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Not again...

It happened again today, I have now fallen 3 times while running this year and it isn't even mid-March yet. This time there wasn't even ice involved. While out on an 18 mile run, I managed to catch my toe, right big toe of course, on a hole in the sidewalk and landed on the ground. Once again the main spots of impact included my right hip, which is still sore from the last fall about 6 weeks ago. This time I also managed to land on my left knee resulting in a bloody knee and a hole in my favorite running tights.

Team Challange

Today was the first run of the season and we had a great turnout despite the weather. Getting up this morning made me remember back to when I started running and how I was such a weather wimp. Today was in the upper 20s and I now think that is great for running. Many years ago, my limit was about 50* to get outside. Kind of funny considering I have since run a marathon in today's weather and done multiple long runs in below zero.

I had a great time running with the team and can't wait to see how the rest of the season goes. The weather will only get better which will hopefully mean more people coming each week to run with the group.

We're going to have a great season and I am looking forward to seeing everyone cross that finish line.