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Marathon Training: Week 2 and Piyo

Week 2 of marathon training (17 to go!) and the heat is here. I had forgotten how tough hot, humid running was until Saturday. A lot of changes to my week thanks to work and rain (lots of it). My Piyo DVDs came Friday and even though I had planned to start next week I couldn’t wait. Started Shakeology for my afternoon snack Friday too. So how did it go…
Monday: 15 min elliptical warm up and Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack, strength and PT exercises Tuesday: Morning 20 min yoga and Evening run 5 hilly miles and PT exercises Wednesday: Strength, bike, PT exercises Thursday: Run (cut short at 1 mile due to leg ache) Jillian Michaels instead, PT exercises Friday: 6 mile run with intervals, Piyo Core, PT exercises Saturday: 10 Mile trail race (cancelled due to flooding L ) so ran 10 with friends, strength and Piyo Fundamentals and PT exercises Sunday: Piyo lower body before work and 10 mile bike after work (had to get the new biKe out), PT exercises
What's the plan for this week? More low run m…

Starting over

Ready to keep it real and share many of my thoughts over the past year, so be warned...
Not sure if I can say I've been stupid or stubborn or probably a combination of the two over the past 2 years but I am now regretting this. Over this past winter I started to dread my runs and was feeling forced into it. Why do something you don't love? I was frustrated and let my healthy eating slide a bit, slept in a skipped workouts, was too tired after work to get out or would just do another easy workout. I backed away from pushing myself, I was tired of falling short. Somehow through this all I never did the one thing that would have benefited me and made the most sense until it was forced upon me. Why did I not listen a quit running when this started? Especially when I was losing sight of what I enjoyed. Why? Because I think I need to prove to myself that I am tough, I am strong, and I can do anything! 
Last week I said enough! After being forced to take time off running and finally…

Marathon Training Week 1

Today marks the day I have been eyeing on my calendar for since my injury kept me out of running for many weeks. June 23rd the day I had as my goal to be back 100%, to be back to a strong runner, to feel great and to mentally know I could do it again. Well the day is here, marathon training is set to begin…18 weeks and counting. I was hoping my first attempt at a program similar to Hansen would bring me to my goal of 3:15. Well here we are and I am accepting that my body is not ready, not ready to run 6 days a week, not ready to do multiple days in a row, not ready to push every day without risking injury. While I am starting to feel good when I run, my miles are low and pace is easy.
I am kicking and screaming as I accept this but I need to look even further than October if I want my running to improve. So my plan? A lot of cross training, some running, strength, yoga and improving my nutrition even more. I just brought home my new bike last week and can’t wait to log some great mil…

5 Things For Friday- Summer Edition

I hate the term bucket list, but I guess you can say that's what this is. My bucket list for summer, my first summer working full time in years, heck I had the last two summers off completely, this will be a shock!

1. This summer we decided to skip the CSA and get back to gardening. My goal for the summer is to buy as little produce as possible from the store. I want to either grow my own or buy from local farms. With the community farmer's market and two near work I want to hit one weekly for what we need. My garden this year consists of: tomatoes, peppers (bell, cayenne, ghost, serrano, poblano), eggplant, zucchini, butternut squash, rhubarb, strawberries, beets, eddamame, cucumbers, sugar peas, basil and cilantro). Poor O was not happy when I told her it was not possible to grow bananas and avocados in Minnesota!

2. To tie into the first thing, O and I will go fruit and veggie picking. Last summer we got in strawberries and veggies late in the season but this year I hope to d…

Putting May in the past and looking to June!

I figured with a new month and lack of monthly check ins it might be time to look at my goals and see how things are going. I haven't really focused on it since running hasn't been great and now I just spent almost 6 weeks off


Not much running this month, but I have now been cleared to run!Started CrossFit and I love it! Great challenge and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.My workouts are PT exercises, core strength, yoga, biking and Strength. What has happened to the runner?I smartly backed out of a half marathon and am focusing on getting healthy


Work is kicking in full crazy mode!May was Dance recital and Gymnastics show!We have decided not to move so next up is massive remodeling!

O finished her old school after many issues we decided a change was needed.Matt and I had two date nights!We added Cooper to our family (okay this was April)June Goals:
Fitness: Continue with PT exercises and yoga dailyEase back in to runningStart full force marathon training Jun…