The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Including Earth Day 1/2 Recap

Hi, did you miss me? Well a lot has been happening in my world both running and nonrunning but I will slowly share that as I am back to regular writing. I have been meaning to share a quick recap of what I am considering my first real race back after too much injury. So here goes...

The Good
Over the past 2 months I have done a couple races with decent finish times but both had been as part of my 19-20 mile long runs so not what I consider a race. Anyone who has followed me knows my struggle with hamstring injury since about 2013 and then weird knee issues since 2015 that compounded everything. Well (knock on wood) I think we are beyond this all thanks to my great doctors, PT and their work in fixing all that was wrong.

Coach Nichole was running this half and thought it would fit well into my training plan so why not. Although part of me didn't want to race, mentally I couldn't do another bad race but if it went well I would have that hurdle accomplished. It started late so we …

Wordless Wednesday (Almost): To Catch Things Up

Sorry for my disappearance! 6 weeks of nothing, but lots has happened so here is a quick recap in pictures...

Celebrated with my running girls! We changed out of running clothes and relaxed with food and drinks instead of miles for a change.

O started skiing (and so did Matt and I!)
We went to our first concert as a family...The Lumineers, so good!

Celebrated my baby turning 7 while vacationing in Cancun!

No pictures but I spent 2 weeks in a boot, out of running thanks to a stupid ankle injury from a slip on the ice while running. It coincided with Mexico so the only positive was no 19 mile long run on vacation! Things are all good now and it is back to running and regular mode...

Back to regular running and life posting this week! More to come and even a race to report!

What have you been up to lately?

Merry Christmas, Our Holiday Recap and Giveaway!

How did the holidays sneak up on us?! I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) or Happy Holidays. We have been busy with life: work, dance, gymnastics, school, family and running. But we managed to get in a little Christmas fun...

Fun at friends' Ugly Sweater Party

The Nutcracker with O on the coldest day in many years, temps of -20!

I got to volunteer at O's school party before winter break. It is always fun meeting her friends and seeing the kids interact. She has a great teacher this year who is so calm with her, I need lessons!

Pre Holiday CrossFit killer workout on Friday. O is loving CrossFit kids too. She even decided to "help" and I managed 30 push ups (although not too pretty) with her on my back, then she jumped on for the tank pushes to add her extra weight!

Woke up Christmas Eve for a great 10 mile run with friends before doing lots of cooking (and later eating!). We hosted our families for an evening of appetizers (vegan & GF mostly…

Fueling and UCAN Giveaway

Yikes, has it really been almost 2 months since I posted?! I have so much to share but to ease back into blog fun and to celebrate the holidays I am doing a quick giveaway (and will share about my fun November and December adventures starting tomorrow).

Here's a little on my missing time: Disney, CIM, guiding a blind runner, back to marathon training, sub 6, holiday fun!  What have you been up too?

I can't believe Christmas is just 3 days away and marathon training is about to start full force again. Let's combine these two and I'm giving away a UCAN Gift Pack with a sampling of their great products.

2 packets UCAN Drink Mix (Orange & Cocoa)2 packets UCAN with Protein Drink Mix (Vanilla Cream)2 UCAN Snack Bars (Cinnamon, Chocolate)2 sticks UCAN Hydrate (Berry, Lemon-Lime)All products are naturally sweetened & gluten-free

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Weekly Meals and Workouts

It has now been 3 weeks since the marathon and I am still in the let’s sleep in mode, maybe workout later mode, indulge a little (okay a lot) mode. Don’t get me wrong my workouts have happened I’m just more likely to sleep a little later and do less now without a race on the horizon. This week I need to get back to normal with a workout schedule and meal plan, especially with some travel ahead and the holidays coming.
Sunday Run 7-8 miles hoping for trails if not closed from rain and upper strength/core Monday Kickboxing Tuesday CrossFit and short run Wednesday Run with some short speed intervals and Pilates or Yoga Thursday CrossFit and Walk Friday Short run Saturday CrossFit and Run
I plan to start adding in a little harder runs this week instead of all easy running. I have 2 more months until training starts again but want to get back to a good base by then. This past week I went back to the doctor about the leg/knee and came away even more frustrated. The “knee specialist” turned out no…

Conflicted, thoughts of a runner

Since the start of my running adventures I've set my goals on marathons, achieving certain times, paces, qualifying for Boston. The last few years have been rough ending with a mentally tough TCM that has really taken a toll on me. I keep thinking back to how relaxed I felt running the 50K in April and wonder if trails and ultra running is more my style (at least for awhile). Aside from the relaxed nature of trails I'm getting my butt kicked at the CrossFit gym again and loving the not so relaxed feel tough side of that!

Luckily with out a goal race in the near future I'm back out on the trails with a few easy runs the past couple weeks. The weather is perfect and colors are gorgeous.
On my last run we came face to face with this guy! Luckily he stopped and walked off into the woods watching us from a little further as we passed.
So much is running through my mind right now... Do I sign up for Chicago 2017 (I still have a guaranteed entry time)I'm already signed up for …

GoMacro Thrive Review and Giveaway!

All runners know that post marathon week(s) are filled with the fight to keep eating healthy yet indulge a little. I try to carry healthy snacks wherever I go to avoid the munchies. Needing gluten free makes finding healthy foods quick even tougher. I have my go to foods but love finding new options with such variety. I think my only complaint is the carb to protein ratio which for each bar is 3 or 4:1. I prefer a snack more along the 2:1 carb to protein ratio. To help this I add a few extra nuts to the bars when I have them for a snack, problem solved!

Like all GoMacro products, Thrive are USDA-Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, Gluten-Free certified, 100% Vegan, and soy-free. Thrive is currently available to purchase online and will become available to Whole Foods this month! GoMacro is offering 30% off to all my readers with code Thrive30 for online purchases Here

The Thrive Bars come in 6 flavors: Caramel Coconut, Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, Blueberry Lavende…