Friday, May 22, 2015

Another Mother Runner Book Party and My Revelations as an Injured Runner

Right after O was born I won the book Run Like a Mother to be honest I have still only read parts, not because it isn’t a good book but because I can’t sit long enough to actually read a book! A few months ago when I heard the authors Dimity and Sara were heading to Minneapolis to promote their new book I was excited. Last night was that book party and so much fun to go with my mother runner friends (Moms Run This Town).
At first I thought it would just be a fun night out with friends; dinner, wine and running…what more do you need?! We all left with a great bag of run goodies including 4 pairs of socks!!
All my goodies!
Then Kara Thom read her essay from the new book Tales from a Mother Runner and I related a little too much! She spoke on her life as a runner and Ironman and then how injury after injury changed her perspective. Next she mentioned her background as a dancer and how the damage probably started years earlier and now I was really wondering if I had written this. Part of her essay here She spoke of being at the finish line she’d never cross and how the perspective has changed. By the end I was sure I had written this all! Well maybe not the part about accepting that her running life had changed and was now focused on sharing the love of running with others/her daughters and not on her running. I think this was tough to hear as I have thought this over the past year. Where is my running going? Will I ever be back to where I want to be? Or is it time to accept that I’m done with racing?

Being an injured runner is tough for many reasons, mostly you question everything. What will the future bring? Will I be able to sustain my identity as that runner? Can I share this with my daughter? Will I have to turn down race entries for the unforeseeable future? Right now I continue to focus on learning to love other aspects of fitness and surviving this setback while being smart. I want off this rollercoaster for good!

As you can see from my addition to the Bad@ss Wall I am not done fighting! My purple post-it on the bottom states it from everyone to see…Run a 3:15 Marathon! And I’m told if it is on the wall it will come true!
Sorry for the strange direction this post took but I too was shocked what te night brought. Honestly it opened my eyes even more and has me more focused on my situation and getting through stronger. It was a fun night full of Mother Runners with varying goals and directions but we all connected through running and motherhood. Seriously mommy runners if you can go to this event when it is near you! 

Have you read any of the Another Mother Runner books? Or follow the podcasts?

Happy Friday and enjoy your long 3 day weekend!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly: Week 2 Injury Update

Last Wednesday my week took an unwelcomed yet not fully unexpected turn when I was told no running for 4 weeks by the sports MD. So with this my plans were changed bigtime. O had her dance recital on Saturday and it was amazing to see the difference in the past year, she has a blast on stage, knows her dances and looks natural on stage.

Monday: BB Chest/Tris and Core
Tuesday: BB Legs and 6 mile run
Wednesday: BB Back/Biceps and core
Thursday: 4-6 mile run and BB Shoulders kickboxing
Friday: BB Cardio in morning, Shoulders and Abs evening
Saturday: Run and yoga, 1:36 elliptical and 15:00 rowing Thank you Netflix and old Friends episodes
Sunday: 8 mile run 35 min walk with Cooper and BB Chest/Tris
Post walk treats!

This will be week 2 of no running, it has been 6 days since I last ran and I think the toughest part is that my leg feels pretty good. I’ve done nitroglycerin since Friday and wow even at a super low dose I have some weird side effects…warm chest, lightheaded, headache so pretty much exactly what it should be doing! I’m on week 2 of Body Beast and this is tough!

Monday: BB Legs and Yoga
Tuesday: BB Back/Biceps and core, elliptical
Wednesday: BB Total Body and Bike
Thursday: Kickboxing and pilates
Friday:  Elliptical BB Shoulders and core evening
Saturday: Elliptical and BB Chest/Triceps
Sunday: Bike and BB Legs

Today I’m looking outside at nasty winds and wind chills in the 30s so I’m okay not running. This weather is crazy! What are your goals this week? Mine are to get in all PT exercises 2-3 x day like I should, plant my garden and start working on editing my thesis! 2 months until graduation!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Full recovery mode! Nitro and my hamstring...

Well I had my appointment with the sports doctor on Wednesday and it went as I had hoped it wouldn’t but had thought it might. Still dealing with this hamstring that started 2 (maybe even 3) years ago. I stupidly kept running, took a few days off, felt better, hurt get the cycle!

