What's in store for May?

I think I say this every month but how is it already May?! Somehow April brought hot days, running in shorts and sitting outside but starting May we are back in 30s, running in winter gear and freezing outside! Figure it out Mother Nature!
  • O had her final dance competition and improved from the first!
  • We are almost done with 2 months of gluten free for O. 1 month to go before we can recheck blood tests.
  • I Finished my first 50K I was hoping for 5 hours but the heat made it tough and I can’t complain about 5:31 and 5th OA woman! I promise the recap will be up this week.
  • Back to speed work once a week! At least before the race.
  • I started to walk at lunch I usually got in 1-2 days a week, it’s a start!
  • I finished Whole30 or at least my version allowing quinoa, veg protein and the occasional red wine! I finished with some deviation.
  • We celebrated our 14th anniversary with a nice dinner and quiet evening after my 50K.
  • O started softball and they won the first game!
  • Prince...I couldn't comment on April without talking about my favorite artist and his recent death. On Thursday 21st  I worked all morning and when I got back to my desk my phone was full of texts... I was lucky enough to have seen him perform multiple times in my life but would have loved to share that with O when she was a little older. 

I’m so excited for May and better weather and  lots of activities including the real start of race season!
  • Run my first half marathon of the year hoping to be back in the 1:30s for a finish, ultimate goal is to regain my spot as a top finisher like I was at this race pre-injury days!
  • Dance recitals and gymnastics shows for O!
  • Running 5K with O to start our running year!
  • I start working with a coach this month. Can’t wait to see what changes this can bring. 
  • My current reading
  • I will be taking the Metabolic Efficiency Certification Course for Medical Providers in May. I can’t wait to use this to improve my training and help others. I’m loving the info in the books so far.
  • Yoga once a week! This month I will do it!

What are your May goals? What was the best thing of April?


  1. It takes real horsepower to beat a horse at his own game. Many a runner has put his best foot forward but only one man has taken a horse head on and come out ahead. And not just by a nose.


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