Monday, April 14, 2014

Goldy's for our anniversary!

For the 2nd year in a row our anniversary celebration (a day early this year) began with a 10 Mile race at the place where we first met and started dating almost 16 years ago! Yikes when did I get so old?!
It was a rainy, windy morning and thanks to our attempted short cut we arrived a mere 7 minutes before race start! I guess less time to stand around getting cold and wet! Quick bathroom stop and we got to the start right as the gun went off. I knew I needed to run smart and just wanted to run marathon pace and comfortable. I spent the first few miles dodging people, inching my way up past the pace group 11:00, 10:30, 10:00, 9:30 and finally 9:00 until I found an open space to run. Then came the hills! This is the worst part of the brutal winter and training on the treadmill, I'm not used to wind and hills! I mean be honest we all know to change the incline on the treadmill but does anyone go beyond 2% for long runs?!

I was finally at mile 9 and flat ground, decided to pick it up a little until I came near a parking ramp and a cop was attempting to get a car to pass before I came through, too bad they waited and decided to go at the last second, making me stop to avoid being hit! Even worse these were runners from the 5K, come on pay attention! The cop was not happy with them either!

Finally safe and crossing the finish line...1:18:15 Not a PR but I wasn't planning on it. I did make my goal of a comfortable marathon pace run! Then it was time for O to run, once again we were not allowed to run with her, she insisted she could do it by herself! I just love seeing her run with such a huge smile on her face, enjoying every second of it! Wow, she can teach us all something. 

That evening Matt and I were able to head out for a nice dinner and celebrate our anniversary the way most people do. Yes, I admit that running for our anniversary the past 3 years may not be the norm!

Time o rest up, pack and plan for the next race...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Another 5 for Friday

1. It is truly amazing what good weather does for my running! Oh my shorts and a tank on Monday and I was smiling the entire 8 miles. The other thing that comes with great weather for me is better eating. I'm on day 5 of being back to great food choices and plan to stay like this the next 10 days until Boston, with the exception of Saturday for our anniversary dinner.

2. I woke up earlier this week to an email that I was nominated as a top health and fitness blog! Thanks to whoever nominated me! Now I need your help, take 5 seconds to click the link and Vote!

3. Yesterday I was interviewed for a story on the Boston Marathon! I hope I don't look like a complete idiot when it airs, am I the only one who comes up with the perfect answers after the fact? This and all the news coverage has really brought back last year's race in full light. I know it will be an emotional day when I cross the finish line.
2011 and 2012 medals
4. Tomorrow I am running a 10 Mile race and hoping the forecast of thunderstorms is wrong! Finally 40s for race time temps and they are saying rain, yuck! Matt and I will run the 10 Mile and O the kid's race after. She's been "training" and this past week has requested to go running 3 times anywhere from 1-2 miles. I think she's ready for more than a kid's race distance!
5. I've been slacking on the real pilates and yoga workouts except the short session I do in my office but today I finally got back to pilates. The good news my core is actually stronger than when I used to do this, but the bad news I'm even less flexible! Yikes, I wasn't sure that was even possible. With a marathon 10 days away and cutting back on miles this is the perfect time to get it back in my routine

Happy Friday! What are your fun weekend plans?  A race, anniversary dinner and early Easter celebration for us.

Friday, April 4, 2014

5 things for Friday

What a week of craziness, the weather has gone from beautiful to nasty and we are all ready for Spring to really show itself! 

1. Look what I got! I love my ProCompression socks and when I saw these last week I knew I needed to add them to my collection. I think these will be perfect Boston Marathon socks! Speaking of Boston just 17 days until race day.

2. I had a great run! After last week and feeling less than wonderful about training and my ability my body stepped up and pulled off an amazing 22 miler on Sunday. I took it easy and enjoyed the weather: 40-50s and sunny. I even ran a negative split, I never do that. Although it did help that I started into the wind and finished with a great tail wind. No it was not my fastest run but mentally I needed this. It was mostly pain free until after when my hip decided to spasm on me, luckily a session with the sports chiro for soft tissue work and acupuncture and I am back.

3. This was Sunday...Gorgeous, 60 degrees and sunny. Perfect day outside to ride bikes, grill and just enjoy the thought of nicer weather to come.

4. And this is today!..10" of snow fell overnight and there is more faling. No I am not amused at all. I got the joy of driving home in this last night. The roads are awful and my commute today will not be pleasant. Really this would have been a perfect February day, temps in the 30s and fresh snow but April, no thanks!

5. I'm having some crazy thoughts...Debating changing up my running completely and running a 50K trail race in July for variety and to do something new. I'm just trying to decide how this would fit into marathon training and whether it would negatively effect me as I a hoping that this fall marathon is the one to knock my PR down! The marathon is 17 weeks after the 50K and I was planning an 18 week training, really thinking Hansen's it will be (thanks Dawn!). So this would be week 1 of training. Anyone added in long races as part of marathon training?

