The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Including Earth Day 1/2 Recap

Hi, did you miss me? Well a lot has been happening in my world both running and nonrunning but I will slowly share that as I am back to regular writing. I have been meaning to share a quick recap of what I am considering my first real race back after too much injury. So here goes...

The Good
Over the past 2 months I have done a couple races with decent finish times but both had been as part of my 19-20 mile long runs so not what I consider a race. Anyone who has followed me knows my struggle with hamstring injury since about 2013 and then weird knee issues since 2015 that compounded everything. Well (knock on wood) I think we are beyond this all thanks to my great doctors, PT and their work in fixing all that was wrong.

Coach Nichole was running this half and thought it would fit well into my training plan so why not. Although part of me didn't want to race, mentally I couldn't do another bad race but if it went well I would have that hurdle accomplished. It started late so we met for a short warm up in nearly perfect weather then lined up and took off. Earlier this week I had 2 big speed runs and a tough leg day (last one pre-marathon) and knew I wasn't fully rested so my goal was a little faster than marathon pace.
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Coach Nichole, Heather and I pre-race 
The race was listed as flat and fast, I'm sure who thought that up! It was hill after hill, yes up and down but still there were plenty of ups! I managed to pass the 1:40 pacer about 2 miles in and had the goal to stay there. I was able to 7:20s with a couple 7:10s then the dreaded miles 10-12 and I slowed 7:40s and struggled. This is where I have been known to give up, get frustrated and except defeat. Today I decided otherwise and kept repeating in my head "you can do this" "don't let yourself down" and the words I now have permanently on my leg "persistence, determination, strength". Mile 13 I was able to get back to 7:11 and finished 1:38:05 with a 2nd place AG finish! More importantly a mentally strong race and my best half since August 2012 and I wasn't really racing!
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My prize was a coffee mug!
The Bad
I am 10 days out from Flying Pig Marathon and today I woke feeling horrible. Headache, body aches and tired. I slept through my run thinking maybe the glass of wine I had last night and the lifting session (although it wasn't that tough) didn't agree with me. Then O came in and told me I felt hot, sure enough low grade fever! Pretty sure wine and weights don't give fevers! Seriously I can't have this 1 days out. Resting, drinking lots of water, taking my vitamins. What else? Any thing that helps you get over an illness quickly? 

The Ugly
Not even sure this needs words...Snow on the deck and trampoline this morning! Seriously, it was 70s 2 days ago!

Then this...

That is not a cup of coffee. Poor Matt was up early studying for his final and drank nearly all the coffee!

Don't worry I am back now and will start to share more about the past few months, my training and overall life craziness. Any good, bad or ugly this week for you?


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