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Post Marathon Recovery

I am now 15 days post marathon and have gone through all the emotions of happiness, disappointment, anxiety of what if I can't get faster, excitement of what is next, and more. Marathon training is all consuming and to lack the end results you hoped for comes with all the emotions of any big event.

Things are even tougher when it is completely out of your control. I feel that I had great training, yes there were days I struggled but overall it went well. My best training in years, I was hitting paces I hadn't hit in years, I wasn't in pan during and after every run, I was recovering great, I even kept up with the strength training. Yet, the factors out of control make or break the day, for me this was a lovely GI illness 3 days before the big race, meaning I was dehydrated and consumed less than I needed to be fully fueled and ready to run. It took me time to accept that this wasn't my failure at the race but instead I couldn't have changed it (accept maybe keeping…

Flying Pig Marathon Recap

The short and not so sweet...After being sick Thursday and Friday and not eating well at all I questioned what I'd be able to accomplish. Finally Saturday I was eating better but could tell I had calories and hydration to make up. Terrible timing before a race!  I was hoping for the best but knew plans might not go as we hoped.
My brief picture filled recap...

We had a fun weekend, dinner with friends, a little exploring Cincinnati, good food, relaxing! Saturday I hit the expo and quickly grabbed my gear and bought some Bondi Bands (10% off through that link!) for O and I. We then headed for some lunch and time to relax before making dinner.

Sunday was an early start, 6:30am! We headed over to the start bundled up and trying to stay warm. I got in my corral with minimal time to spare and the goal of not going out too fast. Success! First miles 8-8:10s, yay! I knew the hills would slow me but wasn't sure what I could manage.
I soon dropped to 7:50s and felt great. My goal was k…

Five on Friday: Marathon Prep

2 days, yes 2 days until Flying Pig! Despite a little set back yesterday, O was so nice to share her germs with me and I had a little bought of GI illness, but think I am recovering. Ugh!

How do I get ready for a marathon in the last couple days. I'd love to hear your pre-race prep 

For a busy mom, this is kind of funny! Fortunately I am flying to Cincinnati today, alone! I plan to spend the flight reading and listening to some music. Fingers crossed for a smooth, stress free flight and arrival.
Along with relaxing try not to obsess about the race, the weather, the what ifs and factors beyond my control. Yes I am following the weather but I can't change what Sunday morning brings, to help me relax I am preparing for anything!

Currently race morning is looking cool! So dehydration won't be a huge concern. Flying tends to make me feel dehydrated so I will be traveling with my water and UCAN Hydrate. With the past days of GI illness this is even more important! Of…

Staying hydrated Ion8 Bottle Review & Giveaway

As a busy mom and runner who works and feels like things are always moving in every direction it can be difficult to remember to drink enough water. I try to carry a bottle with me wherever I go but it can be tough finding a bottle that holds enough water but isn't too big. I was thrilled to see the Ion8 Bottle...
What makes ion8 different?

Ion8 Ultimate was awarded the reddot award for design with curved sides and a comfort band for easy grip, in fashionable colors.Comfort:  Concave sides and a soft band for a relaxed, slip free grip which also protects hands when carrying a hot beverage. Suitable for hot & cold drinks from 14°F to 204°F.Convenience:  Large enough neck for ice cubes! I love that the top locks into place preventing spills and has an easy spout for drinking. I brought in on my work trip last month including multiple flights and conference days and no leaking! Perfect size to throw in my bag and not be too heavy. My daughter has tried to steal this as her own! I…

Marathon Week

1 year ago I signed up for Flying Pig Marathon, something I have had on my bucket list for years. Not sure why exactly, maybe the name is fun, I like pigs, I want to cross off another state, who knows?!
So here I sit 5 days out from marathon 31! Honestly I never thought I'd be here, when I started I was a 1 and done marathoner, oops! I am thrilled that I have continued to run but somehow 31 training cycles doesn't make taper any less annoying and crazy!

Marathon Week Prep

Since I am traveling and the weather forecast is ever changing this means packing run clothes for everything from perfect weather to rain to heat! Today is laundry day to make sure I have all of these ready.
Food prep and research. Being a vegetarian with celiac makes race travel more difficult. I have researched the area and will be bringing race morning breakfast with along with my UCAN and plenty of snacks for the flight and throughout weekend.
Easy runs this week and accepting that I can slow down and not …