5 months

On Monday Ophelia was 5 months old, wow has time flown. She has developed such a unique and inquisitive personality. We had joked that with our backgrounds she would go to medical school, she seems interested already. She has been to doctor appointments with me and my mom and just listens intently to every word the doctor is saying and then lets out a few squeals of agreement, now the dentist on the other hand is a different story, she wasn’t quite a happy to be there with me. She also has a fascination with pagers and loves throwing mine on the ground, some days I agree! Today she was given a pager case to play with from one of Matt’s coworkers and loved it. Although I’m sure in 20 years these will be non-existent.

In the past month she has started eating; rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, and bananas. She loves it all, but the favorite seems to be bananas. Just recently she signed “milk” for the first time and can sit up for a short time unsupported. Last weekend she spent her first couple nights away from us and with my parents. They all had a blast, but we missed her.

My unscientific measurements for her at 5 months are 14 lbs and 26 inches.

Not much to say about me in the past month as life has been busy with work, school, and motherhood. No races, which I hope will be beneficial when I race again this coming weekend.


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