Finally last spring I got smart after terrible pain at Boston. I took 6 weeks off worked with PT, strengthened my core and glutes, worked with a postural restoration specialist, worked on changing my gait. I changed my focus to yoga, strength training and more cross training. I decreased my weekly mileage and running days and had a decent although not great marathon last fall. Then somehow did something to my foot/ankle and took another 6 weeks off and once back trained for my last marathon 3 days a week. Despite all this 6 weeks before the race the hamstring was angry! And we all know how the marathon went

After a full assessment he doesn’t think my back is causing any of the issues, it is all hamstring. So we are starting with Nitroglycerin patches to my hamstring at night! My first reaction, what?! Those are used for chest pain. Doctor says they have about 80-90% success rate when combined with PT strengthening. I went to do my own research and sure enough lots of evidence to support.

No running for 4 weeks! (only 25 days left!). So tell me your favorite cross training? Luckily I’m not signed up for any more races until July. But I can do anything else as long as it doesn’t cause pain. He also wants me on the elliptical 3x week to mimic my running miles.

The best part…he strongly feels that I will be ready to jump into full marathon training in 6 weeks! And he thinks I can shoot for my 3:15 pain free and stronger than I’ve been in years!

Now we just wait, cross our fingers and hope it works. If not then we are looking at PRP or stem cell injection and a much longer time off.

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? It is dance recital weekend for us!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Recovering and Enjoying it!

This week has focused on recovery, enjoying my days, sleeping in, spending time with O and Matt and focusing on some big changes ahead. I finish grad school in 2 ½ months. O starts kindergarten in 4 months…

The best part of running an easy marathon is the aftermath. Monday my legs were sore, especially after sitting through a 90 minute meeting! But by Tuesday I was fine, ready for an easy run with a group of new runners, even ran an easy 10 miles on Saturday! Lots of yoga this past week too. And got to 
volunteer at a water stop for our local half marathon!

Then I got to spend the day with O getting her dance trophy. Such a little math girl, she sent the ride home figuring out how old she’ll be when she gets the big trophies!

Back to focus on strength and super excited to start Body Beast today! I love P90X and X3 but breaking up with Tony for the next few months and trying something new.

Monday: BB Chest/Tris and Core
Tuesday: BB Legs and 4-6 mile run
Wednesday: BB Back/Biceps and core
Thursday: 4-6 mile run and BB Shoulders
Friday: BB Total Body and Abs
Saturday: Run and yoga, O’s Dance Recital!
Sunday: 8 mile run and BB Chest/Tris

This week I meet with the sports doctor to address what we need to do to fully fix my hamstring, part of me is looking forward to this and part of me is scared at what he will say. So everything may change but I’m ready for a plan and moving forward!

I hope a the moms had a great Mother’s Day yesterday!  What are your goals this week?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Marathon 27 done! Ready to move on...

I’ve started and restarted writing this recap multiple times, partly because I feel like I didn’t really race the marathon and party because despite not racing I’m frustrated with my running over the past years. I know I haven’t always been the smartest but I’m the most frustrated by the fact that I have tried so hard over the past year to be smart, take time off, do PT, run less, etc and still this. I know it is likely because we didn’t fully address the problem but still, ugh!

Okay enough, on to the part you’re here to read…

Saturday we drove 2 hours to Wisconsin so I could cross another state of my quest for 50 states. Hit the “expo” (okay really a few tables in a mall), check in to our hotel in the midst of a crazy influx of guests, 20 minutes in line to check in, crazy! I then got out my trusty Find Me GF app and searched finding only 3 really safe options with vegetarian meals too: Chipotle (probably not a smart pre marathon choice), Noodles (again my usual Pad Thai not pre marathon food) and Olive Garden. Unfortunately this was prom night and it was packed, luckily the bar seating was open. I decided a glass of chianti was perfect with my brown rice primavera and salad. Salad was all mine so I had a small moment where I considered eating straight out of the serving bowl!

Logistics of race morning were nice, I woke up (actually slept in), ate my usual breakfast, rolled, relaxed, spent too much time in the bathroom (sorry TMI but I’ll stop there) and headed downstairs to catch the shuttle to the start which was 5 minutes away. It was already warm out 60s and sunny so I shed my jacket, turned in my bag and headed to the start after I drank my UCAN.
I ran naked!
I tried to line up away from pacers and got in a group of college kids, part of a training class, and decided to run with them. We chatted the first few miles, they were all shocked I was over 25!! Especially when I informed that I was not close to 25. I had no watch, just ran what felt good and quickly learned the downside to this. 10K split was 7:58 pace, oops! The hills were starting to get tougher as the heat rose. I was warm!

Soon I was nearing the half and saw Matt with my UCAN right before the half. I walked with him and chatted for a minute…my words: my toe is throbbing (stupid nail!), my thumb hurts (some weird thing for the past month!) and my hamstring is tight and I’m hot so I’ll be slowing down.

