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Rethinking my running life

4 years ago when I was about to run my first race after giving birth to O I was feeling great, injury free and ready to take on the racing world, running through my pregnancy I relearned how to listen to my body and back off when it wasn't happy (something I had long forgotten), I also regained my love for running and began to enjoy the run for the run not the end result again. By the time she was 8 months old I was pulling out PRs every time I lined up, I was thrilled. I felt great, I was running great and I had my best cheering section out there.

Then 2012 hit and it all went away, I was back to my old methods of over training and pushing through pain. That year I barely made it to start line at Boston due to what started as a calf injury and later turned into a stress fracture. From there I'd stop long enough to heal but then I'd quickly be back, the pain would return a little so I'd change my gait and keep running. This brought on the hamstring injury! Which I cont…

March Forward...Spring Fitness Must Haves Giveaway!

With this long winter I know I am ready to move forward to warm weather, dry roads and sunshine! I can't wait to get my bike outside and not have to layer up just to walk out the door! Come on it is almost April and it is snowing! To kick spring off and get moving I have a great giveaway and am happy to be able to offer the following prize pack to one of my readers! It’s simple to enter, just tell me your plan to stay fit this spring, best fitness tip or how spring inspires you to get active.
Check out these great prizes…1 person will win the entire prize pack!
Yoga Mat -basic yoga mat 

Vapur Foldable Water Bottle -Vapur Anti-Bottles are BPA-free and are constructed of three layers of ultra-durable plastic. The innermost layer is made from FDA-approved polyethylene, which is then bonded to two layers of nylon for strength and durability. Every Anti-Bottle is designed to withstand everyday use and regular cleaning.
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Race Season Begins

Remember last year when I kept signing up for all these races and then the weather stayed horrible? Well after that I vowed to avoid cold weather racing so signed up for nothing early this year until yesterday's race, an 8K which kicked off my team's racing season. When I registered about 1 1/2 weeks ago the forecast said 40s and sun, well that quickly changed come race day when I lined up in 20 (wind chill of 12)! It was cold and an afternoon race what a nasty combination!

I lined up just hoping to beat my time from 2 years ago, knowing the cold air would not make this easy. It was a fine line between lining up too close to the front and too far back since team times are gun times. And we were off...

I decided just run what felt good and take it easy since I have bigger things coming and can't risk an injury in the cold this early in the season (2 years ago this was the race that likely pushed me over to full injury and ended me running for 4 weeks!). Too beat last time I…

Running Mom Dilemma

Being a full time working mom means sacrifices for us all and great time management to get in training runs. I sacrifice sleeping in, nights out and even some time with my family but in the end it is all worth it!
Here is my latest running mom dilemma...we have more snow of course making things even more fun. So the question when to run my 18 miler? I have an 8k race Sunday that I want to be fresh for.  Option A: run Saturday morning then rest and accept I may run slower Sunday Option B: run Friday after work (did this last week with less than stellar results) knowing I have a tough time fueling Or I guess Option C: get up early Thursday and run before work on treadmill Ugh what to do??

Spring Fling Virtual

The official start of Spring is almost here...What better way to kick off the first day of spring than a virtual race! I’m tired of cold weather, snow, ice and being stuck inside. Sound familiar? How about a little motivation and a reason to celebrate?  This winter has been rough on many of us and it is time to celebrate better weather! Put on your running shoes and head outdoors for the Spring Fling Virtual Race!WHO: Anyone who wants to celebrate saying good bye winter and HELLO SPRING! You do not have to be a 14 in 2014 participant to join and be eligible for prizes. WHAT:  A virtual race is running a specified distance (you choose the distance.), timing yourself if you want, without actually being present in the race location. WHEN:  You pick the day from March 20 – March 27. WHERE:  The only requirement is that you run outside. Choose a favorite local route, a new route or just run with no specific route at all. WHY:  A celebration of spring, for the love of running and….PRIZES (mult…

Friday fun and outdoor runs!

1) This weather is making me so much happier! 40s and sunny and the snow is melting rapidly, yay! I have not needed to run on the treadmill in over a week and am loving it, slushy ankle deep puddles and all. 2) My foot is better, I can still get some pain if I dig at it but it is all soft tissue pain. I had someone unofficially look at it and they agree it is likely the fat pad and we’re guessing it was just the sudden increase in outdoor miles and in a different pair of shoes. Oh the joys of being a runner, it can all drive you to think the worst! 3) Boston bib #s and wave/corral placements are out! 37 days and counting, wow! I think with this nasty winter it still seems so far away. Continuing with my pattern I’m in Wave 2 with a 10:25am start. Anyone joining me? 4) Look what I decided to do… Yes, the woman who needs more on her plate is now selling Thirty-One! I love my purse (and tote and wallet) that got me through a trip to Disney packed with all the essential: food, water, phone, …

Pre-race Paranoia

With just under 40 days until race day the pre-race paranoia has begun much earlier than usual. Why? Who knows. Maybe the lack of outdoor training. Maybe the constant illness. Maybe the new job meaning less running. Or now maybe the fact that my right foot was not happy during my run last Saturday! Out of no where the outside of my foot decided it was going to hurt. No warning, nothing!

I think these things happen to mess with my head. I got home and the pain had subsided after a short time during my run but shoes off, waling around it quickly returned. On Sunday I told Matt I considered a trip to the sport doc. Me, who never goes in is ready to call it after 24 hours! Not sure if it is the fact that I am 5 1/2 week out or the fact that this is the location of an old stress fracture (that took months, okay almost a year to heal). Any ways I decided against rushing in for no reason and here I sit swimming in my paranoid thoughts!
Whoever thought running wasn't a mental sport has ne…

Five for Friday

1) I think I have a new favorite snack! Have you tried these?  Amazing! And just the right amount of sweet/salty mix.
2) Look what she did last weekend! She has been asking for quite some time and I kept saying once you are 4 so we did it. But wow, what happened to the days of $10 ear piercing? I would have never been able to afford all 8 holes I have pierced in my ears at $55 a time!

3) Last weekend of course brought more cold weather and sub 0 temperatures with icy roads meaning I got the joy of running 20 miles on the treadmill! I will say being at the gym was much more interesting than running at home on the treadmill. People watching kept me going. That, music and 2 episodes of GRSSK, yes I am 35 and that is what gets me through long treadmill runs! Maybe I am reliving my sorority days! 
4) Even though it may seem I’m organized and a planner those around me know much different! I don’t even follow a marathon training plan. My running friend has been researching Hanson Method and thi…