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Birthday Bash Race: Running to Celebrate

Grab a party shoes and running hat and join Jill and I to celebrate our birthday month!
What better way to celebrate the birthdays of 2 runners than a birthday bash virtual race!Have you ever run a race to celebrate your birthday? Help Jill and I celebrate our birthdays! WHO: Anyone that wants to join. You do not have to be a 13 in 2013 participant to join and be eligible for prizes. WHAT:  A virtual race is running a specified distance (you choose the distance.), timing yourself, without actually being present in the race location. WHEN:  You pick the day from August 2 to August 25. WHERE:  Pick your favorite local route or jump on the treadmill. WHY:  For the love of running and….PRIZES (multiple winners)! HOW:  Sign up below and indicate what distance you will be running (5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon or trail). Email addresses will only be used to communicate information about the races and to contact the winners. Details of the Birthday Bash Virtual Race giveaway will be posted…

Marathon Weekly Updates

Week 6 meant more morning workouts and much cooler weather. I failed to get in a swim this week and once again slept through Tuesday spin! The week went pretty well and I am extending the time between treatments on my leg which is great news but I am still rethinking Fall goals and what I hope to accomplish. This weekend the temps barely reached about 60, it was perfect for long runs but a big shock to the system after the heat!
Monday: 4.5 mile run 37:01 (including 2 min cool down walk) back to morning workouts!J Had to try out my new shoes on the TM. Core/pilates Tuesday: Strength with trainer. Evening 6 mile run coaching Wednesday: Early 5 mile run with hills (42:01) and 2 mile walk to playground/store Thursday: Morning run/walk to/from playground 7 miles and evening 5K race (21:59) Friday: Spin class and core/strength Saturday: 20.3 mile long run (2:48:00) and it felt decent, pain free but I rolled like a crazy woman after! Sunday: Recovery run 4.7 miles, then 0.3 mile walk while O ran a…

Esprit de She 5K

After last week’s hot, humid 5K I decided to give it another shot at evening racing and was thrilled that the temperature was nearly 20 degrees cooler but still humid, yuck L Since we were both coming off injury and both of our husband’s were home, my friend GacGirl and I met early for a pre-race glass of wine J Why not? I knew racing was out of the question and after I ran into a friend/co-worker who is a sub 3 hour marathoner on the way I knew I had no chance of winning. Got to love speedy Midwest runners, this race was won 6-7 minutes faster than any other Esprit de She race across the US!
I had falsely thought this would be a flat course, wow was I wrong! Hills and 5Ks are not a good combination when you have just been cleared to start speedwork. I lined up at the front and ran into a couple college friends, it was great to catch up while we waited (an extra 15 minutes) for race start. We were finally off and I decided to push the first (flattest) mile and back off as the race we…

Marathon Weekly: Maybe?!

Week 5 was the start of more real training but still an easy week. I have been cleared for 1 long run and keeping the others short. This week the crazy heat and humidity was here but now back to “normal” summer. I swam again this week! I am actually considering a tri for 2014 but not just any, since the many years of being in California for the Napa half which is the same weekend (used to be) as Vineman I have been wanting to do this, so I have until Nov to decide since it sells quick. Do I jump right in a do a 70.3? Go big or go home, right?! Monday: Swim 20 min (100m more than last time) Tuesday: Morning strength with trainer. Evening 5.25 mile easy run coaching Wednesday: Busy morning with fun kids/moms event: yoga, healthy food, crafts etc Evening 5K race Thursday: Morning 2 mile walk and Strength and evening 5 mile run with MRTT Friday: Spin class and 2 mile walk Saturday: 14 mile run in my old neighborhood on the routes I ran 7 years ago with a speedy running friend and an unexpected …

