6 months

I haven’t been very good at writing lately, I think of plenty to write but never get to it and even this is nearly a week late at this point. Ophelia is 6 months old; I can’t believe how much she has changed! At her appointment she found a new toy as she took great interest in the pediatrician’s ophthalmoscope, maybe she’ll be an ophthalmologist. She is now 14lb 1oz (15%) and 26.5” (75%).

This month she has gotten the hang of sitting alone even though she doesn’t stay long, she’d rather be on the go and sitting involves minimal activity and like her mom she doesn’t seem to sit well. She is constantly on the go and moving quite fast doing a little crawling, but mostly the army crawl. There is no stopping her as she is discovering more excitement in the things she can’t have: mom’s laptop, cords, shoes, the garbage, magazines. She now has her first tooth after a rough few days it is finally here and so cute. In the past month, really since our California trip, she has turned in to a good napper (typically 2 2 hour naps in her crib).


  1. O got so big!! I cannot believe that she is already 6 months old and so active! Hopefully by next year we can have some playdates!


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