Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What's in store for May?

I think I say this every month but how is it already May?! Somehow April brought hot days, running in shorts and sitting outside but starting May we are back in 30s, running in winter gear and freezing outside! Figure it out Mother Nature!
  • O had her final dance competition and improved from the first!
  • We are almost done with 2 months of gluten free for O. 1 month to go before we can recheck blood tests.
  • I Finished my first 50K I was hoping for 5 hours but the heat made it tough and I can’t complain about 5:31 and 5th OA woman! I promise the recap will be up this week.
  • Back to speed work once a week! At least before the race.
  • I started to walk at lunch I usually got in 1-2 days a week, it’s a start!
  • I finished Whole30 or at least my version allowing quinoa, veg protein and the occasional red wine! I finished with some deviation.
  • We celebrated our 14th anniversary with a nice dinner and quiet evening after my 50K.
  • O started softball and they won the first game!
  • Prince...I couldn't comment on April without talking about my favorite artist and his recent death. On Thursday 21st  I worked all morning and when I got back to my desk my phone was full of texts... I was lucky enough to have seen him perform multiple times in my life but would have loved to share that with O when she was a little older. 

I’m so excited for May and better weather and  lots of activities including the real start of race season!
  • Run my first half marathon of the year hoping to be back in the 1:30s for a finish, ultimate goal is to regain my spot as a top finisher like I was at this race pre-injury days!
  • Dance recitals and gymnastics shows for O!
  • Running 5K with O to start our running year!
  • I start working with a coach this month. Can’t wait to see what changes this can bring. 
  • My current reading
  • I will be taking the Metabolic Efficiency Certification Course for Medical Providers in May. I can’t wait to use this to improve my training and help others. I’m loving the info in the books so far.
  • Yoga once a week! This month I will do it!

What are your May goals? What was the best thing of April?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fueling for a 50K...WIAW

Getting back on track with eating after a few days of post race hunger and indulging. So today will be a different version of WIAW, instead how I fueled for a successful 50K in the heat...

Breakfast: Protein oats which is a mix of banana, GF oats, NOW pea protein and coconut flour. Followed by 2 cups of coffee.

Pre Race: I brought a big water bottle with for the drive and sipped on the way. Then about 40 minutes prior to race start I started drinking my UCAN. My new favorite is cinnamon mixed with a little vanilla protein. My mix for 50K was 1 packet cinnamon starch and 1/4 scoop vanilla protein

Race: Soon the race was was 60s to start and warmed up quick! I carried a handheld of UCAN Berry Hydrate and had a 2nd ready for the 3rd and 4th loops. During loop 3 I ate a Cinnamon UCAN Bar. This was so much better than figuring out how to carry and mix the powder on course. I drank water at the stops and sipped my UCAN Hydrate in between.

By loop 4 it was Hot!! I needed something cold so I grabbed some orange slices

And finally I was done! ~350 calories to fuel a 50K (3002 calories) and I felt great! No GI issues, just warm but it was 8 degrees.

Post Race: I was so happy to see vegan GF options and grabbed some chips and rice and beans. 

Dinner: Later Matt and I headed out for our anniversary dinner I had a great quinoa veggie bowl with spicy edamame and this wonderfully unhealthy GF shortbread caramel pecan bar

How do you fuel to run? What is your favorite post race treat? Full race recap coming...

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

50K advice

Another weekend of dance competition, birthday parties and  long  runs meant a  busy weekend and now we are in the midst of another crazy week. This weekend will be my first ultra, yikes! Kind of nervous and excited at the same time. Last time I registered for a 50K I was injured, couldn’t train until nearly race day and had to DNS. This time I’ve trained but due to winter and wet spring conditions my trail running has been minimal. It isn’t the mileage that scares me (okay maybe a little) but more the uncertainty of trails.

The course is 4 loops of 7.75 miles, part of me likes this and part hates the repetition. It will be nice having the main stop to leave a bag with fluids, food and shoes if needed. Plus knowing the trail by laps 3 and 4 with either be great or suck! The weather looks perfect for a late summer run but the mid 70s will be rough coming off all recent runs in the 30s-40s!

My Lessons so Far…
  • Eat during run, I took UCAN bars on my last long runs and plan this and maybe a banana on race day
  • Carry electrolytes, running with UCAN hydrate and grabbing water at the stops
  • With the multiple laps I can wear warmer clothes to start and easily drop
  • Don’t worry about pace! This will be tough for me. As a marathon runner I always have a goal but this is a new beast and I have no idea what pace to expect.
  • Run what feels good
  • Walk when needed. My plan is to walk all 4 water stops on each loop
  • Tapering for an ultra is even more of a mind f* (you know the rest) than marathon taper! I swear my body is falling apart daily!

What advice do you have for a first 50K?

Other non running news for the day…Happy 14th Anniversary to my hubby! We were so young!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Good Bye March...Hello April

Good bye March and Hello April! February ended with a bad marathon but I was able to get back into running quickly since I only ran 16 at the marathon. March was a big month for us all, lots of changes…

  • March Miles: 174.4 (534.6 for 2016) Not too bad
  • No races but an easy marathon recovery Felt good
  • Focus on strength and leg rehab/injury prevention After a little glute/hip issue I'm focusing on not getting any worse
  • Outside running is back with 2-3 early morning runs Feels great meeting friends for 5am runs again

  • I started a new job with better hours and more training time Loving the new hours
  • O had her first dance competition and did great I'm officially a dance mom, yikes!
  • We started gluten free for O after our decision not do EGD for celiac diagnosis Much tougher with a 6 year old and not looking forward to upcoming birthday parties
  • Date day to winery joined by our neighbors


  • Finish my first 50K hoping in about 5 hours but I really am not sure of how to even make a goal time!
  • Strength 5 times a week Loving this but would like to find a new program Suggestions? I've done P90X, X3 and Body Beast.
  • Run 1-2 speed workout a week or I can't get faster!
  • Yoga or pilates 1 time a week Need to have a rest/light day
  • Walk at lunch since my new job is much less walking during the day I need to have time to get up a move!

