What a great sleeper

Over the past 10 weeks we’ve had a few random nights where Ophelia has slept 7-9 hours, but never as a routine until now. The past three nights she has slept straight through from 9pm to 7am. Today I decided to take advantage of this since I was up at 5:30 and got in a 4.25 mile run on the treadmill and a shower before she was awake. Until it warms back up again and I can get her out in the BOB I might need to make this my routine. Matt and I took her for a walk in the BOB this past weekend and she loved it, just smiling and laughing at everything she saw. She loves moving so I can only guess that she will love the running even more

Ready to go in the BOB

I love this new night sleep schedule, although her daytime sleep could use a little help. Some days she naps and others we’re lucky to get a couple 30 minute stretches of sleep. The other day I was so desperate for her to nap that I wandered aimlessly around Target for nearly 1 hour because she had finally fallen asleep and I was afraid she’d wake up as soon as I moved her back to the car. Through this aimless wandering I was able to find her a really cute Easter basket for next year and baby shower gift for a friend.

All dressed up for Easter


  1. It is a great thing to use a stroller to run with your baby. We did so too, but if I am interpreting the photo correctly it isn`t taken from above but from a frontal perspective? So the baby is "forced" to sit in it, isn`t it? It is VERY; VERY bad for your baby`s back to be fixed in a sitting position before the baby is able to sit freely by herself! Running with such a stroller takes an even greater toll on her back. You should absolutely, absolutely only run with such a tiny baby when it is possible that she could lie flat on her back, otherwise you risk that she developps serious back problems that might bother her forever! So I would recommend to only use a stroller that is appropriate for such a young baby and if you are not able to get one to wait until her body is ready for the sitting position!

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  3. The good thing about the BOB is that the recline will get her, while not flat on her back, pretty darn close.

    As for having babies in upright positions in a stroller generally, our pediatrician recommended having our baby in a sitting position at 3 months, once he had good head control, precisely to develop his strength further. The shock absorption system is so much better in the jogging stroller than our umbrella stroller, too.


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