Am I back?....

Tomorrow will be my first race since last Summer and even then I wasn't running at my best. I had great expectations and high hopes when this training season started. That all ended in early April after my last 20 miler and the tibial stress fracture. It has been 5 weeks since any real training. I have kept low mileage for the past couple weeks since being back. The total I have run since the injury is less than I normally run each week. Last weekend I managed a 10 mile run with a short walk in the middle and 5 miles is the longest continuous running distance before walking.

Not sure how this weekend and the marathon next weekend will go, but I plan to finish. I plan to take it easy and make myself walk the water stops, next weekend is my goal anyways. Ideally I would love to run under 1:45 tomorrow, but not sure if that is realistic.

Course Map

Elevation Profile: Looks a little hilly


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