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37 Weeks

I think I am finally to that point of my pregnancy where I am ready to be done! Between the heartburn, return of the nausea and pubic symphysis pain I am uncomfortable pretty much constantly. I can’t complain too much since I can honestly say that from about 13 weeks until 35 weeks I loved being pregnant. Luckily for my sanity I can still manage my elliptical workouts without pain and have been trying to be better about the yoga that actually improves things slightly.

Baby continues to be low and ready, so anytime now. Although I prefer she wait until after New Year’s and my coworkers would prefer she wait until after the 10th. We’ve figured out the insurance issues for afterwards and picked a peds clinic so I think we’re ready. At my OB appointment on Monday I was informed that they would discuss induction once I got to 42 weeks, that thought makes me want to cry! There is no way I can do 5 more weeks, 3 sure, but 5 no way! Come on baby, let’s go along with the multiple dreams I’ve h…

36 Weeks and Christmas

Merry Christmas, we’re in the middle of a lovely snow storm here that has been said to rival the one we got on Halloween of 1991. So far hasn’t been too bad since we’re staying around home and have Matt’s truck to get us through. Very thankful for that since the Saab managed to get stuck twice yesterday.

Looks like there is no chance that I will get any relief from the shortness of breath when she drops since she can't get much lower without being born. You know she's way down when the OB says "Wow, that's one low baby!" Even though she's low, she still manages to put her feet in my ribs, wonder how tall she's going to be. Otherwise, I got confirmation that she is head down and learned that the contractions and the pressure of the baby's head are actually doing a little. No dilation yet, but I am effaced, that's progress from 2 weeks ago. Oh, and here comes the heartburn! First consistent heartburn I’ve had all pregnancy, maybe it’s all the Cleme…

Observations from the gym

We decided not to run the Winter Waddle today since I am continuing to have a lot of pubic bone/low back pain and had issues walking today. To bad since the weather was perfect for running. Good thing we didn’t pre-register, not knowing what the trauma world would bring today. Instead I decided I get in some elliptical time at the gym after work and once again it proved to be interesting…

-The weather was perfect, 30F and sunny, why were so many people running on treadmills inside?

-Just because you walk to the next row of lockers doesn’t mean I can’t hear you and no I am not planning to deliver this baby today.

-Even though I am pregnant I still have a right to change in the locker room without hiding, I’m sorry you feel I should hide my big belly and change where no one will see it.

-Why do some girls feel it necessary to put on make-up and do their hair prior to working out? Do you really get a good workout trying to stay cute? I for one know I do not look cute at the gym and don’t…

35 Weeks

Not much to say, I guess that means that the last week has been pretty uneventful. We are now a little more prepared for baby: birth prep class done, car seat bought, 0-3 month clothes washed, and blankets/sheets/towels washed. Now to get the rest of the house organized and finish getting baby's room together. The new issues are a return of the mild nausea since yesterday and increasing SI joint pain. The Braxton-Hicks contractions continue to be consistent, I'll find out on Tuesday if they are doing anything and then it's the start of weekly appointments.

Sorry about the pants glare, gotta love the reflective flash with pictures.

The issues with adult learning

Why is it that adults don't seem to listen during classes and always have to monopolize the time with stories about how they are so much more special than everyone else? Matt and I went to Childbirth class yesterday since I figured it would be helpful in feeling prepared and we'd probably learn something. It has been about 10 years since I had OB class/clinicals in school and I wasn't interested at the time so I didn't pay much attention, but after yesterday I guess I must have learned a lot more than I thought. The most important thing I did learn were where I go when I'm in labor and how to get discounted parking. Otherwise I now know all about one guy's allergies, another couple's friend's kid who had to wear a helmet as a baby, a woman who was given a crib and mattress, and all the statistics about the hospital I'm delivering at according to a woman in the class. I'm sure I learned more about personal lives, but I started tuning out people w…

34 Weeks

I must have grown again because the amount of comments the past few days has really increased. Some of my fears have were alleviated at my appointment on Tuesday when I was told that she is head down, I’ve been waiting for this so I could stop worrying that she’d stay head up. I’m also continuing to have a lot of Braxton-Hicks, but they aren’t doing anything so no worries from the doctor.

All the furniture is in baby's room, but there is still a ways to go before things will be ready. We still need to buy a car seat and wash all the clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. Oh and I really need to organize. I've gotten as far as taking the tags off all the 0-3 month clothes, blankets, towels, and sheets which now sit in a basket ready for the laundry fairy to show up. Where is this nesting instinct when I need it?! I keep getting asked if my hospital bag is ready, huh? Obviously these people don't know me too well, I'm sure this will consist of throwing things together at the la…

Vegas Adventure

The trip to Vegas did not start as planned, but with my flying history it wasn’t surprising. I hate not flying non-stop, but ended up booking our flight with a layover in LA, seemed a little odd to fly past our endpoint and back. As soon as we got on the plane the captain announced a mechanical issue that needed to be fixed, this actually took quite a long time and by the time we left our flight out of LA had already departed. We finally arrived in LA 1 hour after we should have landed in Vegas and found out there were no flights until the morning. We were given two options: (1) a 4-5 hour bus ride to Vegas that night, arriving to the airport around 1am or (2) a night in a LA hotel with a morning flight. We were only offered option 2 if you asked, and this crabby, hungry and tired pregnant woman was asking for something better than the bus ride.

The flight from LA wasn’t without its issues either. First, I lost my boarding pass and then when we boarded they once again announced the mec…

So true...


33 weeks

Well, I think the 3rd trimester fatigue is starting to set in. I am averaging 9-10 hours of sleep and still ready for a nap by 4pm. I'm sure it doesn't help that the left shoulder pain is increasing and pretty much constant. I have a hard time getting comfortable when trying to sleeping and eating, well that's a whole issue in itself. A few bites and the pain is bad, I try to just eat through it figuring it can't get any worse, right? The thought from a surgeon at work is that the hiatal hernia I had repaired 7 years ago is back from the growing uterus that may have caused things to re-loosen up. The other big thing this week is the increase of Braxton-Hicks, I now get them pretty much daily and sometimes with consistency.

Still managing my elliptical workouts and lifting weights. I even started prenatal yoga, which I have to admit I kind of like. I've never been much of a yoga person, but maybe this was the time to start. Heading to Vegas this weekend to coach. I…