Fit Generation 5K

Front of the pack
I don't normally run 5Ks but decided that this year I'd run a few to see what I could do. When I saw this race it was perfect, a 5K, a toddler run, and kids activities during the race. This was a small race with just over 100 finishers in the timed 5K and probably another 100 or so in the untimed stroller 5K. As we were lining up the lead cyclist came up and asked me how fast I would be running so she knew what pace she'd have to keep, what? I'm never the lead in these things! A few minutes later the RD approached Matt and I to tell us that the course was marked and to just follow the "girl on the bike". Once again, what?!

We started out running together with a few other men, I was trying to keep a 6:45 pace and was doing fine until the hills came. I had no idea what this course was and I quickly learned that the only flat part was the first 1/2 mile, ugh! The next 2 1/2 miles continued to be hill after hill. I continued to push as best I could, but the hills and humidity were tough. 3 miles and I'm still the lead woman and here's another hill up to the finish. 21:59 (7:05 pace) not a PR and not the sub 20 that I really wanted. I did it I actually won a race and a 5K at that! I guess all the speedy women stayed home. The most interesting part, I looked back and the 10 Mile I ran last Fall was at a 7:04 pace, I truly am not a short distance runner! All slow twitch muscle for me.

After the 5K finished was the kids race. They had failed to include an under 2 category so Ophelia got to run with the older kids. Matt lined up with her and she wasn't so sure of things until everyone else started running. This was when the huge grin came and she took off. Typically for these toddler runs you see a short 40 yard run, not here it just kept going for nearly 1/2 mile! Way to wear them out :-)  She got her ribbon for finishing which she decided was her snack.

After the kids race was the awards, for the first time I took my spot on top of the podium! Two plaques (overall and age group) and a signed book later the morning was done. Now to find a flat 5K to see what I can really do.


  1. Congratulations! Pretty neat to have a podium pic :)


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