Friday, August 28, 2015

Ragnar Great River: Hot, Humid, Tired!

2 weeks ago (sorry for the delay!) I ran my 4th Ragnar with an awesome group of running friends, most new to Ragnar! We headed down on Thursday evening, van packed and excited for our adventure. I was so happy that they added Thursday night pick up and safety training which allowed us extra sleep on Friday.

We checked in on Thursday night to find the hotel room with 2 beds and a sofa sleeper really didn't exist! Instead offered 2 double beds or a king bed and couch, we opted for the first and had a pretty packed room with 6! Oh well it was more comfortable than any sleeping we'd find for the next 48 hours!

Ready to go...
Friday morning we were off with runner 1 at 7:00...

Waiting for Runner 1!
I was runner so plenty of time for coffee, food and the weather to get even hotter! I took off around noon and already the temperature was in low 90s with heat index near 100! Yuck, combine this with no shade after mile 2 and asphalt and it was rough. I took off in the shade of the town at 7:20 pace but soon slowed by Mile 4 as the shade disappeared and heat was worse. 
At the start or leg 1 (Photo by Anna Lee Photography)
I kept moving, up the hills, counting down miles and hoping for shade! I finally saw the One Mile To Go sign and soon after the finish line covered in geese! From a distance I couldn't tell these weren't real, my team was laughing as I have a huge fear of geese after being attacked on a run! 7.8 miles done (1:02:00), pain free and only fake geese!
Nearing the exchange, shirt in hand and hot!
After time to relax, eat real food and rest a bit we were off again and ready to run in the dark! This one tested my limits. My 2nd run was 6 miles mostly on winding dirt road covered by trees and fields on both sides, no lights except the blinky ahead from another runner. My mind placed games with me as I ran, "what was that nose?" "is something hiding int he woods?" I made it my game to chase down each blinkly light ahead of me and just go! I finally turned and saw the lights of the exchange. What an experience! The cooler weather was great! 6 miles done (47:10). One more runner and time for a little sleep...

I attempted my sleep on a hard gym floor filled with sweaty runners. I woke from my disjointed sleep with a bruised hip from the floor, Grabbed coffee (lots of coffee), some PB and banana and was good to go!
Not even thinking of running with  shirt this time!
Saturday brought even more heat but today we were prepared. I once again started running around noon and yikes! Luckily I had my team meet me with a cold towel at Mile 2 and later added ice to the rolled towel, thanks to another team! It was rough, but I knew as soon as I finished I was done! I could see the end...6.5 miles done (59:00) yep the heat was bad, lack of sleep wasn't great but oh well!

Once Van 1 was done we showered and found more real food and wine! Then we met Van 2 for the big finish! 
Crossing the finish line together (in flip flops)!

We did it!
Thus was honestly the toughest Ragnar, the heat was rough and the dark tested me mentally! But guess what I'm going back for more...Tennessee in October here I come!

Who can tell me about running in Tennessee? 

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Marathon Weekly...

I guess I kind of lied when I said I was back to regular blogging, oops! So today with 9 weeks to go until marathon #28 I am back with my marathon weekly, training check ins, goals, etc. We’ve had a lot on our plates lately with school, life, impending kindergarten, activities, illness, etc but I need to continue to hold myself accountable. The past week weeks (okay since July) my morning workouts have been nearly nonexistent meaning lifting has been minimal, no good as I am getting back.

Luckily Saturday I managed a 20 miler and while it was slower than my normal long runs it felt good and I ran most with friends. No the blue shirts weren't planned!

What’s up for this week? Already off to a rough start, poor sleep kept me in bed and skipping my morning run…

Monday: 6 mile run with Cooper and Beast Shoulders
Tuesday: Beast Back and Bike
Wednesday: 8 mile run and Beast Chest
Thursday: T25
Friday:  Ragnar!!
Saturday: Ragnar!!
Sunday: Coaching starts! Beast Legs and yoga.

This week I will be sticking to the plan! My other goals go to bed by 9pm (except Ragnar nights), focus on nutrition, spend time focused on O every day and read a fun book. Have a great week! What are your goals?

Friday, July 31, 2015

I'm back: Graduation, Running and More

Hi, it really is me writing and I am back…I can’t believe it has been 4 weeks, yikes! I have started but then had to change my focus before I could finish writing. So what’s been happening this month? Well summed up in a few words: Running, School-à Graduation and Work! So here is a short summary and many pictures of July...

