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Pregnancy is like running a marathon

As I was out running this morning I started thinking about how much being pregnant is like running a marathon. I love to let my mind wander on runs and often do some of my best thinking, although I should have been using this time to figure out a thesis topic or what to make for dinner instead.

Both start off with a bang and you get caught up in the emotions; everything from excitement to nerves to thoughts of "am I really ready?" You try to hold back and not get caught up in everything, take it easy and just enjoy what is happening. You soon realize that you have little control over what is going to happen, no matter how well you prepared, what you ate, how well you slept, your body may have different ideas for the day.

Both involved unsolicited advice and comments. Some actually pretty helpful especially when this is all new. There are always things I never want to hear, like during a marathon I don't want to hear that I "look great" when I feel like I'm ab…

22 weeks

What a difference a week makes! In the past week I have given up on the belly ring since I felt that it would rip out at any minute, I no longer have a waist and I now get daily comments about being pregnant since it is very obvious at this point. I am also now almost constantly feeling how active my little girl is and can even see her movements outside my abdomen, this is such a reassuring feeling and I love it!
I am continuing to run and actually felt pretty good last week, to the point that before I realized it I had run 6 days in a row. Ever since my year of injuries I have limited myself to 3 days and then a cross-training day. I am even running doubles 1 or 2 days a week, nothing like my old doubles, but an easy 3 miles with Morgan in the morning and then another 6 miles in the evening.
My biggest complaint is the weather. I normally love the hot summer and running in the heat, but this year I have been so happy for our cooler summer and lack of humidity. Summer returned this wee…

The benefits of running during pregnancy

I read this article today about the benefits of running during pregnancy. I think many of us knew this already, but now there is evidence to back up our arguments to those who still think that we are some how endangering ourselves and the baby by continuing to run.

Baby's new name

No I am not going to tell her real name so don't get excited, this will be revealed after she is born so don't ask :)

From the beginning Matt the biologist starting calling her the "Little Parasite" which was pretty fitting considering she was living off of me and sucking all of my energy. This doesn't seem too appropriate any longer since she looks human and I don't know if there are actually parasites that weigh 1 pound. Yesterday at work I was asked if my ultrasound actually showed a human or just a belly of burritos due to my love of Mexican food and frequent Chipotle lunches. From this discussion she was named Chicken Fajita Burrito, the chicken part is kind of odd considering the name was coming from two vegetarians. This is kind of long so until birth she will be known as "Little Burrito".

21 Weeks and big news!

Yesterday I hit 21 weeks and had the big ultrasound. We were hoping for a cooperative baby so we could find out the gender, but soon found out our little one had crossed legs and arms over the face. The tech told us these were both very girl behavior so it was likely a girl. We finally got the view we needed and sure enough...It is a Girl! And she's a flexible little thing, in there with her toes up on her forehead.

I am so excited to finally know and now I can admit that I was secretly hoping for a girl. Now we can finish planning for her room and I can do some more shopping and stop focusing on yellow and green. Looks like Matt will be going to at least 1 dance recital in the next few years. I figure since she can't start out as a marathon runner, why not have her follow in my footsteps and be a dancer when she's young. I know these are only mom's plans and she may have plans all of her own, let's just hope those plans don't involve soccer since I'm not s…

20 weeks

2 days ago I hit the 20 week mark, some how this seems like a big pregnancy milestone. In a way it is, I am now halfway done at least, although I wouldn't complain about a 38, 39 week birth- sorry Kristy and Tammy I know you girls I hoping I go 41, 42 weeks. I'm finally looking pregnant and no longer that questionable fat or pregnant stage and I feel great!

I did find it funny that last week I was asked how long I could continue to run during my pregnancy, the question was answered by another person who replied "You have to stop running at 6 months!" No way, that's only 1 more month and for every one's sanity that's not happening. I did get some strange looks when I said I'd be running until the end and a lot of "just await and see, you'll stop soon."

19 week pics (with Morgan)

20 weeks (and again Morgan)