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Looking forward, new focus

It has been almost 2 weeks since the marathon and I have enjoyed some time of easy workouts, rest days, sleeping in and refocusing on me, my goals, future, family and not worrying about nutrition (way too much dairy, ugh!). But today marks a weekend day for me thanks to MEA and working last weekend. O and I are both home. Today I am back at it focusing on workouts again and not letting this post marathon slacking (okay recovery gone too far) carrying on for months like I have a bad habit of doing!
This week I have had fun with getting back out there with my running friends for some 5am runs, dark, cool, perfect! All this after 85 degrees last Sunday! We enjoyed that day outside, family pictures, grilling and soaking in the last days of nice hot weather. Today is the start, up at 5am and strength training, back to PT exercises to make sure I fend off future hamstring injury and now relaxing with coffee and my girl before spin class. So what’s ahead… My focus until I start marathon trainin…

TCM...marathon #28

Well I did it, the thing that 5 months ago, I was told to rethink. On July 1st I was cleared to start running after almost 2 months of intense therapy and nitroglycerin for my hamstring. Training was less than ideal for me but was focused on regaining endurance. I did no speed work, I just ran 3-4 days a week at a pace that felt good but I focused on strength training and cross training while working 50 hours a week and finishing grad school! So glad that is done! With all that I was saying I'm never running a fall marathon again.

Saturday was the family events. O ran the 1 mile and had a blast! Then we headed for a quick run through the expo before I worked at the UCAN booth for a few hours. So much fun to share info about my favorite fuel. 
Sunday the big day! O slept at my parents' yet somehow we got a late start, we got there, I threw my bag in the bag check just in time for the national anthem. No time to walk the 1/4 mile to pee! Oops :( So instead I get myself lined up an…

A new month, new start

September was here and gone, how did that happen? I had big goals for the month and well things didn’t quite go as planned! Cooper has decided he's anxious with O at school and started eating every nonfood item in site so bad in the crate for him until we solve this issue.
September Goals


·Develop consistent weekday school routine- Still working on it ·Meal prep on Sunday and make 2 meals for the week- Not doing great! ·1 more apple orchard trip- Nope Running/Fitness ·5K in 22:00- 20:28!! ·Stick with my workouts- Morning workouts were rough ·200 miles in September- 180.9 ·Track nutrition and focus on intake- Nope, MFB hasn’t been touched in about 3 weeks! ·Taper!- I did this!
September brought kindergarten for O, busy fall weekends to get in the last outdoor activities: corn maze, bonfires, cheerleading at football and of course last long runs!