Wine Country with an Infant

Wine country with an infant was a great experience, somehow traveling turned my child into a great napper. I was nervous about the flights, especially after the day started with a major poop blowout on the way through security, but she did great! We even managed to keep an open seat in our row on the flight home and bring on the car seat, which resulted in a nap through nearly the entire flight.

The reason for the trip was to coach my team through the Napa to Sonoma Half marathon, a course that winds through the wineries and finishes with a wine tasting in Sonoma Square. All 32 of my runners finished, many ahead of their predicted times, and all said they felt great. One runner even finished 3rd in her age group, pretty great accomplishment for a first timer. Ophelia loves watching and cheering for the runners, I hope this continues as she gets older since I’m sure Matt and I will continue to race.

Once again this trip followed the same pattern as most, food, wine, and running. It was so nice to be able to drink more than the few sips of wine I had last year. We found a couple new wineries we loved and joined another wine club. Ophelia was great through the wine tasting and became the center of attention as she tried to entertain everyone. All the excitement resulted in many naps throughout the day.

Ophelia got her first swimming pool experience and loved it, now during her baths she kicks and splashes in the water and doesn’t want to get out. The first afternoon she sat and watched the kids in the pool forever, so intrigued by the water, their ball, and the splashing. All the walking around we did made the Ergo my new friend, so much easier than maneuvering a stroller through crowds and a great place to nap.


  1. Sounds like you're one heck of a running coach! well done to your team. Love that picture of Ophelia - what huge blue eyes she has - beautiful!


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