So happy it is Friday! Enjoy the weekend, Any fun plans? Me running of course and work. 1 week until my next race!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Fling Virtual Giveaway #14in2014

Can you believe it is April finally? After a long, cold winter let's hope this is the start of better weather and a real spring! What better way to celebrate than the Spring Fling Virtual

Earlier in March we put on our running shoes and headed outdoors for the 14 in 2014 Spring Fling Virtual Race! Great photos, PRs, first time distances, rainy weather, snow and the first 14 in 2014 virtual race complete. 

Congrats to all of the finishers!

The giveaway is a celebration of running and spring! Not just spring on the calendar. I mean a celebration of being outside, blue skies, sunshine, and warmer temperatures.
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Let's hope this race was enough to bring on the spring weather, good luck to everyone and way to kick of spring and 14in2014 virtuals.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Rethinking my running life

4 years ago when I was about to run my first race after giving birth to O I was feeling great, injury free and ready to take on the racing world, running through my pregnancy I relearned how to listen to my body and back off when it wasn't happy (something I had long forgotten), I also regained my love for running and began to enjoy the run for the run not the end result again. By the time she was 8 months old I was pulling out PRs every time I lined up, I was thrilled. I felt great, I was running great and I had my best cheering section out there.
Half marathon PR race! 2010

Then 2012 hit and it all went away, I was back to my old methods of over training and pushing through pain. That year I barely made it to start line at Boston due to what started as a calf injury and later turned into a stress fracture. From there I'd stop long enough to heal but then I'd quickly be back, the pain would return a little so I'd change my gait and keep running. This brought on the hamstring injury! Which I continued to train through with short periods off until a year ago when I got smart!

Last Spring I said enough! I was mad, my times were not great, I left every race frustrated and I was ready to be done! Why was I running? So I listened and my trainer changed up my routine with extreme focus on glute and core strength (more than previously), I started working with a sports chiro, began rolling like a crazy woman and started fish oil. This seemed to help, the times started coming back down and I felt better.

Just a little glute/hip rehab
I'm back again rethinking where I am, even with a decrease in miles and running days, continuing with my sports chiro for soft tissue work and acupuncture, cross training, eating right, strength training and trying to take time off I'm still not where I want to be! I know this winter was tough (still is tough!) as we spent much of it below 0 and covered in snow. I did learn my body doesn't handle the uneven ground of winter running, so I suffered through many long, tedious treadmill runs. But what else? I know with warmer weather my running love will began to return. I have Boston in just over 3 weeks and there are days when I question my abilities. So here I go about to head out on my last long run before I taper and I wonder what it will bring, the pain is no long there but I sometimes feel hat my running ability left with it!

I know we all go through this as runners, What did you do to push out of the funk? Regain the ability you had? I'm thinking of trying something new, maybe Cross Fit or gasp swimming!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Forward...Spring Fitness Must Haves Giveaway!

With this long winter I know I am ready to move forward to warm weather, dry roads and sunshine! I can't wait to get my bike outside and not have to layer up just to walk out the door! Come on it is almost April and it is snowing! To kick spring off and get moving I have a great giveaway and am happy to be able to offer the following prize pack to one of my readers! It’s simple to enter, just tell me your plan to stay fit this spring, best fitness tip or how spring inspires you to get active.

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Thanks for entering, the winner is.... Zaneta @ Runner's Luck!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Race Season Begins

Remember last year when I kept signing up for all these races and then the weather stayed horrible? Well after that I vowed to avoid cold weather racing so signed up for nothing early this year until yesterday's race, an 8K which kicked off my team's racing season. When I registered about 1 1/2 weeks ago the forecast said 40s and sun, well that quickly changed come race day when I lined up in 20 (wind chill of 12)! It was cold and an afternoon race what a nasty combination!

I lined up just hoping to beat my time from 2 years ago, knowing the cold air would not make this easy. It was a fine line between lining up too close to the front and too far back since team times are gun times. And we were off...

I decided just run what felt good and take it easy since I have bigger things coming and can't risk an injury in the cold this early in the season (2 years ago this was the race that likely pushed me over to full injury and ended me running for 4 weeks!). Too beat last time I needed to keep pace 7:32 or faster; pretty easy in nice weather. Mile 1 not so bad, but the lungs are cold. Past the start and I hear O cheering. Mile 2 bring on the hills. Miles 3 more hills, but this means downhill soon. Mile 4 and the wheezing begins, yes I was that runner! Mile 5 downhill finish leg feels great until I push the downhill, bummer guess I back off! Finish 37:32 (5 sec PR!) 7:32 pace. Not speedy for me but I made my goal! Back inside to warm up.

I am so over the weather! The lungs are not happy and I that this is what held me back. The best part of the race was the leg felt great, well until I rolled after but that pain was to be expected as my glute is tight! Oh and for those wondering about my long run last week...I ended up being able to go in to work late Thursday and ran outside that morning, perfect solution.