After being cleared to start continuous running I stuck with my plan for the half on July 4th and did a run/walk. Started by running 20 minutes and my first 3 miles in 7:40s! Then finished with run/walk of whatever intervals and somehow managed to finish the same as in 2014 when I was still pretending I wasn’t injured…1:46:16!! After the half Matt and I picked my mom up from the hospital. Her surgery went great and she is 4 weeks out from surgery and able to start bending her knee today.

O ran he 1st and 2nd races of the summer the next weekend. Saturday was the annual kids run for the city celebration and she ran 0.8 mile course in 7:40! Way to go!

That evening I was part of the Moms Run This Town team for the bed races. Yep and race where you push a decorated bed and perform different obstacles! Sounds weird but lots of fun. We were the only all women team and had the heaviest bed and best part we missed the finals by only 2 places! Beat by the teams of all men.

Sunday her and I ran the Color Run 5K, her longest run ever and it was hot and involved walking and rolling in color and glitter. May car is still covered despite my best attempts and covering things.
Fast forward through the long work days and night finishing my thesis which is now finished and awaiting publication! 1 week ago I officially finished my final (coming from the girl who’s been in grad school 3 times this is huge!) round of grad school and have a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP). I now expect to be called Dr. Marathon Mom (I’m kidding!).

We spent the weekend in Alabama for graduation discovering a few new fun things for O, hitting one of my favorite restaurants and attempting to run in the crazy heat and humidity.

I got the meet with Mindy (and her friend Jenny who actually grew up near me) for my long run on Saturday before leaving. So much fun! And I found out she will be running New Orleans in February when we are there so we'll get to meet up again!

Now life is on the verge of returning to normal that doesn’t include grad school! Work still hasn’t calmed down so that isn’t much fun. I promise I’m back and have much more to share…

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Back to this thing called running!

What a week(s)! The end of June/beginning of July are the absolute busiest for me at work, since Sunday I've worked at least 10 hours each day and my normal lunch time has become 1pm (not fun when you get to work at 6am). Same picture last week. Now add to that preparing my thesis presentation and thanks to a holiday no school for O on my planned day to work on it. Time to resort to Frozen! I'm pulling out the back up plan and O can watch her favorite movie while I work.

To top off the craziness, my mom who is our usual babysitter fell on Wednesday and after horrendous care in a local ER I got her in at my hospital and as I write she is in surgery for a shattered patella. The first ER missed other injuries as well, what mess! Send her some good vibes for a quick recovery and successful surgery.

Now for some good news...I am cleared!! Wednesday I saw my sports doctor and PT and both are impressed. My strength is nearly equal on both legs and my range of motion and flexibility is back too. The PT even had me test run for him with increasing speed all the way to a sprint and thought my form was great, no compensating or lazy muscles! He increased my PT program and is making me roll daily at least. Next up doctor felt the same way and after 2+ years of this stupid hamstring and me being less than great about letting it heal I think we are nearly there! I need to continue 6 more weeks of nitroglycerin and return to PT in a few weeks to make a maintenance plan to prevent recurrence but I see a way off this roller coaster!

So what is my plan?

  • I have learned that my body only like 3 days of running so I'm sticking with that at least for the next few months (might add a 4th day later)
  • Core and strength 4-5 days a week 
  • Daily PT exercises
  • Daily foam rolling
  • Sports massage monthly (per doctor's recommendation), I like this one!
  • Cross train 3 days a week
  • 1 rest or yoga day
Happy July 4th Weekend! Any fun plans? Anyone racing? Happy to say I get to "run" a laf marathon tomorrow to kick off the holiday.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Marathon Weekly...what's ahead?

The chaos of summer is in full swing, O started soccer last week and I am in the midst of peak trauma season at work. I’m exhausted! Twice this past week I have been in bed at 8pm! I’m remembering why marathon training in the summer is such a tough thing but we are doing it or at least some mild attempt! Last week actually wasn’t bad considering. I’m increasing my running but still doubtful of being able to train as hard as I’d like. I’m keeping up with PT exercises almost daily.

