I'm back: Graduation, Running and More

Hi, it really is me writing and I am back…I can’t believe it has been 4 weeks, yikes! I have started but then had to change my focus before I could finish writing. So what’s been happening this month? Well summed up in a few words: Running, School-à Graduation and Work! So here is a short summary and many pictures of July...

After being cleared to start continuous running I stuck with my plan for the half on July 4th and did a run/walk. Started by running 20 minutes and my first 3 miles in 7:40s! Then finished with run/walk of whatever intervals and somehow managed to finish the same as in 2014 when I was still pretending I wasn’t injured…1:46:16!! After the half Matt and I picked my mom up from the hospital. Her surgery went great and she is 4 weeks out from surgery and able to start bending her knee today.

O ran he 1st and 2nd races of the summer the next weekend. Saturday was the annual kids run for the city celebration and she ran 0.8 mile course in 7:40! Way to go!

That evening I was part of the Moms Run This Town team for the bed races. Yep and race where you push a decorated bed and perform different obstacles! Sounds weird but lots of fun. We were the only all women team and had the heaviest bed and best part we missed the finals by only 2 places! Beat by the teams of all men.

Sunday her and I ran the Color Run 5K, her longest run ever and it was hot and involved walking and rolling in color and glitter. May car is still covered despite my best attempts and covering things.
Fast forward through the long work days and night finishing my thesis which is now finished and awaiting publication! 1 week ago I officially finished my final (coming from the girl who’s been in grad school 3 times this is huge!) round of grad school and have a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP). I now expect to be called Dr. Marathon Mom (I’m kidding!).

We spent the weekend in Alabama for graduation discovering a few new fun things for O, hitting one of my favorite restaurants and attempting to run in the crazy heat and humidity.

I got the meet with Mindy (and her friend Jenny who actually grew up near me) for my long run on Saturday before leaving. So much fun! And I found out she will be running New Orleans in February when we are there so we'll get to meet up again!

Now life is on the verge of returning to normal that doesn’t include grad school! Work still hasn’t calmed down so that isn’t much fun. I promise I’m back and have much more to share…

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  1. What a super busy month you had Jen!!! So glad I was a part of it! I loved running with you!!! Nola will be so much fun!!!! :-)

  2. Congratulations! I love the idea of bed races! How cute!

  3. Congrats! Looks like fun! Coming from the linky!


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