  • Whole30 or at least my version allowing qunoa, veg protein and the occasional red wine! On day 5.
  • Plan a fun anniversary date celebrating 14 years on April 13th
  • O starts softball it will be fun getting the glove back out after many years!
  • Organize home office It is a total disaster!!
  • Read a book! The last time I read a fun book was on the plane
Now if only April weather would look more spring like than winterish! I'm not happy that I'm still wearing winter running tights today! What are your April goals?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Being a Running Mom from a Kid's Side

Last week I saw Laura post this on her blog and since O and I were talking about running and why I like it I thought it would be fun to see her answers…
1. What does mom eat before a run?
O: “That stuff you drink in the shaker”  (UCAN)
Typically my protein oatmeal and coffee for a long run and UCAN or nothing if shorter morning run).

2. How far does mom run everyday?
O: “30 miles!!" (with a grin)
Haha, No!! More like 6-8 miles 2-3x week and 14-20 miles 1x week

3. What was mom’s favorite race?
O: “Color Run, because you ran with me!”
Boston was probably the most fun I’ve had, but Color Run with O was fun too.

4. Why do you think your mom runs?
O: “To be healthy.”
Yes!! Love that she realizes this is a huge part of it.

5. What injuries has mom had from running?
O: “Cramps in your foot.”
Yep, she’s remembering my panic after Saturday’s 21 miler where she had to take my shoe off when my foot cramped with 1/3 mile to go, ugh!

6. Do you like going to mom’s races?
O: “Yes! Y-E-S!!”
7. Have you learned anything from having a mom who runs?
O: “Running makes you healthy and you need to start at a slower pace!”

Smart girl, now if only I followed my advice!

8. Does having a mom who runs make you want to run?
O: “Yes!”
Sunday she asked to join me for a couple miles!
9. What’s your least favorite thing about having a mom who runs?
O: “I love everything about having a mom who runs!”

10. Do you think you’ll run when you are your mom’s age? And how old do you think your mom is?
O: “Yes, I already am. I want to run Boston when I’m older.”  “30 something, uh 35? But I will always be younger than mom.”
My Boston Buddies in 2014! Would love O to join in 15-20 years.

Close I’m a couple years above 35!

Your turn! Any idea how your kids would answer?

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter Meal Planning

We are beginning week 3 of gluten free for O.  Dealing with this through school was a mess but I’m hoping it is solved at this point for the remainder of the year. Ugh! The options are minimal at school for her and lack in healthiness, seriously why do we feed school kids so poorly?

One week done at the new job with the new hours and we are adjusting to the variation is schedule. This also means figuring out how to best meal prep and plan for the day’s schedule. I work regular days, ½ days and a late day so it is all over the place. This makes some days easier than others for 
cooking same day meals. So here is our attempt to plan for the week and still with it!

Sunday: Grill: Beet salad with tempeh and roasted cauliflower
Monday: Tempeh Fajitas
Tuesday: Late day so leftovers
Wednesday: Veggie Tofu Lettuce Wraps
Thursday: Vegan Mac n Cheese
Friday: Dinner out
Saturday: Veggie Burgers and Roasted Sweet Potatoes

What is on your menu this week? Do you prep ahead for the week?

Happy Easter, hope you are having a great day with family and friends. We had a great time coloring eggs and hunting eggs with friends last night and Friday!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sleepy Running

Over the past year I have focused on improving training with less running, more strength and more cross training and improving nutrition. I am seeing huge gains from these two but the one area that still fights me is sleep! I've always been one for poor sleep and needing my sleep. This was overly apparent when I had to work nights and would walk around like a zombie on no sleep for the 2-3 day stretch of night shifts. I knew my sleep wasn't great but then I got my Fitbit in August and it only proved my point...

Look at all that restless blue and wake up pink!

Last week I had my yearly appointment with my endocrinologist and we discussed my sleep and how It wasn't great but no worse than usual. I also told him how some afternoons I'd barely function due to fatigue. I know my poor sleep is affecting all aspects of my life but how do we fix it? We discussed decreasing my thyroid meds but that would have negative impacts on other things so decided not to.

Most people need 7-9 hours of sleep per night and many people say even more for endurance athletes, ugh! Sleep deprivation can increase perceived exertion, decrease recovery and mess with thermoregulation. What can we do...
  • Reduce caffeine: Only coffee in the morning, no matter how tired I avoid it after about 10am
  • Go to bed at the same time: Yep, between 9 and 9:30 on weeknights and usually by 10 on weekends, we are crazy party animals!
  • Avoid sleep medications: I have never taken anything.
  • Don't hit snooze! Oops! I am guilty of this and know I need to stop.
  • Limit screen time before bed: I could be better, we usually watch TV while relaxing on the couch before heading to bed
  • Limit alcohol: I have wine sometimes but not too much.
  • Good sleep environment: I think so, but I need a new pillow! 
My next training tool will be sleep, I'm hoping with my new work schedule and ability to sleep a little later that it will improve. What are your tricks to good sleep?