Marathon Weekly...

I guess I kind of lied when I said I was back to regular blogging, oops! So today with 9 weeks to go until marathon #28 I am back with my marathon weekly, training check ins, goals, etc. We’ve had a lot on our plates lately with school, life, impending kindergarten, activities, illness, etc but I need to continue to hold myself accountable. The past week weeks (okay since July) my morning workouts have been nearly nonexistent meaning lifting has been minimal, no good as I am getting back.

Luckily Saturday I managed a 20 miler and while it was slower than my normal long runs it felt good and I ran most with friends. No the blue shirts weren't planned!

What’s up for this week? Already off to a rough start, poor sleep kept me in bed and skipping my morning run…

Monday: 6 mile run with Cooper and Beast Shoulders
Tuesday: Beast Back and Bike
Wednesday: 8 mile run and Beast Chest
Thursday: T25
Friday:  Ragnar!!
Saturday: Ragnar!!
Sunday: Coaching starts! Beast Legs and yoga.

This week I will be sticking to the plan! My other goals go to bed by 9pm (except Ragnar nights), focus on nutrition, spend time focused on O every day and read a fun book. Have a great week! What are your goals?


  1. Good luck with your goals this week Jen!!!

  2. Hope you had a great time with Ragnar, they really are so much fun!!!


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