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5 Things for Friday

1. Summer is here! Finally summer running = sports bra and shorts! Who cares about my abs that need work, I need tan! Time to hydrate, stay cool and play outside. We’re working on our Summer list: playground, swimming, bike rides, relaxing on the deck. I even pushed out of my comfort zone and went barefoot in the grass to run through the sprinkler with O after coming back from a hot, sticky run! (Yep, I am one of those strange people who hates being barefoot, wearing socks right now!).
2.July 1st will be my comeback day!I have been slacking in not only running, thanks to the leg, but also how I eat. I am making changes already; gave up diet Mt. Dew a couple weeks ago, watching the boredom eating and starting to focus on a lot more core work. I miss my abs! Seriously it is wrong what pregnancy does to one’s tummy, the extra skin in really bugging me lately and that isn’t anything with an easy fix. After weeks of rehab, ART, strength and whatever other fun therapy my sports chiro decid…

Injured Running: My AlterG Experience

Yesterday I had another session with my sports chiro and after had the opportunity to try out the AlterG treadmill. It was a fun and interesting experience and something that would be a great addition to any runner’s training.
What is the AlterG? “The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill® creates a powerful lifting force using Advanced Differential Air Pressure Technology (ADAPT) that allows for ultra-low impact ambulation. It allows decrease body weight by as much as 80%. Running can be done without impedance from water or belts.” (Source)
How was the run? The first step is the cute and super tight fitting neoprene shorts… Then the strange feeling of being lifted as the treadmill calibrates and fills with air!
Time to run… I started out slow, playing around with weight bearing as the machine allows for 0-80% weight decrease. I found my happy medium at 60% of my body weight, allowing for a god focus on form but minimal impact on my leg. It was a great way to focus on foot strike, stride and body le…

Words of Wisdom

Although I’m not one to always listen to my mom’s words and know my daughter is the same, I look back and realize she has taught me much. She is the reason behind my healthy eating and love of growing my own food; as a young child we lived on fresh fruits and veggies but then life got crazy and her dislike of cooking meant years of food from boxes and cans. It is this reason that I know O is soaking up my healthy example in eating.
 My mom has always been a big support of my running and has traveled to multiple races including my first one. It was before this race that she told me: If I thought positive that I could win. Well, not even close or any chance of that but great advice and something to remember. This is what I keep thinking about now as I mentally defeat myself during a race: Get rid of the negative and visualize the positive outcomes. What words encourage you during a run/race/tough workout? How do you work through mental defeat? What wisdom have you received from your mom, …

Back at it: Marathon Training

Last week was technically Week 1 of marathon training but I was still in the middle of hamstring recovery and didn’t do what I think of as training. I guess easy days and rest are all part of successful training too, but I have a tough time getting this into my brain! So how did I do? Well I felt lacking but I know this is what I need...
Monday: 3 mile morning walk & 3.5 mile afternoon run Tuesday: Morning strength & Easy evening Run 5.5 miles Wednesday: 5 mile run (with stops at playground and grocery store) and planks Thursday: Morning 3.5 mile run/walk with puppy and O, Evening 4.7 mile run with MRTT group Friday:  Morning spin and Core/planks, Dance Recital night!  Saturday: 10.5 Miles with group- hilly! Sunday: 3.5 mile easy run with puppy and O in BOB then 18 mile bike in afternoon
Week 2 and hopefully my final appointment and work on leg (Tuesday), I am feeling better but not 100% yet so another easy week ahead. I am running a half marathon soon and hope to be back full force b…

Staying safe on the run

Over the past few weeks there have been multiple attacks on women runners locally, I am pissed! I mean seriously can’t we even enjoy the summer weather and get outside without wondering who is lurking around the next corner or chasing behind us? I wonder if I am being stupid or na├»ve as I often run alone, I enjoy the time to think and lose myself in the world around me to de-stress as I soak in nature. But this should not be taking away from me or anyone! What can we do to stay safe out there?
Run with a dog My large, black, furry running buddy is enough to cause others to cross the street and while I know he is gentle I have no doubt he would protect me and O if needed. I feel secure with him and don’t mind that others don’t. I also think dogs have the 6th sense and know who is good or bad, he has randomly growled at people (once or twice) and I wonder if he knew they weren’t great people.
Run with others Many running stores and gyms offer running groups for a cost but there are free…

