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Now what?! Another running injury...

I've been injured before but somehow not even knowing the cause makes it even worse!

Here's a little right foot is a problem child! Ever since a surgery at age 16 due to years of dance injuries, then two cuboid stress fractures during my 2nd marathon which resulted in cuboid subluxation. Add to that posterior tibial tendonosis and you have one angry foot!

It all started Sunday during my run when early on I had this slight foot pain (nothing different than I frequently get). The pain went away but quickly came back while I was walking Cooper after my run. By Monday morning every step meant pain that radiated mid lateral foot to ankle. I even gave in a went to urgent care wondering if I had broken it and not known, but X-Ray negative. This worsened despite doing nothing but walking on my foot and by Wednesday I had enough and saw my sports medicine friend. Sure enough a reread of the X-Ray showed signs of injury around cuboid. So diagnosis is still uncertain: cub…

Hemp Hearts- Benefits and a Review with Recipe!

I'm I've been hearing a lot about hemp hearts for a while now but have never tried them so I was thrilled when I was offered a bag of Manitoba Harvest to review. Honestly I was clueless and had no idea how to use them!
Benefits of Hemp Hearts
Plant Based Protein - 10g per tablespoon
High Fiber - 1g per tablespoon
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Lots of Vitamins - Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin B, Manganese, Zinc and Calcium

They sound perfect for a vegetarian runner! I'm always looking for ways to increase protein, iron and calcium. Plus Omega 3s are great for recovery,

I decided to give them a try and here's what I thought...

First try...Salad topper. Wonderful! A little nutty flavor and crunch but not overwhelming.

Next...Pumpkin Mug Cake. Another good pick here! No really added flavor but extra protein is always great!

Pumpkin Mug Cake (GF/Vegan)
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
1 tbsp unsweetened applesauce (or other sweetener to add sweetness)
2 tbsp unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 tbsp hemp …

Weekly Goals and Looking Ahead

With the marathon behind me and no real goal races in the near future I'm sitting in that time of the year where things often go the wrong direction, my eating falls apart and I take the rest phase a little too seriously! My new plan for the off season is mini goals and staying on track.
Fitness Goals Morning workouts Monday through FridayP90X3 x 6 days and 2 more core focusedTry a new workout3 pull ups in a row (stuck at 2 right now!)Run 3 days, no technology, just run whatever pace and distance feel goodNon Fitness Goals Stick with meal plan this weekBlog 3-4 daysStart editing my thesis proposalWork on organizing downstairsWhat are your goals this week? Do you suffer when not training for an event?
Remember to keep me on track and help everyone else too I have a 7 Day Healthy Eating Group starting next Monday! To get more info email or enter info on the form and I will be in contact.

Urbini Avi Running Stroller Review- Ready for a change?

Last month I was contacted to review a running stroller and while O is getting older she is still up for the occasional run with mom, although I know our days are limited. The Urbini Avi All-Terrain stroller arrived and the first thing I will say is assembly was a breeze even for me who has an issue reading the instructions! O and I had it out of the box and ready to go in 5 minutes!
I will preface this by saying my run with the Urbini was my first post-marathon run on a windy day and resulted in more of a run walk. We needed to make our typical run to the store for a few groceries before dinner and grabbed the stroller to go. We are lucky to live within 2 miles of 3 different grocery stores meaning most of my small trips are done as part of a run. My first thought was “wow this thing is tough to push!” but then I looked down and realized I never inflated the tires! Oops!
What did I think? For a run/walk with lockable swivel wheel was greatEasy to push and steerThe bottom had large st…

Planning 2015- What marathons should I run?

What does a typical runner do in the days after a marathon? You pick your next marathon of course! But I need your help...

I've been researching Spring marathons but just can't decide so I need suggestions. Remember I live in the midwest that can easily become a frozen tundra all winter meaning training only happens on the treadmill.

My criteria...

Late spring or early summerPR type courseEasy for spectators to get aroundNot too crowded but not 10 runners either (I've run both extremes)Easy to travel to either by car or plane from midwestNot over pricedBonus criteria... Associated kids race (in case we bring O) and 1/2 marathonFun destination to turn into a mini vacationIn a state I haven't run yet, so far I have run: AZ, CA, FL, WA, MA, IL, MN, SD, ND, IA, GAAlright share your favorite spring marathons...

Marathon Recap...The short version

The long version will come later once I finish and edit the novel it is becoming...

Anyone who has followed me knows the past couple years have been injury filled with the peak coming at Boston this April where I nearly quit at Mile 15 due to pain which resulted in time off and lots of rehab. I was back at running but with no speedwork. 5 months ago I was told by my sports doctor and PT that it was unlikely I'd run a fall marathon but I'm thrilled that Sunday I ran my 26th marathon!

