Back to this thing called running!

What a week(s)! The end of June/beginning of July are the absolute busiest for me at work, since Sunday I've worked at least 10 hours each day and my normal lunch time has become 1pm (not fun when you get to work at 6am). Same picture last week. Now add to that preparing my thesis presentation and thanks to a holiday no school for O on my planned day to work on it. Time to resort to Frozen! I'm pulling out the back up plan and O can watch her favorite movie while I work.

To top off the craziness, my mom who is our usual babysitter fell on Wednesday and after horrendous care in a local ER I got her in at my hospital and as I write she is in surgery for a shattered patella. The first ER missed other injuries as well, what mess! Send her some good vibes for a quick recovery and successful surgery.

Now for some good news...I am cleared!! Wednesday I saw my sports doctor and PT and both are impressed. My strength is nearly equal on both legs and my range of motion and flexibility is back too. The PT even had me test run for him with increasing speed all the way to a sprint and thought my form was great, no compensating or lazy muscles! He increased my PT program and is making me roll daily at least. Next up doctor felt the same way and after 2+ years of this stupid hamstring and me being less than great about letting it heal I think we are nearly there! I need to continue 6 more weeks of nitroglycerin and return to PT in a few weeks to make a maintenance plan to prevent recurrence but I see a way off this roller coaster!

So what is my plan?

  • I have learned that my body only like 3 days of running so I'm sticking with that at least for the next few months (might add a 4th day later)
  • Core and strength 4-5 days a week 
  • Daily PT exercises
  • Daily foam rolling
  • Sports massage monthly (per doctor's recommendation), I like this one!
  • Cross train 3 days a week
  • 1 rest or yoga day
Happy July 4th Weekend! Any fun plans? Anyone racing? Happy to say I get to "run" a laf marathon tomorrow to kick off the holiday.

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  1. Oh my, you are having a time of it! My Dad fell this winter & the ER also sent him home . . . turned out he had 5 fractured ribs & ended up spending 3 weeks in a rehab center (he's 89) - so sending good vibes to your mom!

    Hooray for a return to running!

    I have a 4 mile race tomorrow.

    1. Yikes glad your dad is okay. Good luck with your race

  2. So glad you are healing well and getting back to your love of running. Sending prayers for your Mom. Have a great holiday.

  3. So happy for you! Great plan for your running return.


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