Monday: 4 mile run/walk with Cooper and Beast Chest
Tuesday: Run 6 mile run 7 min and walk 3 min and Beast Back
Wednesday: 12 unexpected hours at work!
Thursday: Run 6.5 miles 7and 3
Friday:  Spin class and Beast Arms
Saturday: 12 miles!! 8 and 2 run/walk in 1:53 then 1 mile walk with O
Sunday: Another long work day, but did Beast Shoulders

This marks Week 3 in this thing called marathon training, I also have a half marathon this weekend. The only one I’m registered for this year! What a change from the past.  My goals this week are: Roll daily, PT exercises daily, go to bed by 9pm nightly.  Wish me luck, PT and sports dr follow up on Wednesday and likely a gait analysis, ugh!

Monday: Bike and Beast Chest
Tuesday: Run 7 miles run at 8 and 2 and Beast Back
Wednesday: T25 and Beast Arms
Thursday: Run 6 miles 9 and 1
Friday:  Spin class and Beast Shoulders
Saturday: Half marathon! My plan is run 1 mile walk 1-2 min.
Sunday: Yoga

Have a great week. What are your goals? Any fun plans? Here's a cute picture just because!

Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm not a walker!

I’m not a walker, at least not today! There is nothing wrong with walking, I mean I love it! Taking O or Cooper out on a nice day or walking to grab a few things from the store. I love it when that is my intention. But as a rehabbing runner being called a walker sucks!
I’m sure some of bitterness is from the fact that the past couple weeks have been crazy and mixed in with that is that marathon training started and I’m limited. Don’t get me wrong I am happy that I have progressed like I have. 17 days ago I was cleared to run 5 mins and increase, well I’m up to 7 mins of running and it is pain free! Don’t get me wrong this is huge but I’m ready for more. I head back on Wednesday for a re-evaluation and further clearance.

Tuesday I was out for a run/walk after a long, crazy work day when I needed to clear my mind and find clarity for a few things. Any runner knows this clarity only comes through a great run. Here I am out running, feeling good but watching my watch for those required walk breaks and here comes a group of “pole people” (seriously what do you call them? Those who roller ski with poles). I’m now walking and hear from ahead of me “walker up” uh no I’m a runner! I think I’m still bitter over the previous week when I was once again walking and the group came towards me who was far to the right and I was informed to “watch out there are a group of skiers coming” What? Where would they like me to go, into the trees?! You stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine and life is good.

Sorry for the rant, Anything bothering you lately? Now back to preparing my grad presentation and disappearing into my hole until spin class. 17 days until presentation and 4 weeks until graduation! Please understand I may be sporadic in posting the next few weeks.

And on a less bitter note, O and I won a Mommy and Me picture session so I had to share a picture

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Here we go, ready or not! Marathon training is back!

Last week I received clearance to run and started with the intervals after 4 weeks off, so happy for no more elliptical since it was causing new issues. We had a fun but busy weekend, the joy of summer! Parade, birthday parties, bonfire, fireworks and bike rides compete with late nights and not enough sleep for O.
Even Cooper enjoyed the parade!
Monday: BB Legs and 3 mile walk with Cooper
Tuesday: BB Back and run/walk (5 miles 54:00)
Wednesday: BB Arms/Core and P90X Kenpo
Thursday: Run/walk 3.2 miles (35:00) and BB Shoulders
Friday:  Yoga and walk
Saturday: BB Chest and T25 Cardio
Sunday: BB Legs and run/walk 6.5 (1:02) O finished the last ½ mile with me the 7 mile bike with family
One step closer to her own bike without training wheels!

Today officially marks the start to marathon training and another internal debate. Will I be ready or do I not run it? Find another marathon to give me more time? I’m tired of running marathons I’ve only partially trained for, I know if things keep going like they are now I should be able to train well about ½ the training cycle but is 8 weeks enough to build my speed back? I’m going to start training and see how it goes, treat it like I plan to run a marathon…

Monday: BB Legs/Back and 3 mile walk with Cooper
Tuesday: Run 5 mile run 6-7 min and walk 3-4 min
Wednesday: BB Arms/Core and T25 Cardio
Thursday: P90X+ Kenpo and BB Shoulders
Friday:  Run/walk 5 miles and BB Chest
Saturday: Yoga if time, otherwise rest
Sunday: BB Back and run/walk/elliptical 90 min

What are your goals this week? Is anyone else starting marathon training?

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