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My screaming quads! Boston Marathon 2011

I’ve been trying to figure out how to start this and have erased many times hoping to do the race justice with my report. This training started out with good intentions and a plan in place, but that quickly fell apart due to a snowy Winter, broken arm, and probably 75% of my training being done on a treadmill. Not at all ideal training and meant I changed my goals for the race, after TCM I wanted to break 3:30 but during training changed my goals to have fun and run a good race under 3:45 just using this as a training run for Minneapolis in 6 weeks. Add to this getting sick the week before and I broke all my marathon rules: drank wine with dinner Saturday and Sunday, ate different then I ever have race morning and even ate Thai curry for dinner before the race, this could be bad.

The logistics of race morning were not ideal: up at 4am to catch a cab that per the hotel would take 30-35 minutes to get me to my team bus, crazy driver took 10 minutes, meaning I could have slept an extra ½ …

Will 1 week be enough time?

The last few days have not been nice to me, but I guess my body is telling me that I need to take it easy while tapering. Matt and I are now sick with whatever crap has been lingering in our house the past few weeks. Here I sit 1 week out from Boston and I can't stop coughing. It got so bad that yesterday I ended up cutting my 12 miler short, only making it about 7 miles before I knew my body was done. The run itself didn't feel bad, but was slow. I just couldn't breath and was constantly coughing, luckily there was no one running near me since I was perfecting my spitting while running technique.

Now is the time I must listen to the advice I give my runners: You won't gain anything during taper!

On top of this my GI system is not happy lately and just seems to be getting worse. About 3 weeks ago I reintroduced gluten into my diet at the recommendation of the gastroenterologist who is adamant that I do not have gluten issues since I only felt near 100% for a month or …

Back to the treadmill and thinking about food

The weather is finally great and I was so excited to be out running in shorts yesterday. This morning I was back inside on the treadmill taking advantage of nap time to get in an easy 9 miles. As I ran this morning I was of course watching cooking shows and realized I had some pineapple juice I needed to use up. Of course I immediately figured out a dessert, although I can easily argue that this is one of the healthiest desserts I've ever made.

Coconut/Pineapple Quinoa Pudding 1/4 cup dry quinoa 1/4 cup unsweetened pineapple juice 1/4 cup coconut milk (I used So Delicious unsweetened)
Mango (I used 2 big chunks of Trader Joe's frozen mango) Shredded coconut- unsweetened
Bring quinoa, pineapple juice and coconut milk to boil, reduce heat and simmer covered 15 min. Add in mango and coconut and eat! This only made enough for one, next time I'll have to make more.

Perfecting the art of procrastination

We all have to have talents and strive to improve on these, right?! I have always been a good procrastinator, but would have thought that as an adult I'd get better about this, not the case in fact I think grad school has only helped me improve this skill. I have a case review to write by tonight pertaining to a patient with paranoid schizophrenia and substance abuse issues (at least this is my not so expert diagnosis). Why don't I just write it? Instead I'm finding anything else to do...
Run 16 milesShowerMake coffeeEat lunch (twice)Play on Facebook to catch up on status updates since this morningEmail a friendThink about dinnerCall my momAnd now write a blog about itHere I sit, coffee and books on the table, laptop on and a word document open and I just can't seem to get started....maybe I'll go get the mail now.

March Madness

Nothing to do with basketball here since I was out of that a long time ago when Pitt lost. March started with training madness which turned into taper madness. I think the weather didn't help, but March seemed extra long this year.

March Highlights
Running 254.7 miles (33 hours 10 min)
Biking 7 hours 15 min (most of which was early morning before work)
A lot of core work thanks to a broken arm
12 times to the gym so I get my insurance discount
My college roommate started running and joined the half marathon team I coach

March Lows
The weather! Too much snow and cold
A sick toddler with her first ear infection
Still continuing to not feel so great without any answers

So what's ahead
Focus on quality miles and biking during taper instead of eating
Boston Marathon!
Continue with morning biking workouts at least twice a week
Add back in weight training now that my lifting restriction is done
Enjoy all the foods I had cut out while on a gluten free diet. Per last week's GI …