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Running to mental clarity & honoring your accomplishments: Race-Kred Giveaway

Right before I ran my last marathon I was excited to receive my 26.2 shoe tag in the mail from Race-Kred, as unlikely as I knew I was hoping to have this to remember a new PR!. Not the case but still proud to show off my accomplishments of how far I have come from the 1st miles I ran back in 2002 and now soon to be my 22nd marathon. The charm is cute and so lightweight. I even thought it would make a cute necklace or bracelet. What a fun way to acknowledge and be proud of your accomplishments, everything from 5K to Ultras and even Ironman (someday!). What running accomplishment would you show off?

This year has been tough for running on me with injury and lacking the times I am hoping it honestly helps to know where I started and everything I achieved to this point. The past few weeks have been the toughest, nice weather finally but poor runs and making myself back off. I'm happy to be running pain free again with the help of frequent appointments for ART, cold laser and regular …

Another on the injury list; Puppy Arthritis Remedies

Things are not looking great for runners in our house: First me and this angry hamstring/piriformis, then Matt and his knee (he hasn't run in nearly 3 weeks hoping it is enough to manage a triathlon and half marathon this weekend) and now add to the list my first running buddy, Morgan :) I know I haven't talked much about him on here but he's my first baby and has been running with me 7 years. I still remember when we first got him and he sat in the basket of the shopping cart at Petco, all calm and innocent, wow did he shock us! 7 years later he still has the attitude of a lab puppy combined with the protectiveness of his German Shepard side but has grown to nearly 80lbs and towers me if he stands!
We've known since early that he had hip issues, common for a lab, and started on glucosamine joint supplements and he continued to run complaining after hours at the dog park but he would never back down. I've taken his lead and dropped our miles this spring to only 3-4…

I'm a Believer & Spartan Race Giveaway

I’m a believer! I am usually the one who needs proof and evidence to back up my treatments but wow, I think this K-Tape is the best thing! I wasn’t sure when she applied it on Thursday but I agreed since it couldn’t hurt. I managed to run pain free a total of 20 miles over the past 3 days with it! Then it ended. I was in the shower Monday post run and tape is peeling so I helped it along figuring it would be removed Tuesday at the appointment. Wow what a difference! I met a friend for lunch and by the end of lunch my hamstring was achy L and now walking upstairs hurts again. I have done nothing different besides remove the tape, okay yes I ran but that didn’t hurt. So I believe…K-Tape is staying!

The medical side of me knows this would not e a lone fix but combined with ART, decreasing runs and fish oil it works. Fingers crossed that reapplying with fix the issue. My plans for the week are to back off running except a couple easy runs when I coach and focusing on cross training inste…

Marathon Weekly- Listening to Myself for a Change

Week 2was a tough one but as I said on Friday things are improving with my hamstring J I am loving this new clinic and doctor. I have been able to run pain free on flat routes and am thrilled, even managed a slightly hilly run Saturday without pain! This week has also brought the return of allergies and on top of that issues with thyroid continue. I have been hypothyroid since my diagnosis in 2007 and rarely keep the same dose, once again I am in the middle of dose changes thanks to my thyroid slacking and making me even more fatigued plus I get the joy of hanging on to a few extra pounds L

Monday: Pilates DVD in morning, 1 hour elliptical, no way I was getting back in the freezing pool! Tuesday: Morning spin/weights with trainer & Easy evening Run 5.5 miles Wednesday: 1 hour elliptical while O went to kid’s yoga at the gym J Thursday: Morning Spin/Weights, Run 5.5 miles (walking on hills), 1 mile walk in afternoon and core Friday:  1.5 mile run to gym/Spin/1.5 mile run home pushing BO…

Fixing my angry hamstring: Fixes for a tendon injury

Being Challenged in Life is Inevitable, Being Defeated is OptionalFor the past year I have been dealing with hamstring issues, actually I think it has been long before that since nearly every marathon prior I would complain of pain in my left hamstring that caused me to back off the last few miles. Since time off last fall and again this winter wasn’t enough I finally decided it was time to get aggressive if I planned to break out of my racing slump and get back to where I had been and break through my current wall.
After an appointment with one doctor that lasted a mere 15 minutes I left feeling like I could have done more work on my own and that I had been thrown into sales world I sought out a second opinion. This second opinion was much closer to my past experiences, I spent 1 ½ hours at the clinic that caters to professional athletes and local elites. I had a full gait analysis, muscle balance and strength assessment along with discussing my full history, goals and plans.
I am bei…

3 or 13, parenting frustrations: What is the answer?

