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Taper Madness

Anyone who has ever run a marathon will understand this. You train hard for months, averaging 50-60+ miles per week and running nearly everyday. You eat to keep up with this training and people look at you like you're crazy, for 1) the amount of miles you run and 2) the amount of food you can eat and not gain, even lose weight at times.
Then all of a sudden you cut this training nearly in half and try to keep your sanity. You just want to get out and run, but your know it will only hurt you on race day. It is a constant battles between mind and body. On top of this you are so used to eating a zillion calories and need to remind yourself to cut this down a bit so that you won't be a giant by race day. This is what the expert call tapering, runners call it madness. If you are a runner or have ever lived with a runner you know why.

Why Not?

Thought I would give this a try. A way for me to track my training and be accountable to anyone who wanted to follow along since my next marathon is for charity and so many of you are supporting me in this adventure I am undertaking. The next couple weeks will be pretty easy leading up to Twin Cities Marathon (#7) and then the focus will turn to Honolulu and continuing the fundraising fro the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.