Running through flames! Torchlight 5K

It is the middle of July, the hottest week of the year, and for some reason I along with thousands of other thought it would be a fun idea to run a 5K in the evening. Most run for the fun and post-race gluten filled beer, me because it seems to be a tradition and Matt enjoys my beer.
We are in the midst of the first long hot, humid stretch and this was no exception… The past two years I have run this race as part of the USATF team circuit as this is the 5K championship race. The team perk includes front start and gear check, while I never expect a top finish it is fun to be included with the big names in running and elite runners. I lined up with some of my teammates and a couple Team USA runners (who were “just taking it easy”) and we discussed how low our expectations were in this heat. And we were off… The race starts along the parade route through downtown so this is the most spectators ever at a 5K! Immediately it was hot, so I just pushed myself to a comfortable tough pace. I had p…

Running Through Sprinklers: Drenched 5K Giveaway

Does it seem that themed races are popping up everywhere? You can get painted, chased by Zombies, sprayed by foam, glow in the dark, you name it. While I am more of a fan of a small, cheap race without the hype and craziness I do enjoy these at times. For me it is a fun way to run with friends without that underlying competition and aiming for a PR every step, I think they are a great way for non-runners to join our crazy world without the intimidation and adding an aspect of fun. What do you think would be a fun run theme?
Check out this one, doesn’t it remind you of being a kid and running through sprinklers? Or heck last week when it was hot? Don’t you just love the when the neighbors have sprinklers on to cool down during a run? I would have loved sprinklers at my 5K last night when it was 90+ out and humid! (more on that tomorrow)
Drenched 5K: Run. Water Fight. Summer Party The Drenched 5K is all about bringing back those memories of summer fun.  Participants will run or walk from …

Crazy Weekend with an Unexpected Race Finish

What a crazy weekend: races, festivals and fireworks. We started Saturday with races for all. Matt headed for a triathlon and I had a local 3.7 mile (really 3.9 mile) race. I knew I wasn’t in prime racing form but met up with some girls from Moms Run This Town group and was hoping for a decent run with no pain.
Friday night into Saturday morning was filled with downpours leading to a large triathlon being cancelled thanks to bike course flooding (luckily Matt had done a different race) and my race starting and ending in a wet, muddy field. In my rush from the house with a 3 year old I forgot my Garmin and got to run “naked” which I was okay with but now wish I had my splits. We were off and immediately dodging puddles and running hills, I forgot how hilly this lake was. I smartly let the kids in the high school cross country jerseys go without putting on a chase. The first mile felt decent, mile two a little tougher so I decided to do a little interval running: speed up on flats, slow o…

Marathon Weekly: Too Close for Comfort

This week I was starting to think that I have 11 weeks until race day and need to rethink my goals as training is not coming together. Not what I wanted since I had hoped for this to be a great race. I know I still have time but with speedwork lacking still and 13.1 being my longest run this training I am wondering what will happen. I love being outside in summer so I can’t stand the idea of staying inside to cross train on the elliptical or bike and being home with a 3 year biking outside is tough plus I hate to throw her in childcare at the gym every day so we run together. I am listening and okay with not running if I hurt and pushing if I can, happy to say I can make it about 2 miles or speedy running without pain, then time to go easy.
Week 4 was much different than I have done lately: low mileage, relaxing, family fun time and even a race with a unexpected finish (more tomorrow) and guess what? I swam this week! Monday: Short stress relief run with Morgan and core before taking my…

Fun Facts: ABCs

I am finally catching up on these fun posts and apologize to those who tagged me and I ignored. Here it is, a fun list of me....
A. Attached or SingleI sure this is obvious as I talk about my hubby (Matt). We have been married 11 years and together 15 years, wow! Guess we met when we were 10! B.Best FriendI feel like this is a junior high question! I have friends in every aspect of my life and one I consider my closest friend. C. Cake or PiePumpkin Pie all the way!
D. Day of ChoiceSaturday I think. Nothing better than starting with a race or long run, coming home and relaxing with coffee.
E. Essential Item I don’t go anywhere without chapstick and a bottle of water (and snacks)
F.Favorite color Purple! Yes, I am a huge fan of the Purple One J
G.Gummy bears or worms Neither, not a huge candy fan. If I do I’ll take candy corn with peanuts
H.Hometown Minnesota
I.Favorite IndulgenceRed wine J I love a great pinot or cab to relax after a crazy day!
J.January or JulyI hate winter but O is a January b…