"Because I ran"...maybe

This week Ophelia started rolling over from back to tummy, which according to the development stages she might be doing at 4 months. I know all babies develop at different rates, but this is just the next thing she is doing ahead of “schedule”, it really makes me wonder if she’ll be crawling next month! I was asked if she was advanced because I ate so well during pregnancy, some people might argue that no meat, a lot of pumpkin pie/muffins, ice cream, and peanut butter isn’t actually eating well. I jokingly said “No, it’s because I ran.” The more I thought about it I think this might actually have something to do with it. Matt, the biologist, thinks it makes sense too. Exercise would have increased the blood flow and oxygenation to her and the seemed to get her moving too, she did her fair share of “work outs” while I was pregnant. I know the benefits of working out during pregnancy are great, but advanced development; I’ll have to research this further.


  1. Hate to burst your bubble but I was super-active during my pregnancy and Baker was a very late walker. I don't think the two are connected at all but glad to hear O is doing well!


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