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Are you ready for 2013?!

Here I sit on the final morning of 2012 and look back at my goals from the past year realizing I am about to write the same goals for the upcoming year and I am slightly disappointed to realize I am sitting in the exact same spot (or even further back) than I was 1 year ago in many aspects. But enough on that as I will reveal these goals and plans tomorrow after my credit card gets a workout taking advantage of all the final day race registration specials. I decided that my attitude is lacking right now after spending my last week sick and evaluating the past year might not be the best today. Instead I will focus my energy on the last day of 13 in 2013 registration and some more exciting news with our latest partner...

This past July I did something very different for me and ran a fun race with friends with no intention of racing and it was wonderful! I mean what could be more fun than running covered in color?! Check out my full report from last Summer of The Color Run. We have team…

12/30 Menu Planning

I guess it is that time of year, time for the sickies to hit! Last Winter brought just about every possible illness with me doing clinical rotations in pediatrics and a toddler in multiple activities, no one was spared! So far we have been luckier this year, until now! I think this is the first time all three of us have been hit this hard at the same time and it is awful! But I think (hope) we are on the road to health. Last week was not too fun, lots of time sleeping and I think we had our first real meal last night. 
Menu planning this week will be a lot of recycling from last week since we had a lot of soup and toast, linking up with Jill and Laura
Sunday: Pad Thai Monday: Butternut Squash White Bean Risotto & Tiramisu Tuesday: Coconut curry veggie rice Wednesday: Lasagna (leftovers frozen from Christmas dinner) Thursday:Chipotle Squash Mac N Cheese Friday: ?? Dinner out Saturday:4 bean quinoa chili & corn muffins
Pad Thai 2 tbsp tamarind paste 1 tbsp. palm sugar 2 tbsp lime juice 1 …

Caffeine & Running

Yes, I love my coffee although not as much as hubby who had gotten into the habit of 15+ cups per day until recently when he discovered the excess caffeine was causing his daily migraines :( I am more on the lines of 4 cups per day with maybe 1 being a specialty latte on occasion. My love of coffee might be the reason behind tiramisu being my favorite dessert. You can see why I was thrilled a few years ago as I sat at a Sports Medicine conference and a nutritionist was speaking and caught my attention as she claimed "caffeine counts as fluid intake, it is not considering dehydrating" (now forgive me as I can not find the source anymore). I was thrilled as I was drinking what I'm sure was my 3rd or 4th cup of coffee that day.

As a runner I have always used the electrolyte gels/chews with caffeine and had a cup of coffee before a race, but does it help? According to many it does, although the amount needed varies from 1 mg-6 mg/kg body weight, but the agreement is that an…

13 in 2013 Prize Reveal & Runtastic Giveaway

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Weight Training and Women Runners

For the past many years I have been doing some form of strength training but never really changed my routine until I started working with trainers off and on a couple years ago. Last summer I started working with my new trainer who I was a little skeptical about at first, he will be the first to admit he is not a runner or anything close to an endurance athlete. I wasn't sure how we'd relate but since he seemed to know his stuff (head trainer) I gave him a shot and I'm glad I did. I can honestly say I kind of enjoy this now! Often I am the only woman in the weight room, like yesterday (yes Christmas) it was 5 guys and me. I have learned another form of stress relief through lifting, I mean it has to feel good to lift heavy!
I was having a conversation with another runner friend about weight training and why she won't do it, I am sure there are others feeling the same so here is my attempt to break some myths. 
I will get "man arms": Women lack the testosteron…

Merry Christmas

Someone was very excited to see Santa Claus after waiting all morning through our run. I'm not sure she actually told him what she wanted but did discuss her upcoming vacation to Costa Rica and how she is soon to be 3 years old. I think there may have been talk of pancakes too since it was Santa breakfast!

I can honestly say this has been the funnest Christmas so far, I love seeing the excitement of it all through a my child, although I did go a little overboard on gifts because I knew she'd "like that too"! She is easy to please: the best response last night was to a purple hair bow from her aunt: "I so love it!"

Santa busily finished wrapping presents at 5am and now we wait. After a fun holiday season of Santa breakfast, crafts, cookies, seeing the Grinch at the Children's Theater and making homemade gifts I am ready for the big finish :)

Hoping the weather warms from -2f (-17 windchill) so I can meet a friend for a run this morning before embarking …

Running in 2012

Best Race Experience: This may be odd but my best race was Boston Marathon Yes it was hot and tough but I was happy to be running after a stress fracture had me out last spring. It was such a different experience than 2011 where I PR'd and missed a lot of the course excitement, this year I soaked it all in, had fun with the crowds and just ran what felt good. I was happy to be running pain free. And who isn't happy to be running Boston?! 
Best Run: 2012 was a year of tough running, but I had many fun experiences. I spent many of my winter runs with new running friends pushing me and encouraging me to take on new adventures and enjoyed running with friends who have decided to embark on the running journey too. One run that sticks in my mind was my 1st leg at Ragnar Northwest Passage I felt great, the weather was perfect and I was running better than I expected passing the speedy guys and loving every minute.

Worst Race Experience: This is a toss up between Minneapolis Marathon or…

12/23 Menu Planning and Another Cookie Recipe

I almost decided not to menu plan during the holidays but I probably need it more now, so linking up with Jill and Laura
Sunday Pumpkin Egg Nog pancakes Monday- Christmas Eve Quinoa Mac N Cheese (plus food from the ILs that I won’t be able to eat) Tuesday- Christmas GF Veggie Lasagna, GF Garlic Rolls, Salad, Pumpkin Pie Wednesday Chickpea & Spinach Curry Thursday Run Night- Sandwich and fruit Friday Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai Saturday ?? Dinner Out or Leftovers

The holidays wouldn't be complete without more cookie baking. I have always loved these cookies my grandmother made but have stayed away the past few years due to my dietary issues until now. I am so happy to have adapted them to our needs!

Healthy Holidays & Cookies

The holidays can be a stressful time with so much going on and running around which leads to unhealthy eating and lack of exercise for many. The holidays don't have to be this, instead take this as a time to spend time with your family and friends sharing a  healthy lifestyle.

Make smart foods choices: Look at the options before choosing and then fill up with the healthier choices but allow yourself a little indulgence with smaller portions of the less healthy foods. Decide if you are really hungry, don't give in to mindless eating. don't stand by the food or you will likely keep snacking as you talk.

Don't drink your calories: The holidays come with cocktails, wine and other drinks containing 100s of calories or more. Enjoy drinks in moderation, have water in between drinks and be careful or the offers to keep "topping off" your glass. My choice is always a couple glasses of a good red wine.

Use healthier recipes: Use healthy substitution: whole grains instead …

Goals and motivation for 2013- Reasons for running

As we approach 2013 and wrap up 2012 every takes a little time to look back on the past year and forward to the next. I have many goals in mind for 2013 and I know so does everyone else, many involving the 13 in 2013 challenge, Jill and I would love to hear these and why you are choosing to take on this challenge. If you are interested in sharing please email me your story.

Here is Clea's reasons for running and joining 13 in 2013, thanks for sharing...
I am super thankful for the opportunity to do a guest post.  I don't really have a good reason for why I run other than I just always have.  I started running in high school doing cross country and track.  Cross country is truly a beautiful sport and I think that's where I developed I love for just going out and enjoying a pretty run.  I just got in the habit very young of starting each day with a run.  It's really part of my personality now and my morning doesn't feel complete without it.  High school was i…