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28 weeks

It has almost been like I hit the 3rd trimester and I started feeling even better. The past week I did my longest run (8.5 miles) in probably over a month along with a couple other 6 milers. I'm still sticking with the every other day running to prevent any further pain with my pubic symphysis and cross training on the elliptical and lifting weights on my non-running days.

Baby has also been increasing active the past week, flipping and kicking around, almost like she is doing her own runs when I try to relax. Tomorrow I have my 28 week appointment and glucose test, not really looking forward to drinking that stuff. Although I do have a sweet tooth so maybe it won't be so bad. I wonder if I could just eat a bag of candy corn for the test instead?

After a rainy 6 mile run...

Morgan giving baby a kiss

Baby hiccups

What a strange feeling! I was lying down last night and felt a consistent tapping in the same spot. I first joked that she was bored and swinging her leg, but Matt felt it said it felt like hiccups. Sure enough that's what it had to be :-) This went on for a few minutes until she did few somersaults and then went to sleep. Gotta love all the fun baby movements.

2nd Trimester is over

Wow, I cannot believe that I am finished with the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy and have less than 3 months to go. In the beginning it felt like I had forever, but now it seems to have flown by. The 2nd trimester truly was a great part of pregnancy, although I can't say the best since I hope 3rd trimester goes well too. During this time I could honestly say I was enjoying being pregnant, the fatigue (except that related to low thyroid) and nausea were gone and my running was feeling great.

During the 2nd trimester I...
-Gained 8 pounds for a total of 10 pounds so far
-Still get disgusted by meat and can't eat any
-Craved ice cream, pumpkin, candy corn, apples (gotta love Fall)
-Attempted a gluten free diet (thanks to my crazy endocrinologist) with a few break downs and think I may be finished with that
-Ran a 1:56 half marathon + ran/coached another half
-Ran a 25:00 5K
-Thought I was going to be done running twice: 18 weeks with piriformis issues and 24 weeks with pubic sy…

27 Weeks

This past week wasn't too eventful, I am having a difficult time thinking of anything to say. Baby has been super busy and moving all day and night :-) Oh and my mom somehow took all of our crazy, confusing clues and was able to figure out what baby's name will be. We were shocked. We're still keeping it quiet from everyone else, but I'll probably give out clues closer to the due date so others can guess too.

Looking Ahead

Yesterday Matt and I were taking Morgan for a walk and the conversation turned to next year's races. Next year we'll likely stick closer to home since traveling with a baby and dog wouldn't be the easiest and then having to figure out a babysitter for the race since I don't think social services will agree with us that Morgan is a qualified babysitter.

This is our tentative list and I haven't included shorter races that we usually don't plan for, I would like to look into a possible trail race or even ultra distance and maybe another relay again. Matt is planning more tris, maybe I'll get back in the pool and actually register for one again.

Earth Day 20 Miler

Oakdale Duathlon
Maple Grove Half Marathon
Stillwater Marathon

Du @ the Dam

TC Half Marathon
LifeTime Tri (Matt)
Chisago Half IM (Matt)

Half Marathon (so many to choose from)

Bear Water 20 Miler
IronGirl Duathlon


Any suggestions? Like I said above I'…

26 Weeks

and still running. I have actually had a few good, pain free runs this past week which is wonderful considering the pain I was having at 24 weeks from my pubic symphysis separating. My mileage is even lower now, just around 20 mpw, but at this point I am just happy to be out running. Running is even better now that the sun is back and Fall is finally here. No more snow and temps are back in the 60s, at least for a few days.

This week I had an appointment with a new endocrinologist after once again having an even higher TSH after yet another increase of my meds and having to deal with a doctor who really didn't care. I think I have finally found someone who will be proactive in managing my thyroid. I hope this works so I can start being awake for life again. I am sick of having so many days where I can't stay awake even after 10 hours of sleep and then dealing with the resultant headache from forcing myself to function through the afternoon. All this on a the allowed 2 cups (ok…

Random pregnant moments

Today I had another of those "I'm really getting big and pregnant" moments. For some reason when I got out of the shower after my run I tied my robe above my belly instead of under it like I usually do. When I caught my image in the mirror what I saw was a big pregnant lady and I had to laugh. My first thought was of those pregnant women I see in the elevator at work with their hospital robes and huge bellies.


Snow in October! We got the first snowfall on Saturday, but that quickly melted. Today it's back and still snowing at 11am. Looks like I'm going to need to buy some Winter maternity clothes, I thought I'd be much closer to the end of this pregnancy by the time the snow came, not ending my 2nd trimester. I just hope it doesn't cause icy sidewalks because I can't deal with having to start treadmill running already.

The view from the deck this morning...

The ideas that come while running

Quite awhile ago I posted about my thoughts to do an Ironman (possibly 2010 in Madison) after a run with some friends who had either just finished IM Madison or were heading to do IM Florida. I still have that goal in the very back of my mind, but after my sprint tri failure a year ago the plan had been put on hold.

Last Sunday Matt ran his 4th marathon and 1st where I wasn't running, being a marathon spectator is difficult for someone who is used to running them. It was fun to see so many people I knew running and cheer them on, but sitting and waiting was tough. Even though I wasn't running I was irritated by the woman next to us at the 6 mile mark telling the runners they were "almost there", uh yeah if you consider 20 more miles almost there! To make it even worse she was trying to talk to us about how she was a runner and had run TCM 15 years ago, I wonder if she forgot how long a marathon was.

The last couple months of Matt's training weren't the best, so…

Pubic Symphysis Diastasis

That's the verdict from my ob! A fancy way of saying my pubic symphysis is separating ahead of schedule due to the wonderful pregnancy hormones. So unfortunately once again I was correct with the self-diagnosis, pretty good considering I wasn't interested in OB in school and didn't retain much information.

Luckily my ob is very understanding to the runner mentality and I have been okay'd to continue to run if I don't have pain. I took 3 days off and managed an easy pain free 7 miles this morning, so I think the key will be to take more days off, maybe get in more swimming. I also tried a support belt which helped but rolled and bunched so I really need to find a better one. I hope to be able to continue with running 3 days a week and cross training the rest, for my sanity (and Matt's) I really hope to continue running until the icy roads force me inside or better yet until the day I go into labor.

24 Weeks!

Things have all of a sudden gotten busy with school, working and life in general, but I am still around with a growing belly. I hit 24 weeks yesterday and my first thought was 16 more weeks to go, that's long enough to train for a marathon! No, I am not planning to start marathon training now, but to a runner this is how time is measured. Unfortunately I'm not sure how much more I will be running, this week I started having lower pelvic pain and through some research think it may be symphysis pubis dysfunction. I've taken the past couple days off running and the pain has improved somewhat, I plan to talk to my ob about this tomorrow and hope she has a different answer or at least a solution to keep me running. Tomorrow's goal is to go shopping and find a support belt, any suggestions?

This week I think I have popped even more- I will post pictures soon, but without running have gotten out of the habit of belly pics. I have gotten more comments about the size of my belly…