The Crazy Ideas That Come from Running...

Last night's run started out with the intention of being an easy run, well I took off with Cathy, Jerusha, Kevin, Robert, Russ, and Igor and we started chatting. Half of this group is doing IM Florida in under 2 weeks and the rest of us have recently finished events so an easy run on a hilly course was the plan. Well 47 minutes later we were finished with our 6 miles, too bad I wasn't racing a 10K I think I would have been close to a PR! So much for easy, but that's usually what happens.

Throughout this short run much of the talk was on the upcoming Ironman and past Ironmans. I watched the live finish online at IM Canada in August and IM Madison in September. I was inspired, maybe its time to move beyond marathons and become even crazier. I keep thinking, I can do this! First I need to get over my fear of biking and getting injured again, then I need to actually finish a triathlon. Maybe an Ironman in a few year, what greater accomplishment. So on November 3rd, I will once again be glued to the computer to watch Robert, Kevin, Peter, Wade, Russ, and Shelly finish IM Florida and get inspired for someday.


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