Fluff Running

Fluff running…What is that? Well I guess I am in the process of finding out after yesterday’s appointment. Late last week after realizing that I didn’t feel as great as I had originally thought after the marathon I emailed my sports chiro to see what she thought and of course I was on my way back there. This was only reinforced on Sunday when I decided to be smart and cut my run short very short due to pain and quit after 1 ½ miles.
Yesterday I had that appointment and wow, I thought things were bad before! I got both good and bad news… Good News: The hamstring is only mildly achy and she couldn’t find any spots of “knots” or inflammation around the hamstring. And the area on the piriformis was also improved.Bad News: The pain in now centered on the glute muscle and yikes! Anyone who’s done ART knows that you wonder what you have gotten yourself into! This time I was lying there clenched fists, trying to continue to breath and not scream. Today I still feel like someone repeatedly ki…

Answers in the Midst of a Crazy Week

I know you have all been on the edge of your seats all weekend waiting on my decision...First thank you to everyone who commented, I think I already knew my answer but it really helps to know how others survived and made the choice. In September I will be going back to work full-time! Yikes, I am excited but nervous at the same time. When I was called with the offer I just felt a sense of calm and happiness, it just seemed right and where I needed to go. This was also the first time in my career life that I've negotiated and it was successful! Like I said I get the rest of the summer off as I go through the credentialing process before I can begin work, so I working down our summer fun list and enjoying the time with O.

Beach & Playground Races/Running with FriendsPicnic LunchesFamily Bike Rides (of course with ice cream stops)BBQsDrinking Wine on the DeckMaking Popsicles & Ice Creamand of course Marathon Training
Nothing too exciting but the things I love about summer. Wha…

Decisions: Motherhood, Working & Life

The age old question that every mom asks and one that truly has no right or wrong answer: To work or stay at home. In the past 3 years I’ve had the opportunity to do both: work part-time while home part-time, work full-time and stay at home full-time. Over the past few months of being home I realized it truly isn’t for me! While I love my little girl and her independence and spunk I think I am too set in my ways and career focused to give that part of me away. I think I have come to the point of making this tough decision (and well thought out this time) once again. I knew it would come once I finished grad school. With a couple job offers I need to think…
Do I Continue to be a SAHM? Like I said I don’t know that I have the patience for this. I have learned that this is the toughest job ever! I look up to women who can do this. But then I sit here thinking about the fun, spontaneous activities we do like jump in puddles the other day or riding bikes to the park. Will I miss these? Or …

My 26.2 Mile Mud Run: Miserable Marathon Experience but Back for More...

A few weeks ago I was given a free entry to Swan Lake Marathon (or half marathon) in South Dakota which was only 4 weeks after my last marathon. I debated but after working with a great sports chiro I decided my hamstring was back to the point of handling another race that was flat. And this would help me reach my goal of eventually running a marathon in all 50 states (10 down only 40 more to go!). I knew it would be a crazy weekend with having to work at the gym for a short time Saturday, then driving 5 hours, getting up early Sunday to run a 6am marathon before driving 5 hours home! I’m tired just reading this again.
I stalked the forecast the week before and it was quite erratic, going from nice, cool and sunny to storms and back. Well after 24 hours of rain on Saturday I was hoping things were over for race day. Boy was I wrong! Here is my short race recap: Cold, Wet, Windy, Muddy, Miserable!
We got up at 3:30am to drive the 45 minutes from my friend’s house where we were staying…

Marathon Recovery

As I wake up this morning 2 days after the toughest marathon I have ever run I am feeling great! Yes, I have a little muscle soreness but nothing more than a feeling of a mildly tough workout. Any marathoner knows that feeling of waking up the next morning (or 2 days later) and taking those first steps out of bed to be immediately reminded of the many miles those legs endured or the tough act of walking down stairs, but none of that here. Yay! I feel great, which in itself may be a different problem, I am ready to go but am trying to take it easy and fully recover so I can race in full strength next month.
Marathon Recovery Ice Bath- This is the one I do not follow! I can not handle being cold, so I skip it but know many who swear by ice baths. Yes I do ice areas (hamstring, piriformis) post marathon.Compression Socks/Sleeves- I love these for reducing calf fatigue and improving blood flow leading in less pain and tightness in my calves. I will usually wear them for 1-2 days post long …

