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Maternity Clothes, Ugh!

I thought shopping for regular clothes was bad, but I was wrong, shopping for maternity clothes is much worse. Being a taller, skinnier woman I can't find a thing. Not only are finding clothes difficult, but this body shape makes the need even greater, I have very few pants that I can even attempt to wear with the Bella Band anymore, I'm at the point where I can't zip or button them and risk losing my pants as a I walk around at work. Every pair of pants I try on requires me to expand not only my waist/belly throughout this pregnancy, but also my butt, thighs, and every other place. The same issue with the shirts, I'm starting to wonder if my arms are going to double in size too.
I managed to find two pairs of pants about a month ago at the outlet mall, when I discovered that only the designer brands come in anything under a Size 4. I bought out the store last month except the pair of jeans that at half price were still $150, not sure I can justify that for something th…

Torchlight 5K

I don't run many 5Ks, maybe one a year. Every time I run this race I say never again, this year is no exception. The race has thousands of runners and takes place on a Wednesday night in downtown as part of a city celebration and is followed by an even more annoying post-race party. Every year the weather tends to be awful too, way too hot and humid to even attempt any speed. This year we decided to give it another try after a year away since the registration fee was pretty cheap.

For once the weather was actually decent, upper 70s and a slight breeze. Matt and I lined of pretty much at the front since this is the only way to come close to running before mile 2. We decided to run the race together, which would be a first for us. The race started and despite being so close to the front we were passing walkers, people pushing strollers and kids early on. Things finally start to spread out a little after mile 1, just in time for the mess of a water stop near mile 2. I wasn't pushi…

Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon

This was my first and likely only trip to wine country where I was completely sober and something about it just seemed strange.
Matt and I arrived on Thursday (his birthday). After the drive from SFO to Sonoma did a little wine tasting at Paradise Ridge (Okay Matt did) and then had dinner at a restaurant we discovered 2 years ago when we were there with Sarah and Geoff. I discovered a great non-alcoholic wine at dinner, Navarro Pinot Noir, not quite the real thing, but close. This became my drink the entire weekend.

The foggy Pacific coast in the morning

Friday we drove to the coast and found a great little Indian restaurant for lunch. That afternoon we did a little exploring and went for a 45 minute run near the hotel before hitting the pool. The rest of the team arrived on Friday and we all went to dinner where I had more Navarro.
Saturday morning we got in a 35 minute run in much cooler weather. Matt and I headed into Sonoma for lunch, the expo and a stop at Sebastiani. I'll admit …

First Trimester

A little late on this since the 1st trimester was over 1-2 weeks ago depending on who you listen to. I managed to survive the fatigue and nausea of being pregnant and am starting to have energy again, my running has even gotten better.

During my first trimester I...
-Managed to gain 2 pounds, which really surprised me since I felt like I was eating non-stop. Although I'm not so sure on how accurate this is since I rarely weigh myself and am basing this off a weight from a doctor's appointment in April.
-Ran a 1:47 Half Marathon in strong winds
-Ran a 3:52 Marathon and felt the best I have ever felt during and after a race
-Finished a Duathlon 2nd in my Age Group
-Discovered that I crave fruit, salads, blueberry muffins and rhubarb pie and that the smell/sight of meat makes me ill. Good thing I only rarely ate meat before becoming pregnant and haven't eaten red meat in about 15 years.
-Learned that I miss a nice glass of white wine on the deck and sushi.

The start of the Belly Pic…

My Secret is Out

I decided that along with the news I was announcing I would change the blog layout to start this new adventure. I am now a pregnant runner and have been for the past couple months. Yes, that's correct the past three races (Maple Grove Half, Stillwater Marathon and Du @ The Dam) were all run while pregnant. Currently I have cut my mileage down to 30-40 mpw from my typical 60-70 mpw and have slowed a little, but will continue to run, bike and race for fun as long as possible which will hopefully be until the end.

Better Weather

I never thought I would be happy about cooler weather, but after almost a week of temps in the 90s and high humidity the upper 60s felt great. Last week even got to the point that I was inside running on the treadmill and it wasn't even storming. No more running inside with this weather. If only there was a way for it to be hot all day except a couple hours of cool temps for running, come on Mother Nature can't you work something out!