It's been awhile since I posted and few things have happened in that time. The biggest being finishing my Master's program which took up much of my time and added to the lack of writing.
-About a month a go I ran a great 20 mile training run which started with a tightness in my right shin that went away after a couple miles. The following day I woke with increased pain and my next run was cut short due to the pain. After 1 week off running and the pain getting worse I saw my sports doc and got an MRI which showed a stress reaction in my right tibia. I missed the Earth Day 20 miler and ended up taking a full 3 weeks off. I discovered a pool treadmill and was able to get in a run on that which helped a lot.
-The 100 mile Ironman Bike Ride was miserable. Cold, wind, rain and sleet lead to numb hands, soaking socks and gloves and us cutting the ride short.
-I have now been back to running for almost 1 week. 3 pain free easy runs of 3-5 miles. The plan is to continue with the every other day running and increase the mileage a little. I am also biking a lot more and weight training 3x a week.

I hope to be able to run both the Maple Grove Half in 2 weeks and the Stillwater Marathon in 3 weeks. I'm not expecting anything spectacular but I will finish.


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