Good Bye April, Starting Fresh!

It would be an understatement to say that April was a crazy month and not fun at times...

The month started with my diagnosis of anemia but at least I now know the reason for the lack of great running! A little update now that I am 1 month into iron supplement. The good news it is working but the bad news is  not as fast as it could if I was on a higher dose. Ferritin is now up to 19 from 5, yay! Still a ways to go but hoping to feel more normal before Grandmas in 6 weeks

Other not so fun running news was missing my half marathon 2 weeks ago. I'm sure you have all seen the massive veggie recall going around, well guess who's salad lunches weren't a great idea 😠 . The only good news of this was finally realizing the cause since we were thinking it was related to the high doses of iron supplement.

And now the non-running craziness...

We are building a new house! It all happened super fast, within 4 days of deciding to not remodel our current home and build instead we had a l…

The Struggle and Answers

This winter I have been struggling to hit paces that I easily hit months ago, my body hasn't been recovering great (which I related to getting older), my breathing is off (which I related to asthma) and energy isn't there. I kept thinking this was all the long winter getting to me and long work days, dark mornings, more training, etc, etc. Excuses and frustration! I was due for thyroid labs so I thought maybe this, but I decided to request additional labs to look at anemia. I got some push back since 1 year ago my hemoglobin was fine so she insisted it couldn't be anemia...

Fast forward a few days to lab results...

TSH is great it is amazing how my thyroid has regulated itself after my celiac diagnosis (still on meds but no more constant increase).Hemoglobin at the low end of normal but no red flag here againFerritin of 5! While normal is 12-150 most endurance athletes need 100-120 at least to feel good and perform well!Iron of 30! Again normal 35-180 but higher levels work…

Catching Up...Part 2

Now that I have gotten you up dated on 2017 races here is one more running related post....

After a tough start to racing in 2017 with races being derailed due to weather, both too hot and too cold, and illness I think (hope) I am not starting 2018 off the same. I hate to even put it out in writing but I am injury free for the longest time in years. There has been a few short weird aches and pains but nothing that has caused me to miss any training (except 2 days with a pulled back muscle).

2018 has started to be a great year for running (most of the time)...

The Good
Speed is coming back strongHit 60+ miles in a week (highest in years)Increasing days running and remaining injury freeYoga once a week at minimumStrength training 3-4 days per week (was 5-6 initially but with work and increased mileage dialing back a little) PR'd my 1st race of 2018! 8K in 35:44 and 1:27 PR! I just signed up for marathon #35! Marine Corps Marathon here we come!!The Bad Winter has been rough, cold, snowy…

Catching Up...Part 1

Where to begin? Sorry about the silence over the past months but so much has been happening both in running and life so I will make this multi-part and start with the run part (since this is a running blog!).

I guess I should start with a quick wrap up of my last races that I never talked about...

The Halfs of August
I think I left off with my 5K in August but then I went back to higher distance...

Mora I raced this hilly course a few years ago, missing a top 3 finish by a couple minutes and it has been my goal to get a clock. The top 3 overall finishers get handmade replicas of the big city clock, how cool is that?
The weather was good, not too hot but still a little humid. We lined up and I took off behind a couple women and managed to hang in 2nd for about 10 miles but then I was passed by a smart runner who kept her speed. I ran with the goal of overtaking her but never got the chance and ended up in 3rd OA 2nd AG and got my clock! 1:38:30 (not my best but I'll take it!). Matt a…

Healthy Snacking- GFB Review

One of my goals for 2018 is to eat healthier with focus on less processed junk plus no more mindless eating. This is one thing that I wasn't as good on last year and a final piece that I think will add to my run training. As someone with celiac I am always excited when an opportunity comes to try new (to me) GF products, especially one's that are also dairy free and healthy. the GFB offers gluten free, dairy free, non GMO products that taste good and are actually good for you. Check out their site for more info, plus you can order sample packs to try them out!

The other day I needed a quick mid afternoon snack while I worked, perfect timing for the Cranberry Toasted Almond GFB. While I am typically not a big fan of cranberry this wasn't too bad. The cranberries were real dried fruit and not overpowering. The bar was filling and got me through the afternoon slump! I can't wait to try the other flavors.  
The Power Breakfast was a great quick pre workout boost. I am typi…

Workouts and Meal Plans

After a few weeks of poor meal planning resulting in last minute frozen pizzas, dinners out and less than healthy foods  we are back! The past week coach Nichole has also upped me to running 6 days per week. which I haven't done in years. I need to focus on recovery after the tough days and having the right fuel will be key along with gentle yoga on day 7.

Sunday Lentil Tamales with black beans and fajita veggies (Hosting Christmas Eve) and of course plenty of cookies: Almond crescents, molasses and I healthified (is that a word?) my grandma's toffee bar recipe!
Monday Vegan GF Lasagna with garlic green beans
Tuesday Turning Sunday leftovers into fajitas
Wednesday Christmas with Matt's family
Thursday Tofu curry or Jambalaya (can't decide yet!)
Friday "Fried" cauliflower rice
Saturday Dinner out?


This past week started my 6 days of running, plus got to kick off the holiday weekend with a family Crossftit workout and last weekend I finally got my butt of…

Identity Crisis

Does anyone else feel like they are stuck between their younger self and current adult self?! 40 is chasing me down the last few miles and gaining on me. In only 13 months I turn the big 4-0! Yikes, I was fine with 30, actually liked that birthday, 35 a little tougher but 40 I'm already struggling. Another friend was posting about this on Facebook yesterday so I know I'm not alone.
As I drove to work this morning I felt like so much contradicting!

I'm driving to work in my mom car listening to old school hip hop. Blasting Beastie Boys, Warren G and more thanks to the great local station. Bringing back memories or driving around with friends in high school and college. I'm headed to my part time job (yes I quit a full time career) for 2 part time jobs, makes me feel like a teenager again although these jobs are still big! I headed in today to meet with a big stakeolders about clinical development and funding, yikes!I have a great career but I still don't know what I …