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Saying GoodBye

I don't even know where to begin since I had no idea I'd be needing to say all this so soon. I know my talk of Morgan's cancer has been minimal so here is a brief overview:

Early August 2013: He began limping on his rear right leg, vet thought maybe ACL injuryLate August: Stopped walking on right rear legEarly September: Xrays showed a large tumor in his femur (osteosarcoma)Sept 23rd: Met with oncologist at University and scheduled for biopsy and drug studySept 25th: Amputation (Due to the extent of tumor his bone was shattered so we pushed ahead quick and bypassed the study)October 16th-Dec 11th: IV chemo every 3 weeks until Dec 11th when his lungs showed tumor growth meaning chemo was not working.December 11th: Started oral chemo 3x week in hopes of slowing tumor growthJanuary 21st: Started seeing limping in front left legJanuary 29th: Follow up with oncologist to look at leg and lungs to assess how oral chemo was working. Worst case we expected another leg tumor. Never …

Happy 4th Birthday

4 years ago I began my crazy adventure called motherhood! I should have known what life would bring when you entered the world on your own time (8 days late!). You were calmly born, no tears or drama, just looking around and soaking in the craziness around you. That soon changed! Your determination and inquisitive mind have made you very independent and often dramatic!

You have taught me what truly is important in life and to enjoy the little things. Every day you surprise me with your questions and knowledge you have gained. You want to be just like us: running, studying and cooking. You are a strong girl and set on being your own person. As tough as things are some days I love you and the person you are becoming. I may be in the minority here, but I do not miss the infant days, I love that we can talk and have fun together. Your mind, spirit and determination will truly make you a success in life! As tough as these are on mommy and daddy now, it will only benefit you in life!

We lov…

Deep Breath

Can I just take a minute to complain? I'm usually not the one to full out talk about how much things suck but right now they kind of do! I mean really, we're all sick again, O isn't sleeping meaning no one is sleeping, Morgan is having issues with his back leg (the only one he has left) and we meet with the oncologist on Wednesday. We had to stop chemo after 3 rounds due to metastasis to his lungs :( so he's on 3x weekly oral chem in hopes of slowing the growth. He just hit his 4 month ampuversary and that part is going well except when he forgets and tries to lift a freezing foot off the ground! Top this all off with brutal cold and gusting winds making it blizzard like outside and I'm have no outlet!
Running on the treadmill just doesn't have the same stress relief factor. Anyone else agree? I mean there is nothing better than being outside, it is peaceful and you can think but staring at the wall or TV or person in front of you just doesn't allow your mi…

I am back!

Vacation is over (so is vacation relaxation and eating mode)! I'm still in the midst of catching up from 11 days away from email, work, life, etc. but am on my way to "normal".  After 4 days of running (more on that later), little sleep and theme parks we spent a week relaxing on a cruise. Along with that went wine and lots of great food, thank you Royal Caribbean for making so many wonderful gluten free options! It was wonderful to travel for the first time in years and not worry abot the safety of the food! When I asked what was gluten free, I was given many options and told with advance notice they would adapt almost anything on the menu. I think I ate more bread last week than I have in years. I did manage a workout most days but nothing to make up for the eating. It was a great relaxing, refueling week after running Dopey!

Now we are back, refrigerator is fully stocked with healthy food again and I am less than 3 months from Boston Marathon, so time to get serious! …

Dopey Fun

Sorry no time to write but we are done!! Well worth the challenge, more later...

Minnie 10K...2 down and 2 to go

Hot and humid out there today, yikes! Not much to say except an easy 50:30 10K and hoping legs stay loose. So here's some fun pictures...
Off to find coffee then spend the day in Magic Kingdom.

Disney 5K...1 down 3 to go

Ok, here's my first attempt at blogging from iPad so this will be short...Today was the start of Dopey Challenge with an early 5K. My goal to run easy was not difficult with the crowds. Despite being in Corral A I was passing walkers right away, ugh! I was thrilled to be running in weather above 0! 60 degrees at the start and dark thanks to a 6:15am start. The course wound through Epcot and I enjoyed just soaking in the atmosphere while telling myself to take it easy. 
No clue on official time yet, but around 23:30 so I did decent on the easy run. Grabbed my medal and Dopey wrist band. I was thrilled that Disney had thought about us gluten free runners (okay maybe coincidence) by having all race food gluten free! I was thrilled since all too frequently I am lucky if I can eat a bag of chips. 
Legs were a little tight so on the rolling and stretching while I enjoy my coffee before on to race 2 tomorrow...

I'm a writer!

Last fall I received an email out of no where from someone I never thought I'd get emails from...Runner's World! My first thought, is this legit? Sure enough it was. They were searching a RRCA run coach's advice on winter speed work for a reader question. My answer was published this month!! I was thrilled to see the article when I friends sent it to me, now if only my copy would arrive in the mail Wonder if I can convince them to make me a regular contributor?

Now back to packing and the ritual obsessing that I am forgetting everything! Am I the only one who stresses while packing for a trip? Don't worry I'll keep everyone updated on Dopey, make sure to follow my Facebook and that will get the first updates!

But first the winners of 13 in 2013 wrap up:
Denise - Active Accessories Nikki - Allied Medal Display Madelyn - Race Day Books
And my Pro Compression giveaway: Ashley @ashbroccoli

Friday Thoughts: PB Cake & a Giveaway

This post is going to match my mind lately as it races from thing to thing… I’m sitting here post-holiday craziness, on the verge of vacation and ready to go!
Peanut Butter Single Serve Cake (Gluten Free) 2 tbsp PB2 1 tsbp water 1 tbsp Almond milk 2 tbsp applesauce ½ tsp baking powder 2 tbsp coconut flour 1 tbsp raisins or choc chips
Mix all together and microwave bowl and cook for 2 minutes. And guess what I got so excited after I mixed it up, I never even took a picture of my yummy creation! Any fun snacks you’ve been eating lately?
So what else is going through my mind today…This weather sucks and I continue to stalk the forecast for Dopey! Guess what we get on Monday, -50 wind chills!! I thought last weekend was bad, yikes! I can’t wait to be in sun and warmth, I see people complaining about running in upper 70s but I figure I’m not racing so I plan to have fun, enjoy the weather and be happy being warm!
Now on top of this we are all sick, I think my biggest workout lately has bee…

2014 My Come Back Year!!

January 1st 2014, time to look back at the last year and see how I did on my goals, without even looking I can tell you not so great. It was a tough year both in running and life. 2013 began by me walking away from a job that was making me very unhappy and staying home, finishing school, over training leading to injury after injury and poor racing but it ended with a new job I enjoy, new running friends, almost overcoming injury and discovering more about me. I’m happy to say many of my goals are now crossed off!!
Fitness Goals Sub 3:30 marathon (okay actually 3:15 is what I really want)- Nope, 3:31sub 1:30 half marathon- Nope, Never really raced a half healthy1:08 10 Mile- Nope, 1:13sub 43:00 10K- Nope, 44:20 still a PR!!sub 20:00 5K,- Nope, 21:00Run 13 Half/Full MarathonsYes!!Complete a Triathlon (meaning I need to swim!) Swam x6 but no triathlonRun 2500 Miles2576.5 milesGive yoga a try30 Day Yoga Challenge completed February 15th

Life Goals Organize the house 1 room at a timeStarting …