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Running with Morgan

Poor Morgan has been neglected much of this winter due to my injuries and the long winter. Prior to my last marathon I had gotten into a routine of doing a lot of my shorter runs with Morgan, he's a much better runner than walker. The snow came early and then I had my first month off due to injury and back to more snow. We did get in a few runs late this winter, but Morgan is not the best running partner in the snow as he tends to focus on rolling in the snow more than running. He is just like a kid and spends all his time jumping from snow pile to snow pile causing me to have my arm jerked every direction. I know, we need to work on this.

So today the weather was perfect and we got out for a run. I am once again following the Pfitz Return to Running run/walk plan, so this caused some confusion for Morgan. He just didn't quite understand why we would stop running and walk for a few minutes. Despite this he did great and we got in an easy 3.25 miles in the sun. Is Spring actuall…

I'm back!

I have gotten the okay to start running, although I am limited to 10 minutes right now, but I guess that's better than nothing. I can increase if the pain stays gone with running. So far I have gotten in 2 pain free runs for 3.5 miles this week. Looks like I'll still be spending time in the pool to make up for the rest of the time. Today, I had a great conversation with an older guy (I'm guessing 60ish) who has run 20some Grandma's Marathons and countless others. He was swimming a "few" (1 hour worth of laps) after a 17 miler this morning.

Some of Matt's pictures from the half last Saturday, big difference in weather from the snow we have this morning...

He Did It!

Yesterday was the big day, Matt finished his 1st half marathon and I successfully spectated with Morgan. A little role reversal, I would have much rather been running, but it was interesting to watch and I made it through. The toughest part was that it was the perfect day for a race: low 50s for a high with a slight breeze and just a little cloudy.

Matt had been sick with a cold on Friday and got up feeling a little worse on race morning, so he just took it easy and treated it as a training run (smart move, at least someone is learning from my mistakes). The official chip times aren't posted yet, but he finished around 2:10, 10 min per mile pace. This is an improvement from the 10 mile races he ran last summer. He is well on his way to becoming a marathon runner!

My Current Feelings on Running...

I was just shown this commercial and it sums up my life right now perfectly!

What's the Point?

"What's the point of that running thing you're doing?" That's exactly what an older man asked me yesterday during my run in the pool. I was nice and explained the reason for my weird pool running, but wanted to tell him the treadmill got too exciting and I just didn't want to be outside in the sun.

So, I continue my workout and think, really what is the point? Why don't I just go get a good book or a movie, sit my butt on the couch and eat some ice cream! I am just getting frustrated with myself and being injured. I am registered to run a half marathon on Saturday, but instead will be watching Matt run and with about 9 weeks until Grandma's what is going to happen? Okay, deep breath, the pain is getting better, so I am making progress, I just need to be patient and see what happens.

Is Spring Finally Here?

The warmest day of the year! Nearly 70 degrees and sunny today! It looks like winter may actually be gone. The snow is finally melted, but the wind was still gusting.

The combination of nicer weather and a half marathon scheduled for Saturday are making this week even more difficult. It has been nearly 3 weeks since my last run and I am starting to get frustrated and moody. My running focus has changed to helping Matt train for Saturday's half and Grandma's and finishing the fall team training schedules.

I thought about getting the bike out today, but with my history of bike crashes, current injury and the wind I decided against it. So more time in the gym. I talked to my swim coach and a friend who's a personal trainer and am getting closer to being convinced that I could become a triathlete this summer. No one will let me register for anymore races until I can actually run again (I already have a few in mind).

Plan A

I had my appointment today with the specialist and the official diagnosis is exactly what we had thought, except add a stretch tendon to the picture. To treat we are using Plan A, but have a back up Plan B (which I don't like).

Plan A: Continue wearing the boot when out, not at home which is what I have been doing. Once I have my new orthotics, which he made changes to, and I am pain free I can start running again 1 mile at a time. If the pain comes back, I'm back in the boot. No return visit unless the pain gets worse. He actually thinks that I can possibly run Grandma's! It won't be a PR, but just a fun race.

Plan B: (I never want to get to this) Surgery to shorteen the overstretched tendon and something about moving my heal over, huh? I didn't quite get that last part, but I don't plan to need this anytime soon and per many recomendations would have another doctor do surgery if needed anyways.

10 weeks until Grandma's. Can I make it?

What Month Is It?

Today is not making me upset that I can not run. The wind is gusting, the temps are in the 30s and there is a lovely rain/snow mix falling heavily from the sky. It looks more like late November than mid-April!
I did spend an hour on my mountain bike on the trainer. It's a good thing no one can see me, I'm sure riding a bike with a walking boot looks rather strange. I just couldn't get myself to leave the house to drive to the gym for pool running in this weather.
Fingers crossed for some good news tomorrow. I have my appointment with the orthopedic fott/ankle specialist. I have already seen my MRI results and know that there isn't a tear in my tendon, yay! Now I just need to know the plan and figure out if there is still a chance of making it to Grandma's in June.

Pool Running

Wow, what a workout! I never thought I would break a sweat in the pool, but I did. By the end of my hour in the pool I actually felt like I had gotten a workout and I learned something at the same time. I was sharing a lane with a girl who was an awesome swimmer, so I was watching her and trying to pick up some tips to improve my swimming.
I guess I'm back in the pool tomorrow, I wonder if I can do the equivalent of the 18 miles I have on my schedule?

This is Rough

It was in the 60s today, we actually have Spring! Finally a warm, sunny day and here I sit watching people run. I knew this would be tougher than not running back in snowy January. I did take Morgan out for a walk in my clunky boot in order to get outside and was passed by no less than 5 runners.

Today I also went to see the orthopedic doctor. First bad news was the fact that the MRI that was done was ordered wrong and failed to actually look at the injured part of my ankle. The next bad part came when I was told of the uniqueness of this injury and the need to see a specialist after getting a new MRI. I guess this typically happens to "50 year old overweight women" these were the doctors exact words. His reason for not wanting to treat me is that my goals of treatment are much higher than the typical patient with this injury. The other bad news was that I did get laughed at when I told him I wanted to be running a marathon in June. And final bad news, I left the clinic in a …