After a few weeks of less than ideal 3 year old behavior I decided to write to vent and gain insight from others. So today, no writing about running although this often makes me want to run! Alright parents, we all hear the “Terrible Twos” but honestly that year was nothing compared to the 3s, seriously there are days when I’m not sure if I have a 3 year old or a 13 year old on my hands! Isn’t it supposed to be the teen years filled with emotional rollercoasters, drama, pushing limits and door slamming? Not here, my 3 year old has mastered these all! Every parent has seen this: the lack of listening, frustration leading to hitting and throwing, just plain defiance, right? I honestly question those who say their child doesn’t do any of this, what is the secret?
O is big into pushing limits and continuing to push complete with the gritted teeth…
The other day at Costco she continued to hit me with the cart strap, I tell her “that is not nice, hitting hurts” well it continues but now she…

Not so Marathon Monday- Week in Review

Well, looks like I am back at it again. I made the decision to run the Swan Lake Marathon in 3 weeks and started following a back to back marathon recovery/training plan. I guess we can call this Week 1 again since I have decided to run the marathon in June! Guess what, no snow this week! But record heat on Tuesday and then storms all weekend, ugh! I had my first (and only) visit with the sports doc, yes I thought it was good but he is not near what I got from the guy I used to see. So despite things being less than ideal (further and no child care) I am switching.
Monday: Swim 15 minutes (sad, but that is my limit) in a very cold pool with broken heater! 45 minute easy bike Tuesday: Strength workout with trainer and 5.5 mile easy run in 92F Wednesday: 6.5 mile run/walk Thursday:  1 hour bike in am and weights in afternoon Friday: 1 hour spin Saturday: 1 hour elliptical in morning and 3 mile run with puppy and O in BOB Sunday: 9.5 mile easy run and weights
Goal: Honestly nothing except get …

Menu Planning 5/19

It’s that time of the week again to look ahead and plan before things are crazy again! Matt and I are both school free for now, he goes back soon and I am overwhelmed with studying for boards! O is wrapping up school year activities: pre-school ends this week (boy will I miss my weekly free time), gymnastics and dance shows are near and summer activities starting soon. I have yet another job interview this week, still searching for that perfect job since I have a month or so until I can even work yet.
After a couple weeks of allowing dairy back into my diet I have decided it will be gone again for both O and I. She’s had multiple GI issues since birth and now that she is able to easily communicate her pains it will be easier to do an elimination trial. So starting next week, no more dairy! Any dairy free cheese suggestions? This will be the big thing, milk= easy, yogurt= easy, cheese= very difficult! Plus I have decided that nutrition is the next aspect to fully address for my trainin…

Going out of my comfort zone: 5K Speed Workout

Over the past few days I have thought a lot about what's next and how to get myself over this racing slump and back to the level I was at before and where I (and my trainer) think I should be. I have gone as far as thinking about changing a half entry to a full next week but quickly got smart about that until an even better option opened and I was given a free entry to a marathon next month. I am strongly considering this despite the 4 hour drive, it would be a fun, small race that I would likely never decide to do otherwise. Here I sit looking back and planning ahead...

This week I started seeing a new sports chiro who works at the gym. Perfect location since I am there all the time, access to child care and he and my trainer can communicate to tailor my workouts. What did I find? Honestly nothing new, but my SI joints are nearly locked and pelvis/hips out of line causing pull on my hamstring at the insertion. So ART and adjustments it is again. I am one who does not believe in a…

Kind Runner: The Answer to that Pile of Old Running Shoes

As a runner and coach I am always asked about shoes: what kind to buy, where to buy, what to do with old shoes? So what are the answers? I always tell new runners to talk to an expert and get fitted without regards to color or style and be open to what the expert suggests. I love buying online, especially now with a 3 year old going to a store running store is work! What’s better than ordering shoes while sitting on the couch and drinking coffee at 5am?! This is where Kind Runner comes in… will be launching on June 1st. An online running store founded and staffed by runners/ expert running shoe fitters with 40+ years of experience in the running industry. They will be able to get you in the correct running shoe from the convenience of your home! Complete with product guidance and product review videos too!

And now to second and in my opinion best part about KindRunner; their effort to change the world for the better! This is what sets them apart from other online running…

Lake Wobegon: My Favorite worst marathon ever!

On Saturday I ran my 21st marathon, 20 more than I ever imagined when I started 10 years ago! With the brutal winter and lack of spring my training has been less than ideal then combine that with massive allergies, an angry hamstring early on and then a crazy foot thing this past week and I was stressed but still went into the weekend with high expectations after a full taper and a wonderful forecast.
Come race morning my expectations had changed, let me just say that if this had been a training run I am 90% sure I would have rolled over and stayed in bed! I know I am starting to sound like a broken record with my poor race excuse list but I think this one tops them all (although I can’t say I got chased by dogs like last year!). So here it goes my pre-race list of why the day sucked… Sharing a hotel room with an overly tired 3 year old who was awake giggling way past 10pm, flopping around like crazy fish and wanting ask “why _______” every 10 seconds meant minimal sleep for me.But gues…

Training Weekly 17

Week 16 meant Marathon! And an actual taper filled with all the normal taper craziness, but add to that grad school graduation and some answers on O’s health issues, 1 year and maybe an answer finally but just more stress. Guess what there was even snow again this week, really it is mid May can I stop saying this soon?! L With the foot issues I actually had an easy week with lots of rolling and icing…

Monday: Pilates/core Tuesday: 4.5 mile run to/from O’s gymnastics in morning 3.5 miles easy with group in evening Wednesday: 3.5 miles easy with friends Thursday:  Core Friday: Rest Saturday: 26.2 miles at this little thing called a marathon, it was a crazy day with everything against me. No goals met but I loved the race (full report tomorrow) Sunday: 3 mile walk/core
So is this Week 17? Who knows but it is recovery week and evaluate my training plans. Goal: Like I said figure out my plans (half marathon in 3 weeks and 5K in 5 weeks). Evaluate nutrition plan and write 5K training plan to combine…