveaway

Guess what I’m still here, 3 days in a row! Starting to get back to “real” running now that the leg is better. Still following with my sports chiro monthly and focusing on strength with lower mileage. I am happy to be back into some speed work and looking a forward to working with a new coach (other than myself!) and improving my running. I decided that I need a change, I written my own plans for years but think after my year of injury I need to change things up a bit. I should be stronger and faster now with all the strength and core training but I’m not thanks to injury. I know with a change in training and injury free I can get to where I want to be.
Thursday morning I grabbed my cute new BAMR band and hit the treadmill nice and early for some intervals. Tracy has me running less miles but high intensity and I’m loving it! So how’d it go: After an easy 10 min warm up my ¼ mile repeats were: 1:30 (Had to try with the treadmill set at top speed!) 1:33 1:31 1:35 1:32 1:35 1:31 The …

More experiments in the kitchen: Broccoli "Cheese" Quinoa- Vegan & Gluten Free

Here I am again, 2 days in a row posting. Looks like I may have finally found time for things besides work! With less workouts my focus has turned to healthy eating and I think most days have been great, lots of fruit and veggies for snacks and limiting processed foods and mindless snacking. I feel great.

Of course I have been experimenting in the kitchen during my low running weeks and another success! Had to share my main dish first, cookies will come later.

Broccoli "Cheese" Quinoa - Gluten Free & Vegan
1 onion chopped
2 cloves minced garlic 
1 head broccoli  
1 cup uncooked quinoa 
2 cups water Mix in cheese sauce:

Cheese Sauce
1 acorn squash roasted & puréed (about 1-2 cups) 
1 1/2 cups water
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1-2 tsp red pepper 

Cook quinoa, while that cooks sauté onion and garlic until soft, add broccoli cook about 10 min mix into cooked quinoa. Combine "cheese" sauce ingredients and mix into quinoa. Can top with gluten free bread crumbs. Bake…

14 in 2014 Running Challenge...Are you ready?

2014 Running Challenge First, 12 runners committed to running 12 races in 2012. Then, in 2013, almost 900 runners signed up to run 13 in 2013. Many have even gone beyond 13 races! In September 2012 I had what I thought was a little idea to run 13 half marathons in 2013, I shared this idea with Jill and we were shocked at how far reaching this little idea grew! Not only has it been fun to share this with so many others but the inspiration is huge!
Next? It's time time to start thinking about the new year. New goals and endless possibilities of what you can accomplish. I'm excited to announce that I'm teaming up with Jill again in 2014 to bring you 14 in 2014! Now, it’s time to plan and commit to a running challenge for 2014 COMMIT to a year-long running goal! To be honest, 13 in 2013 was tough, I spend much of the year dealing with an injury that sidelined my running goals. While I was able to complete my races with less then the performance I wanted, I was hoping for…

A late but needed marathon report

2013 has not been my year (heck 2012 wasn’t much to brag about either) and I have neglected many race reports since I feel like they started to sound like a list of excuses and whining. But I think this race deserves a post…
A couple months ago I was in the midst of marathon training, looking towards a new job and realizing I was not where I wanted to be and made the decision to find a different goal race. This one much closer to home and cheaper (even with the loss from the other entry). The race was close enough to head down after lunch on Saturday and arrive in time for O to run the kidsK, she was thrilled, even better the race started at the same start line as our marathon! For days she’d been telling me no one was running with her, she was big enough to run alone, so she did. She walked up to the start shoot and immediately made a friend; a 5 yo girl who she asked to run with her. This girl already had her mom running along side her, she promptly turned to me on side and informe…

Fall Meal Planning: Pumpkin Cranberry Bread

Yes, I am still here! I have sat down to write many times over the past couple weeks, including my marathon report, but have yet to find time to finish a post…life! We are still adjusting to my working full-time plus all the additional activities and races this time of year. Add Matt’s grad school and 3 year old meltdowns to this and you have our crazy lives right now. I think things are on the way down for craziness (or I hope!). To help out the weeknights I am back to Sunday meal prep and plan to spend the afternoon in the kitchen prepping for the week. So what’s on the menu for us?
Chipotle Mac ‘n CheeseSamosa PieVeggie Egg Bake with Roasted PotatoesSpaghetti Squash with Stir Fry VeggiesPre-run Protein Shake??Salad and Soup pre-Halloween night out

Yesterday in attempts to use some cranberries from our CSA I decided it was time to bake and the result is wonderful. The texture is a little soft and dense but still tastes great.

Pumpkin Cranberry Bread 1 banana mashed 1 egg 1 ½ cup pump…