Friday Five: Marathon Training Thoughts

Just about 10 weeks out from Chicago Marathon that is still undecided whether it will be an A race or not and filled with the typical training ups and downs. I have handed over control of my training to Nichole and am focusing my energy or writing plans for others while she controls mine! Even trying something new with some 5K races, eek!

1- Struggle: Last Saturday was a struggle. Friday morning the long run fell apart. Had planned to run that day but overslept (so did my training buddy!). Got in my hills that day then sat at the beach, didn't eat great and had a few glasses of wine plus stayed up later than I should. Saturday I struggled from the first few miles but I did it. I am often asked if after all these years I have bad runs and yes I do! I'm not afraid so say I struggled, thought about quitting and had many doubts!

2- Nutrition As I am increasing mileage it s time to focus on better nutrition. My post marathon indulging lasted longer than it should have, oops! Too many…

Weekly Menu Planning with BFree

We are in a week of minimal activities as dance intensives are auditions are over for now and due to the results O has chosen to give up team gymnastics due to scheduling conflicts so no gymnastics either this week. Perfect time to get focused on meal planning and better eating again. O also informed us a week ago that she was becoming a vegetarian for a week, this has changed to her being vegetarian forever. I am thrilled, Matt indifferent. We have been have her give input on meals as well and she seems very excited to not eat meat. Much different than when I became vegetarian (the first time) and my mom took me to the doctor who told her how unhealthy it was and I was forced to eat meat or not be in sports! What?! I’m glad things are changing.
My training mileage and intensity is increasing so I find myself hungry! I had to explain hangry to O on Friday after staying at the beach through lunch Friday! The UCAN Coffee Bar I ate at 10am and the almonds I snacked on the 4 hours we we…

Mental Training as a Runner

No matter how hard I physically train I have managed to mentally defeat myself at the worst times. Any runner knows that running is not all physical and the mental side of running is huge, for me at least 50% of a run is mental.
In the beginning running was only fun (okay not always fun). I had no real goals other than get out and run, finish a race, go a little further. In these days I'm sure I still had a mental side but it was easier to accept that it didn't go well and I could back off. Then I overtrained, ran daily, became injured and kept missing my goals, I focused soley on physical training and I kept falling short. Next phase I became a mom, running was again something I did. I enjoyed the time for me, getting out and training when others said I never would. I also benefited from the postpartum speed with a year and half of amazing running that came pretty easy, knocking of PRs at every distance. A hamstring injury, full time job, lack of good training and I was not w…

Starting To Race Again

This past Saturday was a local 3.7 mile race, it runs 1 loop around a lake giving it the weird distance. I have run this 2 or 3 times in the past, most recently 4 years ago when I finished 2nd in my AG with a time of 28:00. I rarely race anything under a half marathon. Let's be honest, I hate the feeling of pushing so hard you hurt! I'd rather suffer to a little less extent for a longer time!

Earlier in the week the weather was perfect for running, 60s and cloudy, but come Saturday the heat wave returned, hot humid ad heat index reaching 100+, yuck! Friday evening Cooper startled when someone came to the door and used my foot/ankle as a launching pad resulting in multiple scratches and a deeper cut right on the top of my foot where my laces hit! I had no idea if this would cause me pain to run.

We got there with a little time to spare, I took an easy warm up run to adjust the laces to not rub then met up with some MRTT friends. We complained about the heat and got ready to run…

Taking Time to Regroup

These past 2 weeks after Grandma's Marathon have been exactly what I needed. 2 weeks of low running without expectations, the ability to skip a run if I wasn't feeling it, a complete transition away from my overly stressful job that was taking over my life and working to make myself and family a priority.

We spend much of last weekend at the softball fields coaching O's team to a consolation bracket win! In true MN weather we were cold, bundled up in jackets and pants and even pulled out hand warmers for the Sunday morning games! All weekend I was wishing that this weather had been there the previous weekend for the marathon.
This week I struggled with running, legs were heavy, I was tired, I just didn't have that push. I kept low miles, walked if needed and didn't look at pace, my body was asking for recovery. I even skipped my 4 miles midweek when O asked to join me, we did 2.25 miles run/walk averaging around 10:30 pace! Way to go! It brought a smile to my face …

Grandma's Marathon Recap

Well, Grandma's was to be my replacement marathon for being sick right before Flying Pig and not being able to race. Coach Nichole and I decided to give it another shot since I was recovered quick after Pig and ready to race. I was lucky enough to find a last minute hotel and a friend wanting to share Friday night. After a week + pf tracking weather that looked perfect, tailwind, highs of 60, cloudy, it all changed!

We got up early to ride to the start. Since Grandma's is a point to point course they bus to the start. I waited in a nice long porta-potty line as I drank my UCAN and shed my top layer of clothes. It was lightly sprinkling and a little cool, perfect! After dropping my bag I weaved my way through the crowds to get between the 3:35 and 3:25 pacers (no 3:30 pacer). The DJ played "Let's Go Crazy" and I had a great feeling, I was ready. That is my song, not only am I a huge Prince fan but on the bus to Boston the year I PR'd that song was playing.


Five for Friday!

So much has been happening in my life over the past month or so, some big changes in store for me and the family. I have finally made some decisions on what I need to be focusing on at this time in my life and how to be better. I'm learning what I want from myself and life (yes, it has taken me many years!). Today is the first day of many new things...

1. I worked the final day at my job yesterday! The job that has caused me so much stress and anxiety is now removed from my life. I am no longer required to push family commitments aside to be at work in evenings or weekends or working from home to finish countless hours of charting. I woke this morning with such a sense of relief and calm, I slept great and feel refreshed not dread and anxiety. I am excited for my new opportunity that is much different and very much employee friendly. I am scared leaving a very stable full time job for something with some uncertainty but sometimes you just need to take the leap!

2. Summer Bucket List…