Where's the "do over" button?

November has not been a great month, can I have a do over? Please! It all started with some of the worst illness I've had in years, so much that I gave in and hit urgent care and got the dreaded words "just a virus". But was still offered antibiotics "if I wanted". What? No thanks! Especially not after all the GI issues I've encountered since the last antibiotics. The worst part of this illness...we're still not better. Every time I start feeling better it only comes back. And right now Ophelia and I are in the midst of wonderful upper respiratory fun. This needs to end soon.

Then we decided it was time to give away the pacifiers and my big girl left them out for the baby bunnies. At first she was all excited about it, but has wanted to find the baby bunnies many times since. Luckily she was a toddler who only used pacifiers at nap and bedtime. Unfortunately after almost 3 weeks nap time sis still not fun much of the time and bedtime only slightly better some nights.

Then came my 5 days of solo parenting resulted in some of my not so proud parenting moments. It started with a no nap day and a crabby toddler which resulted in a crabby mom and a late bedtime. We survived but I have no idea how single parents do this!

Then came the first snowfall of the season. I'm not a fan of winter, cold and the short darker days. It also means BOB running is out since the paths are poorly cleared.
At least someone is having fun in the snow

And yesterday came the peak (at least I hope). In the process of trying to get to a toddler who was climbing on the counter I managed to kick the highchair so hard that I was on the ground. Pretty sure with the amount of swelling, bruising and pain that it is broken. 24 + hours later I still have walking issues. Not happy about this!

Seriously, anything else? All of this in a month packed with writing papers, projects and clinical hours. The month still has a week left, hope it only improves...


  1. Hi! I can totally relate to this post--my daughter is about the same age! I just found your blog and have been hoping to connect to other running moms who blog... can i add yours to a blogroll as i get it together? I'm just getting started at mommyrunfast.wordpress.com Happy running!

  2. Hi Laura, go ahead and add my blog. It is always nice finding other running moms to follow.


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