Weekly Menu and Training Plans

Marathon Monday will be short this week and I am going to focus on my entire week ahead including meals since I was a little preoccupied running a marathon Sunday morning to think about meals but a 5 hour car ride made for plenty of time! Last week was race week and taper where I actually took it easy; no lifting, little running and plenty of walking.
Monday: 3 mile morning walk & 3.5 mile afternoon run Tuesday: Morning core/planks & Easy evening Run 4.5 miles Wednesday: 4.5 mile run for National Running Day and planks Thursday: Morning 2 mile walk and Evening 4.5 mile run with MRTT group Friday:  3 mile walk and Core/planks Evening 2 mile walk to parade Saturday: 5 Miles with group (3.5 mile run + 1.5 mile walk) Sunday: Marathon #5 of 2013 (Wet, cold, muddy run completed with GI issues L) More on Wednesday!
This week will focus on recovery, eating right and making new plans. Guess what, I think I can actually talk about nice weather too!
Monday: Walk and core/weights, thinking about…

Race Prep and Staying Out of My Head

Deep Breath...2 days until my new goal race, let's try this again. Not sure if everything is going to be in my favor to reach the ultimate goal, but I am trying. Heck I think I may even be taking this taper a little too far!

Running has been minimal the past few weeks thanks to the hamstring/piriformis rehab, I've actually taken days off to strictly walk puppy and do core work. The downfall of this is I have too much free time so what do I do? Bake! This week was my mom's birthday so the baking trend began with Pumpkin Spice Cake, then since I had to use the pumpkin I made granola bars and thanks to brown bananas we made berry banana bread yesterday. Carb loading, right?!

As usual I have been stalking the Weather since the 10 Day Forecast came out, it has been back and forth between dry and rain. But then this morning I see this...

Let's hope that isolated means none! But seriously wind, ugh! Well I guess weather is the one thing a runner can't control on race day …

Picky Bars, Sun and A Little Monkey

Last night I had big ideas and wanted to write then all of a sudden we head home from dance and no electricity! I forget how much we rely on this. I had polenta lasagna all ready to throw in the oven: Nope (guess we grill instead), minimal internet since my phone and iPad both had very little charge, I tried to study but that was short lived as the sun started setting; reading about headaches in minimal light would have surely resulted in my own headache! But it also meant getting rid of O's nightlight (something suggested to combat her sleep issues). Enough of my power outage complaints, instead here are 3 things I am loving for this sunny Thursday...

Picky Bars
A few weeks ago I was sent each flavor of Picky Bars to try, yay! New snacks, what is better? They are designed by athletes and are Dairy and Gluten free and made with natural, organic ingredients with a 4:1 (carb:protein) mix. As a gluten free runner this is huge. But what about taste?

The four flavors were amazing, plus a…

13.1 Mile Game of Chase: Minneapolis Half 2013

The past few weeks been very tough both physically and mentally due to my lack of great running, heck I was ready to hang up my running shoes last month and be done racing! Saturday night I had truly decided not to race but just try to enjoy the run. I was finally feeling like I could run pain free and wanted to be smart and save any speed for next weekend's marathon. When I woke up (too early) on Sunday morning my head was not in for a run, it took a lot to convince myself not to roll over and go back to sleep! I managed and we got an early start for the 6:30 start only to arrive with just a few minutes to spare thanks to a messy drop off/parking area.

We rushed to the massive lines at the port-a-potties and I listened to everyone around us worry about getting through in time. I knew I had a chip and would not make it far without needing to stop so I stayed. We then walked the 1/2 mile to the start and saw it had started 9 minutes earlier! Oh well, let the fun many pe…

June-My comeback month?

I am writing this on day 4 of pre-5am wake ups (only one was on purpose) thank you O for the early starts! May brought continued winter and continued hamstring/piriformis issues along with a less than great month of running. So what did I do this month…
Fitness Started intense rehab on this leg with ART, cold laser and strength. I am not taking fish oil and finally seeing results.2 days a week spin class (starting cutting one out for elliptical instead)Guess what…I swam!3 days a week strength (except marathon week)Completed my 5th & 6th races of the year (missing goals on both), Half and Full Marathon #3 & 4 of 13 in 2013190.0 running miles (Not close to my 245 mile goal)
Life Organize the house, Better but still needs work!I graduated in May! I now hold 2 Master’s degrees and soon will be double certifiedWeigh job opportunities and figure out best fit, Working on it but getting closerSchedule board certification exam and set study plan, Studying but waiting on final okay to sched…