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Fueling for a 50K...WIAW

Getting back on track with eating after a few days of post race hunger and indulging. So today will be a different version of WIAW, instead how I fueled for a successful 50K in the heat...

Breakfast: Protein oats which is a mix of banana, GF oats, NOW pea protein and coconut flour. Followed by 2 cups of coffee.
Pre Race: I brought a big water bottle with for the drive and sipped on the way. Then about 40 minutes prior to race start I started drinking my UCAN. My new favorite is cinnamon mixed with a little vanilla protein. My mix for 50K was 1 packet cinnamon starch and 1/4 scoop vanilla protein
Race: Soon the race was was 60s to start and warmed up quick! I carried a handheld of UCAN Berry Hydrate and had a 2nd ready for the 3rd and 4th loops. During loop 3 I ate a Cinnamon UCAN Bar. This was so much better than figuring out how to carry and mix the powder on course. I drank water at the stops and sipped my UCAN Hydrate in between.

By loop 4 it was Hot!! I needed something cold…

50K advice

Another weekend of dance competition, birthday parties and  long  runs meant a  busy weekend and now we are in the midst of another crazy week. This weekend will be my first ultra, yikes! Kind of nervous and excited at the same time. Last time I registered for a 50K I was injured, couldn’t train until nearly race day and had to DNS. This time I’ve trained but due to winter and wet spring conditions my trail running has been minimal. It isn’t the mileage that scares me (okay maybe a little) but more the uncertainty of trails.
The course is 4 loops of 7.75 miles, part of me likes this and part hates the repetition. It will be nice having the main stop to leave a bag with fluids, food and shoes if needed. Plus knowing the trail by laps 3 and 4 with either be great or suck! The weather looks perfect for a late summer run but the mid 70s will be rough coming off all recent runs in the 30s-40s!

My Lessons so Far… Eat during run, I took UCAN bars on my last long runs and plan this and maybe a …

Good Bye March...Hello April

Good bye March and Hello April! February ended with a bad marathon but I was able to get back into running quickly since I only ran 16 at the marathon. March was a big month for us all, lots of changes…

March Miles: 174.4 (534.6 for 2016) Not too badNo races but an easy marathon recovery Felt goodFocus on strength and leg rehab/injury prevention After a little glute/hip issue I'm focusing on not getting any worseOutside running is back with 2-3 early morning runs Feels great meeting friends for 5am runs again

I started a new job with better hours and more training time Loving the new hoursO had her first dance competition and did great I'm officially a dance mom, yikes!We started gluten free for O after our decision not do EGD for celiac diagnosis Much tougher with a 6 year old and not looking forward to upcoming birthday partiesDate day to winery joined by our neighbors


Finish my first 50K hoping in about 5 hours but I really am not sure of how to even make a goal time!Stre…