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Catching Up...Part 1

Where to begin? Sorry about the silence over the past months but so much has been happening both in running and life so I will make this multi-part and start with the run part (since this is a running blog!).

I guess I should start with a quick wrap up of my last races that I never talked about...

The Halfs of August
I think I left off with my 5K in August but then I went back to higher distance...

Mora I raced this hilly course a few years ago, missing a top 3 finish by a couple minutes and it has been my goal to get a clock. The top 3 overall finishers get handmade replicas of the big city clock, how cool is that?
The weather was good, not too hot but still a little humid. We lined up and I took off behind a couple women and managed to hang in 2nd for about 10 miles but then I was passed by a smart runner who kept her speed. I ran with the goal of overtaking her but never got the chance and ended up in 3rd OA 2nd AG and got my clock! 1:38:30 (not my best but I'll take it!). Matt a…

Healthy Snacking- GFB Review

One of my goals for 2018 is to eat healthier with focus on less processed junk plus no more mindless eating. This is one thing that I wasn't as good on last year and a final piece that I think will add to my run training. As someone with celiac I am always excited when an opportunity comes to try new (to me) GF products, especially one's that are also dairy free and healthy. the GFB offers gluten free, dairy free, non GMO products that taste good and are actually good for you. Check out their site for more info, plus you can order sample packs to try them out!

The other day I needed a quick mid afternoon snack while I worked, perfect timing for the Cranberry Toasted Almond GFB. While I am typically not a big fan of cranberry this wasn't too bad. The cranberries were real dried fruit and not overpowering. The bar was filling and got me through the afternoon slump! I can't wait to try the other flavors.  
The Power Breakfast was a great quick pre workout boost. I am typi…