This was all thanks to lots of hard work, intense PT, session of graston and acupuncture with my sport chiro and all the rgith workouts. These workouts meant decreased miles and increased cross training: P90x3 for the agility, core and eccentric strength and PiYo for core stability and balance and I was able to run again even sooner than anyone thought!

This wasn't a goal race but starting out with a great 21 miles I thought it might end up that way. My plans soon changed as I struggled the fin…

Staying on track with healthy eating post marathon

I know I’ve said it many times but I have a slight obsession with fall foods: pumpkin, apples, squash, etc. and love the winter comfort foods of chili, soups, ciders, etc. Combine this post-marathon and less training and I tend to eat less healthy, indulge more and feel more sluggish come fall/winter. This year I am not letting this happen! Does anyone else feel this way?

This weekend is my marathon and I’m allowing myself a week of recovery, indulging, wine tasting and fun but then I’m holding myself accountable for healthy eating including no Halloween candy. I decided to extend this to others who want to join me for this accountability. I’m opening a FREE 7 Day Healthy Halloween Eating Challenge group beginning October 23rd.
Do you need to… Get back on track or stay on track with healthy eating? Figure out easier ways to make comfort foods? Limit the indulgences? Get your family into healthy eating?
Do you want accountability and support of others on this journey? Join us on this …

Marathon Weekly- Race Week!

Marathon week is here and after the past 2 weeks of sickness it continues with O. Combine this with my less than wonderful training after injury and I truly am going into the race with minimal goals. I always have it in my head to run a qualifying time since I am without one for the first time in 4 years. Despite not going to Boston in 2015 and probably not in 2016 I like having that time just in case I decide to go. For me this would mean a 3:40, last year I ran a 3:31 at this marathon so who knows. The past week I took things extra easy, taper to the max! But did get in some great P90X3 workouts.
Since I never posted my plan for the week here is what I accomplished on my easy week…
5 Days P90X34 Days running:  Tues: Hills, Thurs: Intervals, Sat: Long run fail! Tried running after work and quit at 2 miles due to fatigue Sun: 8.5 MilesRehab with TENS, rolling and acupuncture3 additional core focus days

Non Fitness Accomplishments: Emptied my To Do List!Hair cut/color that was much need…

A little Loony! TC Loony Challenge

In the midst of our last "smart" running idea we decided that the Loony was next, this consisted of a 10K & 5K on Saturday then 10 Mile on Sunday, I mean after Dopey this was nothing! Not so much considering what I went into the weekend like. Early last week strep hit our house and by Thursday it was my turn! By Saturday I was feeling somewhat better but the antibiotics had started to mess with my gut :( Matt was running so I decided to go and just take it easy. The morning was cold and windy so I bundles up tights and all.

10K: The race was an out an back on the final 3 miles of TC Marathon course, meaning hills and straight into the wind to start!. I settled into a comfortable pace and just ran, no watch to look at. After a potty stop at Mile 3 I made the turn back and was happy the wind was at my back. The final mile is pretty much downhill, 52:15 and I was done! It felt fine, no pushing anything but I was fine.

5K: After staying warm in the care for about 30 minutes we…

Banana Nut Muffins-Single Serve

This has been an odd week! First we went from 80 degree weather to 40s and rainy with a weekend forecast of snow flurries. I got to spend Wednesday at home with O due to our babysitter (my mom) getting strep. And now the sickness has hit me! Luckily I was able to sneak over to urgent care at work yesterday, get my diagnosis (duh!) and start antibiotics. I’m so happy that I’m not running the marathon this weekend. I’m just hoping to feel well enough this weekend to do the 3 races I have at an easy pace.
On Wednesday I decided O and I needed a little dessert after lunch and I needed to use up my overabundance of Costco bananas. So let the experiementing begin…
“Single Serve” Banana Nut Muffins (Makes 2) 1 banana mashed 2-3 Tbsp unsweetened almond milk- vanilla 1 tsp vanilla ¼ cup buckwheat flour 2 tbsp coconut flour ½ tsp baking powder 1 tbsp walnut pieces
Mashed banana, milk and vanilla together. Add in dry ingredients and mix. Top with nuts. Place in microwave safe bowl (I used 2 rameki…

Another approach to pain control: Electrotherapy and a Giveaway!

Over the past year (okay 2 years) I've written a lot on my journey through injury and now being smart. I've tried just about every method of injury management/treatment within my reach and when I was contacted to review a nonmedication pain control product I jumped at it!

Way in the past I had a foot injury (think high school past!) from years of dance and through my rehab TENS was one of the treatments but it has been years.

What is TENS?

TENS Technology: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology has been used by medical professionals such as physical therapists and chiropractors for more than 30 years
After a long run my calf and hip were tight and sore, as I sat writing part one of my thesis proposal I decided to give it a try. The pads were super easy to place and the unit was frazzled mom, grad student user friendly! In just a couple steps it was ready to go. I picked my intensity level (1-10) and method (settings for specific body parts or types of pres…