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13.1 Minneapolis

After running this race 2 year sin a row I think I can say this is my favorite course, maybe it has something to do with both years being good races for me, who knows but I guess it means I keep running it. After a Summer of heat and humidity I was thrilled to be racing in perfect weather: 60F at the start, a little overcast and just a slight breeze. The race starts at the same spot as the 4th of July half but follows a much different course, one with smaller hills and much more shade.

I decided this would be the day I raced smart and lined up by the 1:35 pacer telling myself I wouldn't go out too fast. I also decided to take a different fueling strategy and carry 1 gel (Honey Stingers my new favorite) and take a small amount every water stop, I didn't realize there were water stops every mile though. A little overkill so I skipped the first and last but kept with the plan at the rest.

By Mile 2 I was ahead of the 1:35 pacer and decided to stick with it just running what felt…

Answers: some good, some bad

After dealing with almost 2 years of fatigue, abdominal pain, GI symptoms and multiple other issues I have answers! It seems so ironic and irritating that mainstream medicine missed the simplicity of this and insisted on doing expensive and invasive tests (which my insurance gladly paid for). After seeing many specialists I was told by my primary provider that I wasn't getting any further without out a colonoscopy I decided to leave my biased opinion of mainstream medicine behind and see a naturopathic doctor (which my insurance refuses to pay for).

The first visit lasted almost 2 hours where we discussed every issue I've had and possible testing options, the associated costs and next steps. This is one area mainstream medicine is lacking, The focus turned to me as a whole person and not just my GI system and I was given control over my care. The next visit I had answers! And they seemed so obvious. I've always had some sort of GI troubles since childhood, but after giving…

Fit Generation 5K

I don't normally run 5Ks but decided that this year I'd run a few to see what I could do. When I saw this race it was perfect, a 5K, a toddler run, and kids activities during the race. This was a small race with just over 100 finishers in the timed 5K and probably another 100 or so in the untimed stroller 5K. As we were lining up the lead cyclist came up and asked me how fast I would be running so she knew what pace she'd have to keep, what? I'm never the lead in these things! A few minutes later the RD approached Matt and I to tell us that the course was marked and to just follow the "girl on the bike". Once again, what?!
We started out running together with a few other men, I was trying to keep a 6:45 pace and was doing fine until the hills came. I had no idea what this course was and I quickly learned that the only flat part was the first 1/2 mile, ugh! The next 2 1/2 miles continued to be hill after hill. I continued to push as best I could, but the hills …