Mile 17 I spotted a DQ and was scheming a way to get them to give me ice cream without having to pay! I kept moving…
Best race sign ever!

By Mile 21 I was searching for a bathroom, stupid GI issues the previous week. I found one. Walked a bit and talked on the phone to Matt telling him I was slowing more maybe just walking, see him at the finish. Then I felt great again, guess I needed that walk break. About this time we meet up with the half (who start 90 minutes later)

Mile 22, 23 where’s the water stop? There it is but no water left?! I’m mad and I’m still ahead of most runners.
I don't look nearly as bad as I thought!
Mile 24 through college, water stop with water but no cups. Who cares, I stop open my mouth and drink from the water jug!

Mile 25 and again no water. Turn the corner and Mile 26, the 2nd runner I see on the ground with medical attention. The finish line is near and I’m done! Marathon 27 in the books. 3:50 something I think, I really didn’t look, and didn’t care.

The leg was tight during the run but not painful until the 2 hour drive home! I decided I’m done with long drives to marathons, sitting after is not fun!

Friday, May 1, 2015

The marathon is happening!

May is here and I’m ready for this month which means longer days, running weather and a break from school! May is packed with lots: dance recital, gymnastics show, marathons, etc and only leads to summer!

On Wednesday I talked with my PT again and he is fine with me running the marathon based on the past couple weeks! I don’t hurt after I run and during it is only a slight tightness for about 10 minutes. I can’t push my pace at all but I can run!

Pre-Marathon Today I will be relaxing with acupuncture and a little yoga to get my legs ready. Plus my focus has been anti-inflammatory foods. Then I need to prep for our drive tomorrow and pre-race meals in a hotel room. And the fun part figuring out what to wear!

Marathon Goals Based on  his recommendations and my goals for this year I am not racing, no PRs, probably not even a BQ but that’s okay I am running and I will have fun. Plus the forecast is low 80s so not great weather for someone who trained in highs of 20 the majority of the training cycle. I’m even considering not wearing my watch and throwing on some music. Any song suggestions? Now the hardest part for me will be not racing, letting go of time and just enjoying the run. I am super competitive (in case yo hadn’t figured that out!) and push myself.

Eau Claire Marathon

Post-Marathon I am all set to meet with the doctor at the clinic with the PT to address more aggressive plans and get me a good treatment option so I am back 100% for the fall and beyond. This may include stem cell or PRP injections, yikes! But after 2 years of this I’m okay with that.

And Beyond...After marathon recovery I will have about 6 weeks to focus on PT exercises, fully recovering and getting rid of this hamstring issue forever! Lots of core and strength, focusing on nutrition and actually enjoying a month of no grad school! Although I will still be working on my thesis and getting everything wrapped up by July 24th!!

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?  Linking up with Jill for Fitness Friday

Monday, April 27, 2015

Marathon Week, Still Deciding

Marathon week is here (yes I‘m still calling it that even though I may not run). So far the leg is good this week and hoping taper is what I needed to kick the problem. Last week went pretty well (besides the hamstring and PT!). So far my focus is PT exercises and not hurting the leg.

Monday: P90X Chest/Arms/Abs
Tuesday: Tempo 1 mile easy 8 miles at 7:30 1 mile easy 10 miles but couldn’t get under 7:55 without pain.
Wednesday: P90X Cardio X and Back/Arms/Abs
Thursday: 6 miles with 3x1600 at 6:45 then back to PT!
Friday: P90X Arms/Abs
Saturday: Kickboxing
Sunday: Indoor Triathlon 10 miles (7 alone then 3 with Cooper) 1:24:04 and felt good

This is it 6 days to go and a big decision to make, I have until Saturday to cancel our hotel so why not procrastinate the decision until them?! Right now the weather forecast for Sunday is bouncing between upper 70s and 80s but includes thunderstorms. This could be a rough race even without an injury. I haven’t run in anything like this since we were in Mexico in January and my longest run then was 10 miles.

Monday: P90X Arms/Abs
Tuesday: 30 min easy run with 5x 1 min pick ups
Wednesday: P90X Cardio X and Back/Chest/Abs
Thursday: 30 min easy run with 4x 1 min pick ups
Friday: P90X Arms/Abs and yoga
Saturday: Easy 2-3 miles
Sunday: Hopefully marathon #27!


What are your goals this week? My focus is following my nutrition plan, daily PT exercises, foam rolling and relaxing (or as much as I can when this is the last week of the semester).