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Metabolic Efficiency

Last Friday I spent my day at a Metabolic Efficiency Certification Course and learned so much. It was so much fun to connect and share ideas and experiences with dieticians, PTs and medical providers from all over the U.S. I went into this thinking I’d personally benefit and would use it for my runners but left with ideas on how to implement the idea of metabolic efficient eating with my patients as well. I also came away considering a new career path in sports nutrition and spent Friday night researching only to discover the $ and time it would take without a lot of job opportunities. Ugh, I hope this isn’t my midlife crisis!
With all the buzz lately on fad diets I’m sure people are thinking this is the same but honestly it makes sense for nearly everyone. We are in a society of fast, quick foods, we grab processed junk on the go and expect or bodies to stay healthy. I was a carb addict for many years, living on bread, cereal and pasta along with sugar! Once I was diagnosed with cel…

Friday Five...Running and Life

Summer break is here, so here's a bit of our life and a little running right now...

1- A new family of bunnies. They have made home under our playset and the kids are so intrigued by them. Such an unplanned lesson in science, animals and talking about how to just let them be! The neighborhood girls spent a morning looking for mom, they think they found her a couple houses away.

2- My new Garmin has the fun features or race predictions! I'd be thrilled to run these times I'm pretty sure Garmin has a a little more faith in my running speed than I do!
3- Another hair donation! With dance done for the year it was time for a cut. She wanted to donate again and was fine with the extra length she'd have to lose. Now just hoping it is long enough for a bun by competition season!
4- Today I am excited to learn! Attending the Metabolic Efficiency Certification for Medical Professionals. I can't wait to learn ways to help myself and others be better athletes and healthier overall…

Summer Run Training & Nathan Giveaway

The heat is here and summer running is in full swing with temps of 90+ last week and humidity making the run tough. I am more of a summer runner than cold winter girl but this was rough! The only positive of cooler running is jacket pockets for my phone and UCAN bar! I've tried just about every belt out there and have complaints about them all! So I was excited to try the Nathan Hipster. I'm even more hapy to say that it stayed put, nice and low on my hips just like I have to wear my belts. Even on my hot, sweaty 12 miler this weekend no chafing at all.

Some wildlife sightings on my run... The turtles have been out like crazy lately. What wildlife have you seen lately?
I've also gotten back to "real" speedwork and it is actually fun! Thanks Nichole :) I'm excited to see how this training cycle goes. I'm finally running paces I haven't been able to hit in years. My leg is almost to full strength, still a little residual after racing that hilly 5K on Mo…

June Goals

May Accomplishments Run my first half marathon of the year: I ran it, I finished…it wasn’t pretty! Thanks to… I won a 5K! A week before the half I decided to race a hilly 5K and won 1st woman 2nd behind 1 other guy. Running 5K with O to start our running year! We dropped thanks to thunderstorms, so no Color Run. I start working with a coach this month. In just a few short weeks I am doing more speed work and faster paces than ever! Yoga once a week! Oops, more like once total! O learned to ride her 2 wheel bike! One morning she said she was ready and just ike that took off, no help at all. I planted my garden. Corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers (including ghost peppers), basil, lettuce and broccoli
June Goals I will be taking the Metabolic Efficiency Certification Course for Medical Providers (course rescheduled from May)I can’t wait to use this to improve my training and help others. I’m loving the info in the books so far. No races in June! Focus on training runs and strength. Walk at lunch…

Global Running Day

Happy Global Running Day! Why not have a day just to celebrate runners and give us an excuse to run (not that we need one). I’m so happy I made that choice almost 15 years ago to train for my first marathon and take the first steps as a runner. I had no idea I’d be where I am now that day I decided to start. Running has brought me so much, both good and bad! I’ve met some great friends, had great races and fun times but also injuries and tough races. All make me stronger and tougher and teach me.
For Global Running Day I am linking up with Jonesin fora run
Why do you run? Many reasons: 1) to stay healthy and active 2) stress relief 3) to push myself further and reach goals 4) spend time with friends 5) show my daughter that moms can stay active, reach their goals and be role models in sports
How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day? I started the morning with an easy run with Cooper and I’ll end the day with a few miles with my Moms Run This Town group and Athleta for our group…