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Happy Halloween

Is it wrong to use an infant to trick or treat so mommy and daddy can have some candy? I hope not, yesterday we took Ophelia to the community trick or treat and she had a blast watching all the peopls and digging through her bucket of treats. Next year getting this candy from her might be a little more work!

9 months

Somehow this feels like a huge milestone for age, maybe it's because Ophelia has now been alive in the outside world as long as she was growing inside. She continues to develop her own inquisitive, adventurous, sassy, personality. Her favorite activities are climbing stairs, emptying out the cupboards, and throwing the dog bowls. Yep, none of these are activities aimed at 9 month olds, but she has much less interest in her toys then these activities. The last few weeks she has been eating better, much of this is us being more adventurous with foods, she loves pasta in any form. I think the thing is she just wants food with flavor, none of this boring baby food stuff. I don't blame her! She now waves good bye and has been working so hard on standing alone, soon she'll have it. And she's talking a lot more, repeating what we say and saying "dada", "bye", "pupu" (puppy). She is still taking after me and remains tall and thin 16lb 4oz (5-10%) …

Sleep, what's that?

I thought sleep got better as babies got older, not with mine! After the difficulties we had the first 6 weeks she started sleeping great, up maybe once a night and then slept through the night at about 3 months. Then it was only naps that were an issue, but within another month or so those worked out too. AT least in the first few months everything is a haze and your body has adjusted to the wake ups, but now my body has adjusted back to sleeping.

Not sure what the deal is now, for the past 3 weeks Sleep has not been good in our house and my coffee habit that I had gotten down to 2 cups a day during pregnancy has doubled. Ophelia has had cycles of nighttime wake ups that are easily remedied by a nighttime feeding and she’s quickly back to sleep. These usually last for a couple days and could be explained by a growth spurt, developmental milestone, teething, or illness, but this bad sleep cycle is going on 3 weeks. At first I thought growth spurt or she wasn’t eating enough before bet…

Let's talk food

Baby food that is. I thought we had been pretty open and adventurous in feeding Ophelia, but lately I am starting to wonder if we have progressed enough. Last weekend we were together for a family event and my cousin's 11 month daughter was eating potato chips, probably not the best example but we are no where near the potato chip phase. Then I was talking to someone at work yesterday who's daughter is 2 weeks older and learned she has been eating pancakes and sausage the previous night at dinner. I have been making most of my own baby food and Ophelia's diet is mainly fruits, veggies, yogurt, and cereals. Although we have done bites crackers. She gets to taste anything that seems appropriate and has had Indian food, ice cream, beans and fish.

I know there are no hard rules to feeding a baby, but I am just wondering what other moms are/were feeding their 9 month olds. The pediatrician did say that by 9 months she should be eating 3 meals and pretty much what we're havi…

3rd time's a charm, revenge at TCM!

The past couple months I have had a few great races and have realized that my body might actually prefer the lower mileage I am sitting at. These races increased my confidence in running TCM, but I was still unsure of what was going to happen since training hadn't been the greatest and I'd been having tight hamstrings all week. I have run two previous TCMs, both with bad endings and was out for revenge or I decided I was done with the course.

Saturday, Ophelia did her first race, she participated in the diaper dash with TCM. Her version of the race consisted of picking and eating grass and playing with the little boy next to her, no "dashing" was involved. She got a cute little onsie and medal for the race and we got some cute pictures, well worth it for the cost of $7. Sunday morning Ophelia once again cooperated with my plans and woke up right before my alarm and I was able to feed her with being rushed and needing to wake up a sleeping baby, I think she is figuring…