WRTC 10 Mile

Finally a picture of me running!

Last weekend I ran a race despite being sick for the two days prior. I had gone into it hoping to PR and possibly place higher then last year. All this changed when I started coming down with a respiratory virus. The same thing happened last Spring around Boston time and a coworker suggested Super Lysine, I was willing to try anything. So once again I took massive doses for two days and was actually feeling better by Sunday morning. 

The race wasn't great, but it wasn't awful. I just didn't do as well as I'd hoped and don't have much to say about it. I wasn't going to write a race report, but figured I always like to compare and look back so here it is short and sweet.

I started out great with a sub 7 pace for a few miles but quickly slowed as my breathing got tougher. By Mile 7 I knew I couldn't push much any more so I just ran comfortable and still had hopes of passing the group of three women in front of me. This goal was soon gone as I lost sight of them by Mile 8. Now comes the fun part...This race is combined with a 5K which starts 30 minutes after the 10 Mile and is an out and back so for about the final 1.5 miles the race involves staying in the middle of the road to get between 5K run/walkers going in both directions complete with strollers, cell phones and coffee. Finally the finish line is in sight and they are directing runners. I see the clock and sure enough 2 minutes slower then where I was hoping to finish. 1:12:26. Oh well I wasn't feeling it. Still managed a 3rd place AG finish and 16th OA. My mom ran her first 5K that morning finishing 40:49, not too bad for a 61 year old who has only been running 3 months!

Next up TCM, hope the weather forcast is accurate and I stay healthy for a the rest of the week.


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