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New Running Tops?

I cannot believe what I just saw on my way home...I first thought this girl was topless only to realize she was wearing a tiny little bikini top with her matching orange shorts and running shoes. Who the heck runs in a bikini top?! We're in Minnesota on a residential street, not a beach in Southern California!

I think this may have been the top she was wearing...Wonder if this is the new look for marathon runners?

Du @ The Dam

Last fall I did my first duathlon and loved it despite the terrible experience with the hilly bike course. A new race was planned close to our house and on the trails I bike regularly, so why not. My plan was to have fun and enjoy the race and work on transitions since my running has slowed and I really haven't biked much this year and wasn't expecting anything great. I did look at the registration list the night before the race and saw only 4 women in my age group and knew they were giving 3 places in each, now if I could just beat one of these women.

Being that it was a close race, I got to sleep in and wasn't rushed to get there. Matt and I got to the park and were able to park near transition. We grabbed our packets, got marked and set up transition. We now had 1 hour until start, so we walked a little as a warm up. During the pre-race announcements the RD talked about the bike course and how it was not that great, so just enjoy the ride and have fun. The course was on …

June, really?

Mother Nature is playing a cruel trick on us Minnesotans! Saturday morning I actually needed to dig out pants, gloves and a jacket to run. We ran in rain and temps in the upper 40s! Sunday, more drizzle and cold, same thing this morning upper 40s and rain currently! I'm beginning to think it really isn't June, did we go back to March? What happened to sun and warm weather? I want it back!