Good Bye April, Starting Fresh!

It would be an understatement to say that April was a crazy month and not fun at times...

The month started with my diagnosis of anemia but at least I now know the reason for the lack of great running! A little update now that I am 1 month into iron supplement. The good news it is working but the bad news is  not as fast as it could if I was on a higher dose. Ferritin is now up to 19 from 5, yay! Still a ways to go but hoping to feel more normal before Grandmas in 6 weeks

Other not so fun running news was missing my half marathon 2 weeks ago. I'm sure you have all seen the massive veggie recall going around, well guess who's salad lunches weren't a great idea 😠 . The only good news of this was finally realizing the cause since we were thinking it was related to the high doses of iron supplement.

And now the non-running craziness...

We are building a new house! It all happened super fast, within 4 days of deciding to not remodel our current home and build instead we had a lot and were already making decisions on the new home design. Get it done, right?! So we have spent the last month getting our current house ready to sell which is not an easy undertaking when you've lived somewhere for 12 years and had put off small projects planning to do it all in one big remodeling. Have you build before? Share you tips for surviving the craziness. 

Add in normal work, Matt finishing his final grad school class, dance competition season, softball starting and a massive April snowstorm complete with a snow day on April 16th and you get a lot of excitement, busy days, planning and living amidst projects. We are tripping over boxes, preparing for a garage sale, marathon training and running every direction at once! Luckily with softball and dance for O Matt and I can get in runs while she is at practices. It's all about making time amidst the chaos!

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature
Not sure why but seeing this lone tree on my run stood out to me...

Happy Friday! Any fun weekend plans? We will be back at dance competition and then I am speaking about UCAN  to a group of run coaches 😀


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