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Taking Time to Regroup

These past 2 weeks after Grandma's Marathon have been exactly what I needed. 2 weeks of low running without expectations, the ability to skip a run if I wasn't feeling it, a complete transition away from my overly stressful job that was taking over my life and working to make myself and family a priority.

We spend much of last weekend at the softball fields coaching O's team to a consolation bracket win! In true MN weather we were cold, bundled up in jackets and pants and even pulled out hand warmers for the Sunday morning games! All weekend I was wishing that this weather had been there the previous weekend for the marathon.
This week I struggled with running, legs were heavy, I was tired, I just didn't have that push. I kept low miles, walked if needed and didn't look at pace, my body was asking for recovery. I even skipped my 4 miles midweek when O asked to join me, we did 2.25 miles run/walk averaging around 10:30 pace! Way to go! It brought a smile to my face …

Grandma's Marathon Recap

Well, Grandma's was to be my replacement marathon for being sick right before Flying Pig and not being able to race. Coach Nichole and I decided to give it another shot since I was recovered quick after Pig and ready to race. I was lucky enough to find a last minute hotel and a friend wanting to share Friday night. After a week + pf tracking weather that looked perfect, tailwind, highs of 60, cloudy, it all changed!

We got up early to ride to the start. Since Grandma's is a point to point course they bus to the start. I waited in a nice long porta-potty line as I drank my UCAN and shed my top layer of clothes. It was lightly sprinkling and a little cool, perfect! After dropping my bag I weaved my way through the crowds to get between the 3:35 and 3:25 pacers (no 3:30 pacer). The DJ played "Let's Go Crazy" and I had a great feeling, I was ready. That is my song, not only am I a huge Prince fan but on the bus to Boston the year I PR'd that song was playing.


Five for Friday!

So much has been happening in my life over the past month or so, some big changes in store for me and the family. I have finally made some decisions on what I need to be focusing on at this time in my life and how to be better. I'm learning what I want from myself and life (yes, it has taken me many years!). Today is the first day of many new things...

1. I worked the final day at my job yesterday! The job that has caused me so much stress and anxiety is now removed from my life. I am no longer required to push family commitments aside to be at work in evenings or weekends or working from home to finish countless hours of charting. I woke this morning with such a sense of relief and calm, I slept great and feel refreshed not dread and anxiety. I am excited for my new opportunity that is much different and very much employee friendly. I am scared leaving a very stable full time job for something with some uncertainty but sometimes you just need to take the leap!

2. Summer Bucket List…

Happy Global Running Day: Giveaway & Discounts

Happy Running Day Everyone! Although I don't really need a special day to run, but way not. It seems like a lot of races are getting in on the fun now and offering discounts too so even better.

I have partnered with Nathan Sports to share some great runner essentials and also give away a prize pack to one reader!

Hipster Belt: I have struggled finding a good belt to carry my phone, more important one that doesn't move or slide around on runs. This belt is great! I have used it on a few long runs and it stays put. My phone is securely in the pocket so no fear that it will crash onto the pavement!

SpeedShot Plus: Holds 12 oz of fluid. Which for me is perfect since I don't drink a lot when I run, For me it was small enough to carry without being annoying or too heavy. My hand fit great in the handle without even needing to really hold the bottle. I rarely carry water (or my UCAN Hydrate) on runs under 2 hours unless it is hot and humid so this came at a perfect time with the br…